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The Resident

Drivers’ dream: Guardian angel helps handle traffic in Russia
A woman with white wings and a halo has been spotted on the busiest streets of Russia’s Kaliningrad region with the theatrical mission of warning drivers against speeding.

16.11.2012 11:41

US: Onset of second Great Depression?
America has been in the economic downturn for quite a while now, and some are beginning to question if this is a recession or something even worse.

29.04.2012 05:54

GMO food: Harmful or helpful?
Can we live without genetically modified food? The issue has been making a big splash in the media for quite a while already.

21.04.2012 06:20

R we 2 lazy 2 write properly? NY says y they don’t strain brain :-)
Does getting web-wise mean vital language skills are losing out? More people are concerned that the digital drive is dumbing us down.

14.04.2012 05:44

Government online control: Are you prepared to submit?
Online privacy may soon become a thing of the past, as governments around the world attempt to closely monitor internet users.

07.04.2012 05:19

Mainstream media forgot climate change craze
After years of persistent humming about the dangers of climate change, the mainstream media in America seems to have its mouth sewn on the issue. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation for this, the public now holds the government responsible.

24.03.2012 07:56

Subsidized birth control: Right or personal choice?
With US presidential elections on the horizon a debate over whether birth control should be subsidized by the US government is in full swing.

10.03.2012 09:08

Government backing an ideology: NY has its say
As the US presidential campaign gets into gear, a debate has been raging over the issue of religion in politics. RT’s Lori Harnifest asks the people of NYC if they think it is proper for the government or the media to support particular ideologies.

03.03.2012 06:32

Australian fisherman nets Russian traveler’s bottled letter
It’s in every story of a castaway; the message in a bottle thrown into the sea. Australian fisherman Mick Jordan couldn’t believe his eyes when he netted a bottle complete with message earlier this month.

29.02.2012 15:43

Greek bailout: Economic good sense or waste of money?
Our own “Resident” in New York has been out and about in the Big Apple asking people whether or not it is a good idea to give Greece's battered economy another chance.

25.02.2012 08:21

Should the world fear Russia and China? The view from NY
Russia and China angered a large section of the international community when they jointly vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning President Assad’s regime in Syria.

18.02.2012 06:59

Sorting out the Republican hopefuls: NY speaks out
As the US presidential election campaign heats up, contenders are hardening their rhetoric in a bid to beat their rivals to the White House. RT's “Resident” Lori Harfenist went to find out what people in New York think about the race for office.

04.02.2012 06:47