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'Worldly life is frightening:' Famous Siberian hermit prefers taiga to civilization
69-year-old Agafia Lykova was born in the wilderness of Russia’s Siberia and has never left the forest, where she has preserved her ancestors' faith and lifestyle. RT visited the country's most famous hermit in her taiga 'lodge.'

22.09.2014 16:10

​‘Google 2.0’ looking to build cities and airports in the future
Google’s self-driving cars could find themselves carrying passengers through cities custom-built by the same company, if the search giant’s plans for the future ever come to pass.

20.09.2014 06:23

​Jesus on toast, slippery bananas win mock Nobel Prizes
The world’s scientific community now knows exactly how slippery a banana peel is – and has showed its gratefulness to the Japanese physicists who measured it with a prestigious, if tongue-in-cheek, prize.

19.09.2014 09:02

NASA finds ‘monster’ black hole in tiny galaxy
The M60-UCD1, discovered by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 2013, is one of the smallest known galaxies. But now the space agency has discovered that the dwarf galaxy is harboring a “monster” black hole.

18.09.2014 19:55

Dragon-cat and bee-dog: Russian groomers turn ordinary animals into futuristic creatures
An emerald green cat with a dragon tail and a yellow-black dog which looks like a bee… It’s not a scene from a futuristic movie, but an animal salon in southern Russia, where groomers turned a cat into a scary dragon and a dog into a buzzing bee.

18.09.2014 10:50

10 million views: Elusive biker throws trash back into litterbugs’ cars (VIRAL VIDEO)
A mysterious female motorcyclist is taking care of keeping Russian streets clean. Angered by littering drivers, she teaches them a lesson by tossing trash back in their cars. The YouTube video of the litter avenger hit 10 million views in just 3 days.

18.09.2014 13:23

Swim to Kim? American attempts river crossing to N. Korea, arrested by South
South Korean Marines have arrested an American citizen who was attempting to enter North Korea by swimming across a river – allegedly, all in an effort to meet the country’s ruler, Kim Jong-un.

17.09.2014 03:04

​Texas gun shop stirs controversy with ‘Obama family beheading’ sign
A Texas gun shop known for its controversial signs has managed to raise eyebrows once again by criticizing President Barack Obama and bringing up the gruesome issue of beheadings to do it.

16.09.2014 02:49

​LAPD launches probe into detainment of ‘Django’ actress
Los Angeles police are investigating a weekend incident that saw “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts accuse officers of violating her rights after they detained her in response to a complaint over indecent exposure.

15.09.2014 23:14

‘They thought she was a prostitute’: LA police handcuff Django Unchained actress kissing her white partner
African-American Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts said she was “handcuffed and detained” by LA police when she was kissing her white partner in a public place. She claims the officers mistakenly took them for a prostitute and her client.

14.09.2014 18:51

‘Until death do us part’: Groom nearly falls from cliff during marriage vows (VIDEO)
A groom got dangerously carried away at a cliff-top wedding – and almost fell off. Luckily his bride did not let go.

14.09.2014 13:35

Day 5: Connecting with the outside world
We saw our first wildlife today; an enormous swarm of jellyfish floating just below the water. As luck would have it, no one had a camera or mobile phone on them.

September 12, 2014 22:17

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