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Israeli military strikes Golan Heights to foil terror plot
The Israeli Air Force launched a strike on a militant cell, who had arrived from Syria, after they were attempting to plant a bomb in the occupied Golan Heights. Reports say that up to four people have been killed in the operation.

27.04.2015 03:19

Millions worldwide mark 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Armenians from around the world have been taking part in public memorial services, to commemorate the 1915 massacre of up to 1.5 million of their ancestors at the hands of the Ottoman Turks.

24.04.2015 20:51

Migrants take risky journeys to escape ‘poverty, hunger, insecurity’
People are desperate to escape from the warzones in Syria or Libya where they are facing a profound hunger, Zina Aga, Iraqi Palestinian writer who lost a cousin as he attempted to flee Syria by boat told RT.

24.04.2015 13:28

Islamic State Health Service? ISIS launch British-inspired NHS
The Islamic State has released a video unveiling its latest caliphate initiative: a health service which shares remarkable similarities with Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

24.04.2015 13:43

‘The more civilians US drones kill in the Mideast, the more radicals they create’
American drone-strike strategy in the Middle East is counterproductive because killing civilians, even if it’s accidentally, breeds more al-Qaeda or other radical militants, defense analyst Ivan Eland told RT.

24.04.2015 10:02

​Britain’s ‘dribbling’ strategy: Top general blasts anti-ISIS efforts
Thousands more Western troops should be deployed against the Islamic State according to former head of the British Army General Sir David Richard. He complains that the UK’s strategy in the region is “dribbling” when it should be “clouting.”

24.04.2015 08:39

UK police compile list of girls at risk of joining ISIS
British police have compiled a dossier of “intelligence” on a group of teenage girls from London thought to be at risk of traveling to Syria to join the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), a judge has heard.

23.04.2015 13:49

Brand new world: The new Saudi exceptionalism in action in Yemen
Despite announcing a respite in its bombing campaign against Yemen, Saudi Arabia is digging its heels in, committing to this war more than it bargained for. What's next for the kingdom as the poorest nation in the Peninsula rises against imperialism?

23.04.2015 13:20

‘US fighting ISIS and its enemies at the same time, which makes no sense’
The US refuses to address the prime sponsors of extremists in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia; instead it destabilized Syria which has been fighting against ISIS and al-Qaeda, Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, told RT.

23.04.2015 10:56

​ISIS building online ‘cult with wicked motive’ – counter terror chief
Misfits, the vulnerable and the mentally ill are top recruiting targets for the Islamic State as it tries to build a deadly cult using its hyped social media savvy, according to a senior UK policeman.

22.04.2015 12:18

West turning Mediterranean into mass grave
The drowning of hundreds of refugees in the Mediterranean is a crime against humanity, the ultimate responsibility lies with Western governments that have proved themselves the enemy of everything good in the world and a friend to everything bad.

21.04.2015 13:23

​Bombed out? British jets striking Iraq running out of ammo, MoD to place new order
The Royal Air Force (RAF) has had to order a new batch of 500lb (227kg) bombs to continue its airstrikes in Iraq after the intensity of operations against Islamic State has caused them to run low.

21.04.2015 10:20