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​Rendition victim 'blocked from achieving justice' by UK govt – lawyers
The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is refusing to assure the legal team representing a Pakistani man suing the government over his rendition that secret client-lawyer communications intercepted by spies won’t be used at trial.

30.03.2015 14:07

‘Saudi Arabia airstrikes pave way for ground invasion of Yemen’
The strategic agenda of Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemen is to prepare for a ground operation by disabling the Houthis’ military might and getting them to withdraw from military bases, Yemen-based journalist Yousef Mawry told RT.

30.03.2015 08:30

Turkish Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Casablanca
A Turkish Airlines jet flying from Istanbul to Sao Paulo, Brazil, made an emergency landing in Casablanca, Morocco, after a note with a bomb threat on it was found in the plane’s toilet, reports say.

30.03.2015 12:26

Clear & president danger: Poll shows Republicans more scared of Obama than Putin
A third of Republicans in the United States believe President Obama is a more imminent threat to their country than Russian President Vladimir Putin. They believe the same about Syria’s Bashar Assad, a poll has revealed.

30.03.2015 07:45

Australian immigration dept leaks G20 leaders’ passport info – report
The personal details of all 20 leaders at the recent G20 summit in Australia have been accidentally leaked by the Australian immigration department. Despite being notified of the high-profile breach four months ago, it neglected to inform anyone.

30.03.2015 06:54

70 women, including 9 schoolgirls, left Germany to join ISIS – report
More than 70 German women, nine of whom are schoolgirls, have left their home country for Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State, the president of the German Domestic Intelligence Service (BFV) said.

29.03.2015 20:06

March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest
As elite branches of the US military prepare to hold military training in seven southwest states, with some troops operating incognito among civilians, some Americans fear the training is actually preparation for imposing martial law.

29.03.2015 06:38

Boko Haram kills, ‘beheads with chainsaws’ 40 people to derail Nigeria elections
Militants from extremist group Boko Haram attacked several Nigerian towns, torching houses and fatally shooting those who fled before reportedly beheading some of the bodies with chainsaws. The string of terror attacks comes amid the presidential vote.

28.03.2015 22:02

Travel bans issued for 5 British girls attending same school as runaway ISIS trio
A London court has issued travel bans for five teenage girls who study at the same school once attended by the three girls who fled England last month to join Islamic State fighters.

27.03.2015 20:20

​Excessive yawners, beware! Leaked TSA document reveals list of suspicious airport behavior
Arriving late to a flight with a confused look on your face and sweaty palms is enough to arouse suspicion among airport security screeners, according to an internal Transportation Security Administration document released by The Intercept.

27.03.2015 17:30

​Britain at ‘cliff edge’ as ISIS recruitment rises, must offer ‘counter-narrative’ – MPs
Britain is on a “cliff edge,” with men, women and children preparing to flee to join the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), MPs warned on Thursday.

26.03.2015 10:08

​Italian schoolkids suspended for posting ISIS mock execution on WhatsApp, Instagram
A group of Italian schoolchildren have been suspended from school after staging a reenactment of ISIS beheading a hostage and sharing the images on social media.

27.03.2015 14:33