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Muslim groups fundraise to restore black churches, 'support victims of arson'
Muslim organizations have raised $23,000 to help rebuild eight historically black churches that have burned down since the deadly attack on a prayer group in South Carolina. Three fires are believed to be arson, while the rest are under investigation.

07.07.2015 15:38

​Italian ISIS convert defends beheadings as part of Sharia law
A 28-year-old Italian woman who joined Islamic State last year has called the self-proclaimed caliphate a “perfect country” and defended the brutal beheadings conducted by the militant group.

07.07.2015 15:00

'If Syria's Assad falls, jihadists would fill the void'
If the government of Bashar al-Assad is dismantled, then either ISIS, or other terrorist organizations would take over in Syria, Richard Becker from the anti-war Answer Coalition told RT.

07.07.2015 12:13

​Tony Blair: Iraq war didn’t cause 7/7, Islamic terrorism must be fought militarily
Self-belief undiminished a decade on from the 7/7 London bombings, the former prime minister who led Britain to war in Iraq and Afghanistan says the UK must fight extremism militarily.

07.07.2015 09:38

‘UK govt didn’t learn lessons from 7/7 attacks’
The British government didn’t learn lessons from the July 7 attacks 10 years ago as they keep intervening in the Middle East and join alliances fighting ISIS, Abdel Bari Atwan, Editor in chief of Raialyoum Arabic Independent Newspaper, told RT.

07.07.2015 09:53

HSBC fires staff for mock ISIS execution video
British bank HSBC has fired six members of staff after they made a mock Islamic State execution video during a company team-building day and posted it online.

07.07.2015 08:20

​Put British jihadists on charter flights to Syria – former counter-terror chief
As the SAS is reportedly given free rein in Syria, the former head of Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit says Britain should put home grown extremists on charter flights to Islamic State territory rather than let them ‘fester’ at home.

07.07.2015 08:15

Israel arrests Negev teachers for ‘spreading ISIS propaganda’
Israel has arrested six Bedouins, including four elementary and high school teachers, and indicted them for their alleged support of Islamic State peoples and the promotion of the jihadist ideology, the Shin Bet security service has announced.

07.07.2015 04:33

​London’s 7/7 terror tragedy, 10 years on: British foreign policy encourages attacks
As the 10th anniversary of the most deadly terrorist attack ever to be carried out in Britain – the 7/7 attacks on the London underground and transport systems – is recalled, UK policy has since made the prospects of another 7/7 more, not less, likely.

07.07.2015 01:07

'This will not be quick': Obama on Islamic State strategy
President Barack Obama said that, despite recent setbacks, the current US strategy would defeat Islamic State – but it won't happen fast. He blamed Congress for hindering the ongoing fight against ISIS by not approving a new terrorism sanctions czar.

06.07.2015 20:11

7/7 anniversary: Islamophobia and the London bombings, one decade on
​A decade after a group of Islamist suicide bombers attacked London’s transport network, leaving 52 people dead, RT’s Poppy Bullard examines the legacy of Islamophobia endured by British Muslims.

06.07.2015 15:09

​‘It can and will happen here’: Counter-terror officers draw somber conclusions from 7/7 (VIDEO)
A decade on from 7/7, when Islamist suicide bombers killed 52 people on London’s transport network, RT spoke exclusively to veteran intelligence agents and police officers about the attack and the era of counter-terror it shaped.

06.07.2015 15:21