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Tesa Arcilla

France freezes Russian state assets, Moscow plans to appeal
French law enforcement has frozen the accounts of Russian companies operated by the French subsidiary of VTB, Russia’s second-largest bank, officials told RBC TV channel. Diplomatic accounts were briefly frozen as well, but have since been unlocked.

18.06.2015 09:54

​Spaniards hold mass rally for leftist Podemos ahead of elections
Tens of thousands of Spaniards have taken to the streets of central Madrid in support of Podemos, a leftist political party campaigning on an anti-austerity platform. The party’s popularity has soared in the wake of the Syriza victory in Greece.

31.01.2015 14:38

Charity begins in Syria? UK accused of abandoning refugees to violence
The British government endorsed the Syrian opposition’s armed fight against the country’s government, but is only willing to go that far in helping the millions of refugees the three-year-long conflict has produced.

15.01.2014 07:22

‘Hope to be bankrupt for Christmas’: Irish mortgage debtors see insolvency as way out
With one in five mortgage payments being overdue in Ireland and families across the country having their homes repossessed, some of the debtors are hoping for bankruptcy to do away with their endless fear of losing their properties.

25.12.2013 06:36

Life after bailout: Ireland escapes 'shackles' of Troika lenders
Ireland has pulled out of the IMF/EU bailout program, making it the first nation to work its way free of rescue loans. However, the country has yet to break free from the strict austerity measures which have characterized the bailout period.

15.12.2013 14:20

‘Radical political party’: The new face of the Left launches in the UK
A political party styling itself as the “new radical force on the left” has launched in the UK. The Left Unity seeks to revive the working class ideal of the Labour party which, it claims, is failing Britain’s poorest communities in the “class war”.

02.12.2013 13:20

'Guide to independent Scotland': Edinburgh unveils break-up with UK blueprint
Scotland has launched its first extensive blueprint for independence in a new 670 page white paper, described by Scottish first Minister Alex Salmond as a ‘mission statement’ for Scotland’s future.

26.11.2013 12:44

Washington stalls UK's Iraq war inquiry? London claims 'no US veto' over Blair-Bush notes
Reports that the US will veto the disclosure of conversations between former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush have been denied by the UK Cabinet Office, which stated that the US does not have a veto.

14.11.2013 20:44

Olympic touchdown! ISS crew and Sochi torch back on Earth
Three ISS crew members have safely returned back to Earth carrying the Olympic symbol after making history with the first ever torch handover in open space.

11.11.2013 01:33

France stalls deal on Iran nuclear program, talks to resume shortly
No result has been reached during the latest round of talks between Iran and six world powers. A widely predicted breakthrough was apparently blocked by doubts from the French delegation over Iran’s true intentions.

09.11.2013 20:41

‘A fool’s game’: France skeptical about possible Iran deal
While diplomatic heavyweights from US, Russia, China, UK and Germany are calling to seal a deal with Iran, Paris is voicing strong doubts. FM Laurent Fabius warns not to be fooled by Iran’s proposals.

09.11.2013 11:23

Whistleblower in UK care home scandal fired and still out of work
The Orchid View nursing home was shut down after its 19 residents died and it was revealed to be falling short of delivering even the most basic level of care. RT talked to Liza Martin, the insider, to find out how she manages after blowing the whistle.

01.11.2013 16:46