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Denmark police on alert over leaflets warning of new terror attack
Leaflets have surfaced in Copenhagen threatening a new and bigger terror attack in the same district where filmmaker Finn Norgaard was gunned down in February, as he was participating in a free speech event, local media reported.

18.04.2015 09:30

Aussie teens arrested in Melbourne over alleged 'ISIS-inspired' terrorist plot
Five teenagers aged 18 and 19, arrested in the early hours of Saturday in a series of raids in Melbourne, were allegedly planning "atrocious" ISIS-inspired attacks on police and the public next week at Anzac Day events in Australia.

18.04.2015 08:15

33 killed, 100 injured in Afghanistan blasts, ISIS claims responsibility
At least 33 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a series of explosions in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad, according to police and local media. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

18.04.2015 04:54

Italian FM proposes ‘targeted strikes’ to solve ISIS & refugee problems
A massive influx of refugees from Libya, where ISIS extremists have been gaining ground, can be halted or at least reduced by extending “targeted ant-terrorist strikes” into the coastal area, said the Italian FM.

18.04.2015 00:54

‘Isis’ excluded from UN hurricane name list over terror group associations
The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group will not have a tropical storm named after it any time soon as ‘Isis’ has now been taken off the UN’s list of hurricane names.

17.04.2015 20:40

Al-Qaeda seizes key military camp in Yemen, snatches tanks and artillery
Al-Qaeda militants have taken control of a strategic military camp in the city of Mukalla in southeastern Yemen, seizing tanks, artillery and other heavy weapons.

17.04.2015 16:52

Personal details of murdered journalist & ex-MP found posted on Ukrainian 'enemies of state' database
The journalist and ex-MP who were gunned down in Kiev this week were on an ‘enemies of the state’ database – a social media website supported by the aide to Ukraine's interior minister. The bloggers also have a Twitter account to share ‘successes.’

17.04.2015 09:32

​Most dangerous Islamic State leaders come from Scandinavia - Syrian President Assad
Bashar al-Assad warned about the growing threat from “Scandinavian” Islamist extremists fighting inside of Syria, where the battle against Islamic State amidst a protracted civil war has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people.

17.04.2015 10:51

​#PeopleNOTpolls: Who will British Muslims be voting for in #GE2015?
Against a backdrop of foreign wars, UK support for Israel and repressive Gulf States and the trimming of civil liberties in the name of national security, it is unclear which party best represents the interests of British Muslims.

16.04.2015 14:14

Russia, China, Iran: In sync
Over past decades, the pre-fabricated myth of an elusive “Iranian bomb” was never the real issue between the US and Iran; the issue was how to subdue – or “isolate” - a powerful, independent nation that refused to toe the exceptionalist line.

16.04.2015 12:38

Boney M star’s brother held over Assad-critic imam’s murder – reports
A Muslim convert suspected of ordering the murder of a Syrian-born imam is the brother of the former lead singer of the 1970s disco group Boney M, reports suggest.

16.04.2015 11:13

Remote control airliners? German air traffic authority seeks emergency systems on commercial flights
In light of the Germanwings flight crash last month, the German aviation authority has urged the industry to create a technology that will allow air traffic controllers to override a pilot’s commands and take over the aircraft in emergency situations.

16.04.2015 01:54