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British family of 12 may have fled to Syria – police
A British family of 12, including two grandparents, three sons, their wives and three grandchildren have disappeared amid fears they may have traveled to Syria.

01.07.2015 14:33

Taste of their own medicine: Syrian rebels execute ISIS terrorists, mimicking jihadists’ tactics
The Syrian opposition group, Jaysh al-Islam has executed 18 alleged Islamic State militants. A video emerged of the rebel organization imitating many of the jihadist group’s own execution recordings, including similar sound effects and visuals.

01.07.2015 12:06

​West losing social media war with extremists – Joint Force commander
Fanatics are beating the West in the social media war to win hearts and minds through “lies,” according to the head of Britain’s Joint Forces Command, which includes Special Forces, defense intelligence and cyber warfare units.

01.07.2015 09:29

​Labour may back Syria airstrikes if Cameron forces vote
The Labour Party may support extending airstrikes against the Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq to Syria in the wake of the Tunisia massacre, despite opposing a vote on targeting President Bashar Assad’s forces in 2013.

01.07.2015 08:17

​Will Cameron push for another vote to bomb Syria?
In the wake of the Tunisian massacre, in which up to 30 British nationals died, questions have been raised as to whether Prime Minister David Cameron will try to secure parliamentary approval to extend airstrikes from Iraq into Syria.

30.06.2015 08:13

​ISIS beheads female civilians for the first time - monitor
Islamic State militants have beheaded two civilian women in Syria for the first time, a monitor says, adding that the victims were accused of sorcery and witchcraft and were executed along with their husbands.

30.06.2015 09:06

A year of terror: ISIS kills over 3,000 in Syria since declaring ‘caliphate’ – report
Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has executed more than 3,000 people in Syria alone, of which 1,700 were civilians, since the group proclaimed themselves as a caliphate on the territories of Syria and Iraq as of June 29, 2014, a monitor group said.

28.06.2015 20:35

60,000-migrant burden: EU leaders agree to share, but still don’t know how to go about it
Frustrated with a lack of unity and fiercely opposing Brussels calling the shots, EU leaders argued until Friday morning, before coming to a consensus on sharing the 60,000-person migrant load on their doorstep. But with “much, much more argument” ahead.

26.06.2015 11:35

ISIS is ‘not strong,’ could be defeated ‘within two days’ – ex-Israeli PM Ehud Barak
The Islamic State militant group that has been terrorizing the Middle East with its yet greatest offense for over a year, is "not strong," former Israli PM Ehud Barak told RT. With a proper coordinated response, they could be suppressed quickly, he said.

25.06.2015 21:05

​ISIS strikes back on strategic town of Kobani under guise of moderate Syrian rebels
Islamic State militants disguised as Western-backed Syrian rebels have assaulted Kurdish militias during incursions into the strategic Syrian town of Kobani on the Turkish border, killing dozens of Kurds.

25.06.2015 21:06

ISIS holds Koran-memorizing contest with lure of sex slaves
Terrorists with Islamic State aren’t letting ordinary life pass them by – the group is holding a contest with prizes amid celebrations for the holy month of Ramadan. The game? Memorizing the Koran. The prize? Human sex slaves.

25.06.2015 11:43

ISIS extremists blow up 2 historic shrines in Palmyra, Syria
Islamic State militants have decimated two unique tombs in the historic central Syrian city of Palmyra, a UNESCO landmark. One of the destroyed mausoleums, deemed “sacrilegious” by the jihadists, is believed to have been over five centuries old.

24.06.2015 11:00