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​‘Big jar of condoms’: Aussie radio chief deters staff from taking maternity leave
The regional head of an Australian radio network has come with a peculiar way of discouraging her staff from having babies and taking maternity leave – she keeps a big jar of condoms in the office.

05.03.2015 11:51

Art of camouflage: Paris artist’s painted models merge with cars, fridges & shelves (VIDEO)
Paris artist has mastered a real art of camouflage worthy of spy movies and David Copperfield tricks – he literally makes people fade into cars, fridges and even shelves. Some paintbrush and you disappear from the scene.

28.02.2015 12:54

‘Can you heal my cat’s paw?’ UK Foreign Office unveils list of most ridiculous consular requests
The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has released a list of the most inane enquiries it fielded in 2014, after revealing that 38 percent of all calls made to diplomatic missions abroad “were not related to consular support at all.”

28.02.2015 01:13

Italian actress Ornella Muti faces 8 months jail or 30,000 euro fine for skipping play to dine with Putin
An Italian court has sentenced famous Italian actress Ornella Muti to eight months in prison or a fine of 30,000 euros for skipping a play and faking a medical certificate to have dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin, local media reported.

25.02.2015 16:48

Forget tank biathlon, HELICOPTER GOLF is all the rage in Russia (VIDEO)
While helicopters are used in some countries to ferry golfers across vast courses, Russians have literally taken golf to a whole new level – playing the game while flying a helicopter!

22.02.2015 15:18

12 likely causes of the Apocalypse, as seen by scientists
Filmmakers, authors, and media have widely speculated about how human life on Earth will end. Now scientists have come up with the first serious assessment, presenting 12 possible causes of the Apocalypse.

15.02.2015 20:49

Indian doctor creates contact lenses with 24-carat gold (VIDEO)
A Mumbai doctor has combined optometry with jewelry to create lenses with 24-carat gold particles in the Shekhar Eye Research India.

15.02.2015 10:00

Warning signs for attacking, angry owls posted in Oregon
Park operators in the City of Salem, Oregon are posting unique signs alerting people that an owl could swoop down and ruin their day. A barred owl has attacked four people in the park in recent months.

14.02.2015 03:41

Confusing unisex toilet signs in Swedish library throw visitors off balance
Some visitors to the new public library in a northern Swedish town of Umeå received a real culture shock when they failed to properly read signs to the unisex toilets in the gender equal country.

13.02.2015 12:34

Mystery blue snow fallout in Chelyabinsk alarms residents
Residents of Chelyabinsk – the Russian Urals city hit by a meteorite explosion back in 2013 – have sounded alarm over a strange bluish snow that covered the city streets.

12.02.2015 23:02

Come find us! Scientists eye messaging alien worlds 20 light years away
Leading US astronomers are mulling plans to start beaming messages about Earth to hundreds of star systems with potentially inhabitable planets, according to the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in California.

09.02.2015 02:17

Hoppy meal: Woman tossed out of McDonald’s after taking ‘therapy’ kangaroo to lunch
Multiple animals can be used to accompany those with disabilities, such as dogs, birds, horses…and kangaroos? That’s what one Wisconsin woman claimed when she took the marsupial into a McDonald’s, but that didn’t keep police from kicking her out.

06.02.2015 03:47