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Thabang Motsei

Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram
Newly-appointed chief of US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, has named RT one of the agency’s main challenges alongside extremist groups like the Islamic State and Boko Haram.

23.01.2015 10:35

Foreigners ‘like seeing our children die’, can’t help with Mid-East, says Erdogan
Muslim countries are able to solve their problems on their own, the Turkish president believes. He says far from offering help, the West is actually exploiting “conflicts in the Middle East” and only cares about the region’s riches.

28.11.2014 08:13

Oil slumps into tailspin as OPEC leaves output unchanged
A ‘unilateral decision’ was taken by OPEC not to cut production and to leave the daily output ceiling unchanged at 30 million barrels, despite a major oversupply that has caused oil prices to fall more than 30%.

27.11.2014 15:10

Proton-M rocket carrying Russia's most advanced satellite crashes
A Russian Proton-M rocket with an advanced satellite on board crashed outside of Kazakhstan's territory on Friday, about nine minutes after lift-off. The Express-AM4R would have been Russia’s most advanced and powerful satellite.

15.05.2014 22:10

US says it will increase aid to Syrian rebels
US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that the US and its allies will expand their support to the Syrian opposition. Kerry’s comments come after a US general said the Syrian rebels do not have the means to defeat President Assad.

15.05.2014 05:46

‘Useful, but no breakthrough’: Russia, US stalled after Ukraine crisis talks
US-Russian talks on Ukraine have not ironed out the two countries’ differences, with Washington saying it won’t recognize the results of the Crimean referendum and warning of Russia sanctions, and Moscow reiterating it will respect the republic’s choice.

14.03.2014 14:25

​Sochi Supertrack: Record-length bobsleigh track awaits Olympic sportsmen
The nearly 2-kilometer-long Sochi track can become the longest ever in the world for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton. The track is going through “polishing” and soon it will become a place where all ice and speed skaters will be chasing their dreams.

31.01.2014 13:01

'Denied access to justice': Moscow officials visit Gitmo trying to free Russian detainee
​A delegation of Russia’s high-ranking diplomats and representatives of the judicial system has in an unprecedented move visited the Guantanamo Bay prison, as Moscow has stepped up efforts to secure release of the only Russian national there.

18.01.2014 06:22

At least 21 killed in suicide attack on restaurant in Kabul diplomatic quarter
At least 21 people, mainly foreigners were killed in a suicide bomb attack which targeted a popular Lebanese restaurant in the diplomatic quarter in central Kabul, police said. The IMF confirmed that one of its representatives is among the dead.

17.01.2014 19:56

Obama announces NSA programs overhaul
President Barack Obama announced as expected on Friday a major overhaul to some of the National Security Agency’s most disputed surveillance operations seven months after they was first exposed, reining in the metadata collection program among others.

17.01.2014 15:22

Most Americans want NSA powers restricted – poll
The majority of Americans oppose keeping the NSA’s current surveillance programs the way they are, with 57 percent of respondents in a new poll saying they have “no confidence” that the government won’t abuse the collected data.

17.01.2014 06:54

UK schools fingerprinted over 800K children, third without parental consent - watchdog
​Schools in the UK used biometric technology to gather the fingerprints of over 800,000 pupils between 2012 and 2013, a watchdog has found. In 31 percent of schools, children were roped into giving their fingerprints without parental consent.

11.01.2014 11:29