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Tanks for the ride: UK dad drops off kids at school – in a 17-ton army tank
A father in the UK has come up with an innovative idea to get his kids to school on time, and make sure they won’t miss it due to bad weather. He drops off his sons at their village school… in a 17-ton snow-white tank.

18.12.2014 07:19

Earth could face another mass extinction – study
Animals on Earth continue to disappear at an alarming rate, which could result in another mass extinction over the next few centuries, a study by the journal Nature claims, although researchers are struggling to understand the scale of the problem.

14.12.2014 21:05

French marijuana e-vaporizer to go on sale
Electronic cigarettes with cannabis extracts are set to go on sale this month. The French makers claim their product is legal, as it lacks the chemicals that cause the mind-altering effects of marijuana. French law is firmly against the use of cannabis.

15.12.2014 19:13

Sleepy Hollow in Kazakhstan: Villagers suffer from unknown brain-affecting disease
Every tenth villager of Kazakhstan's Kalachi has unexpectedly fallen asleep in broad daylight – some unable to wake up for several days. Despite numerous attempts to find the cause of the inexplicable disorder, the Sleepy Hollow riddle remains unsolved.

14.12.2014 21:27

'Eye of Sauron' finally appears in Moscow sky – but shares spotlight with holiday goodness
The Tolkien-inspired 'Eye of Sauron' eventually lit up Moscow's sky, following public controversy and opposition from the Orthodox Church. Having taken a virtual form, the image can be seen through the lens of a smartphone or tablet.

14.12.2014 15:06

Icy walk on crystal clear mountain lake in Slovakia awes web (VIDEO)
Stunning footage of hikers walking on beautiful clear ice on a lake in Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains went viral, gathering more than two million views in just a few days.

11.12.2014 20:23

Sky's not the limit: World's first 'Jetman' flies over Dubai desert (VIDEO)
A former fighter pilot and Guinness record holder – known as 'Jetman' – has performed a new stunt, taking over the skies of the United Arab Emirates. High-flying Swiss national Yves Rossy teamed up with Dubai, flying above the wealth of its land.

11.12.2014 15:13

Afghan ‘Bruce Lee’ spins the web with his kung fu
Meet Afghanistan’s Bruce Lee look-alike, Abbas Alizada! The 20-year-old from Kabul, nicknamed 'Bruce Hazara,' not only bears a striking physical resemblance to the famous kung fu legend, but also manages to pull off his martial arts moves.

11.12.2014 18:40

$1,000 meal for hungry cat: Russian sea food store suffers feline heist (VIDEO)
During the night, a ginger cat sneaked into a sea food store at Vladivostok airport and treated itself to fish from the deli counter. The animal's feast, which included squid and flatfish, was worth 60,000 rubles - some $1,100.

11.12.2014 13:35

Facebook AI ‘mediator’ will analyze every upload…to warn against drunk selfies?
Facebook says it is developing artificial intelligence that will not just monitor – but will also understand – every single action you make on the social network, so that it can guide and control your online behavior.

10.12.2014 21:19

Shamans on govt service? Psychic searches for missing Tuva helicopter on official request
The administration of Russia’s remote Tuva region has enlisted a “highly respected and obliging” psychic to search for a helicopter with up to 14 people on board, which disappeared two months ago, at the personal behest of the regional governor.

10.12.2014 19:14

50 years out of sight: Vintage cars discovered at French farm could net $12mn (PHOTOS)
Around 60 ancient automobiles have been discovered rusting in a farm shed in France. Some of the cars date back to the 1930s. The collection will be sold at auction and it’s hoped they will net at least $12 million.

10.12.2014 13:00