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This is nuts! Water-skiing squirrel filmed with GoPro (VIDEOS)
A squirrel that's been water-skiing in the US has been entertaining audiences online, after its perfect performance was filmed using a GoPro camera. The rodent is seen proudly gracing the blue waters of a pool on tiny water-skis attached to a boat.

04.07.2015 15:30

#YouLookDisgusting: Beauty blogger’s video exposes double standards of social media
A beauty blogger, who suffers from acne, has come up with a powerful video made of actual comments to her blog. She says the film shows the impact social media has on people’s lives and what unrealistic standards of beauty the society dictates.

04.07.2015 10:34

Thousands queue for ‘most exclusive website’ to see…
Thanks to curiosity, something mysterious known as the “most exclusive website” has made international headlines recently. Thousands of people are waiting in line to be allowed onto a website which only serves one person at a time, for 60 seconds.

03.07.2015 20:51

Homeless Florida ‘piano man’ crowdfund raises thousands in just 1 day (VIDEO)
A GoFundMe crowd funding campaign has kicked off gathering thousands of dollars after a video of a homeless man in Sarasota, Florida, playing the piano on the street went wildly viral, hitting over 4 million views in just a few days.

03.07.2015 10:26

Message in a bottle: Mysterious encrypted letter discovered in Russian military city
A letter found in a sealed bottle in a former Russian military city in the Kaliningrad Region has left journalists and linguists puzzled. The message, written in an unknown language, prompted suggestions that it had been encrypted by Soviet officers.

02.07.2015 15:07

Digital drawing: Novel holographic device allows mid-air index finger artistry
Hong Kong scientists have come up with an incredible invention – an interactive 3D fog display that plucks full-color holographic images out of thin air.

02.07.2015 11:08

Pilot in wing suit makes 'craziest base jump ever' through tiny mountain hole (VIDEO)
An Italian pilot has made what has been hailed as the most incredible, and dangerous base jump ever. Uli Emanuele put on his wing suit, fixed his GoPro camera and managed to dive through a two-meter wide crevasse in a mountain.

02.07.2015 05:20

Penis peppers: Erotically-shaped fruit, veggie ‘rude seeds’ grip Barcelona
A new, saucier way to attract tourists has appeared in Barcelona, with erotically-shaped fruit and vegetable seeds now sold on the local flower stalls. Penis peppers, “vulva flowers,” and breast-shaped melons (with nipples) are currently on offer.

01.07.2015 06:36

100 yrs of Russian beauty in 1 min: New video shows century of women’s looks
A lively new video, which is part of the viral ‘100 years of beauty’ series, explores how women’s beauty trends have evolved over the past century in Russia, taking a visual journey from Art Nouveau’s elegance to bold lines and famous fur Kubankas.

30.06.2015 12:33

World’s 1st 3D printed office building to glam up Dubai
An ambitious UAE plan to build the first fully functional 3D printed office building in the world has been announced in Dubai. It is being promoted as both cost effective and time saving.

30.06.2015 18:35

‘Angry birds’ gang in Texas terrorizes local residents
A street corner in Houston, Texas has been taken over by a gang of proverbial angry birds. Residents say the feathery flock often dive-bombs passing humans, most likely trying to scare anyone away from their nests.

30.06.2015 15:04

​‘Mysterious’ fireball lights up Atlanta sky
A fiery object was seen streaking across the sky over sky early on June 29, leaving hundreds of witnesses to guess if it was a meteorite or a piece of space junk.

29.06.2015 14:40