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100 foreign fighters executed by ISIS for trying to quit - report
ISIS ‘military police’ executed 100 foreign fighters who attempted to quit and flee from the insurgents’ de-facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria as frustration among militants has been growing, a UK newspaper reported citing a witness activist.

20.12.2014 19:14

Stratfor founder: ‘US fears a resurgent Russia’
Washington “fears” a resurgent Russia, which harps back to the Cold War says George Friedman, the CEO and founder of forecasters Stratfor. He also believes the US started to meddle in Ukraine in retaliation for Russia outfoxing Obama over Syria.

19.12.2014 14:34

ISIS offers teenage girls cash to travel to Syria, marry jihadist fighters
Extremists in Britain acting as Islamic State intermediaries and recruiters are offering teenagers cash to lure them to Syria to join the militant group and marry its fighters, a Times investigation reveals.

19.12.2014 09:50

Australia's interventionist foreign policy - time for a rethink
The tragic Sydney café siege of earlier this week, which resulted in the death of three people, raises quite a few serious questions.

17.12.2014 12:27

​Arrests made over ISIS leafleting in Oxford Street, London
Two men have been arrested after handing out extremist leaflets in London’s Oxford Street, implicitly supporting Islamic State. The illegal leaflets caused outrage on social media when the men were spotted distributing information in August.

16.12.2014 14:04

​The Prez, the FSA, and the Caliph: A Zero Problem Policy?
Prime Minister-turned-President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (aka the Prez) performed a remarkable U-turn some years ago - a U-turn that transformed Bashar Assad from a "brother" of his into a "bloody handed dictator.”

15.12.2014 12:35

Gunman takes hostages in Sydney cafe, displays black ‘jihadist’ flag
A police operation is underway at a café in central Sydney, where up to 40 hostages are being held by an armed attacker and a black flag with Arabic inscriptions can be seen. Australia is contributing to the US-led operation against the Islamic State.

December 15, 2014 13:48

ISIS releases horrifying sex slave pamphlet, justifies child rape
The Islamic State militant group has released a guide to the capture, punishment and rape of female non-believers. It outlines how to use them as their sex slaves and also justifies child rape.

11.12.2014 16:32

British ex-soldiers fighting ISIS head home, held at border as terror suspects
A pair of British former soldiers, previously accused of being mercenaries after leaving the UK to help Kurdish troops fight the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), were detained at Heathrow Airport as terror suspects after flying home for Christmas.

11.12.2014 11:15

Cameron: I still want Turkey to join EU
David Cameron says he “very much supports” Turkey joining the European Union, despite his pledge to reduce net migration in Britain to tens of thousands and his promised referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU.

10.12.2014 13:38

‘We love Jesus’: British vicar claims ISIS beheaded children for refusing to convert to Islam
The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) has allegedly beheaded four Christian children after they refused to convert to Islam, according to reports from a British vicar based in Iraq.

10.12.2014 09:22

5 not-so-peaceful Obama actions since nabbing Nobel Prize
Five years on from President Barack Obama scooping a Nobel Peace Prize, and the White House has taken anything but a Zen approach to foreign policy under his watch. Here are the top 5 not-so-peaceful moves the laureate has made in the past half-decade.

09.12.2014 13:31