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​‘Reading you clear, ISS’: RT to talk live with space crew, put your questions
On April 21, RT’s Peter Scott will host a live Q&A session with Mikhail Korniyenko and Scott Kelly, current crew members of the International Space Station. Submit your questions!

17.04.2015 11:30

SpaceX: Dragon liftoff successful, Falcon botches landing
A SpaceX ship successfully launched from Cape Canaveral with supplies for the International Space station, but the attempt to land the rocket booster failed.

14.04.2015 19:40

SpaceX launch delayed: ISS crew on hold for coffeemaker delivery
Cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station will have to wait another day for their long-promised space espresso machine. Today’s launch of a Dragon resupply ship was rescheduled, after storm clouds came too close to Cape Canaveral.

13.04.2015 18:19

Biking across Baikal: UK adventurer & team ride Soviet bikes on Siberian ice (VIDEO)
A well-known British adventurer Matt Prior joined an international team of thrill seekers for what he called an “epic” ride across the frozen waters of Lake Baikal in Russia. Prior, who cycled across the great lake, shared his amazing experiences with RT.

12.04.2015 20:52

Breathtaking: NASA astronauts take you on a spacewalk with GoPro camera (VIDEO)
NASA has released two hours of a head-spinning GoPro video featuring two spacewalking astronauts on a maintenance mission at the International Space Station, as well as some stunning views of Earth floating by.

12.04.2015 06:26

Plane forced to land after 80yo woman ‘attacks, bites’ crew
Air Canada flight ACA-877 had to be diverted to Ireland’s Shannon Airport on Friday after an elderly female passenger became disruptive and bit one of the crew members. Irish police were called to meet the plane after it landed and the woman was arrested.

11.04.2015 23:27

World lit up: Stunning European night sky as seen from ISS (VIDEO)
A recently released time-lapse clip filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) shows European and North African cities lighting up the sky, in contrast to the dark expanses of the Mediterranean Sea at night.

10.04.2015 22:45

Ring of fire: Mysterious blazing sinkhole shocks Chinese village
A blazing sinkhole in northwest China terrified locals, attracting tourists as well as researchers and prompting questions about its origin. The temperature on top of the burning crater was estimated to be 792 degrees Celsius (1,457 degrees Fahrenheit).

10.04.2015 04:29

Green side of drones: Flying bots may plant 1 billion trees a year
An Oxford-based startup has an ambitious plan to combat deforestation by planting 1 billion trees a year by using drones.

08.04.2015 03:17

Cheaper, faster, safer: New battery charges in 1 minute
A new battery developed at Stanford may well revolutionize personal technology. It charges in a minute, lasts thousands of cycles and is much safer than current commercial models. Right now it lacks capacity, but its creators say it’s a work in progress.

06.04.2015 23:19

New radar tech targets military, civilian drones, cars
A secretive startup is touting new radar technology that could save the military millions by using ‘metamaterials’ to circumvent existing size, weight and cost limitations. But it could also equip civilian drones and cars with radars in the near future.

06.04.2015 21:13

Out of this world: NASA spaceman posts stunning pics on his 1yr ISS mission
American veteran astronaut Scott Kelly, who is on a one-year mission on the International Space Station (ISS), tweets mesmerizing images of Earth from his vantage point in space.

05.04.2015 15:04