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Watch rare Russian Yeti bear do Kung-Fu (VIDEO)
A nine-year-old Himalayan bear – who is thought to have been the inspiration for the Yeti myth – has been filmed performing stunning spinning tricks with a log in a Siberian zoo.

31.10.2014 21:05

Israeli artist under fire for ‘9/11’ Netanyahu hijacker cartoon
A political cartoonist for the left-leaning Israeli daily Haaretz has come under fire for likening Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to one of the 9/11 hijackers. The artist said the cartoon was intended to show the Israeli PM's misguided US policy.

31.10.2014 14:23

Fans forever: Brazilian FC Corinthians builds cemetery for its supporters
Fans of Brazilian football club Corinthians will soon have an opportunity to remain close to their favorite club literally forever and always. Corinthians is building an entire cemetery with 70,000 burial places for its supporters.

31.10.2014 14:29

Canadian hero guard gets 'lifetime supply' of beer for defending MPs
When a gunman stormed the Canadian parliament, a guard, Alain Gervais, held a hallway door shut with his body so as not to let him through. Now with a little help from MPs he may be rewarded with lots of his favorite beer.

31.10.2014 12:41

​Inside Russian nuclear sub as it fires missile that can level a city (VIDEO)
A TV crew was on board a Borey-class nuclear submarine as it was test-firing a Bulava nuclear missile on Wednesday. A video from the sub shows people entrusted with one of the world's most powerful weapons in action.

30.10.2014 11:53

Obama impostor robs Dunkin' Donuts with mask & gun (VIDEO)
One New Hampshire resident may have watched a little too much 'Point Break' recently, as he donned a President Barack Obama mask just days before Halloween – and proceeded to rob a local Dunkin’ Donuts.

30.10.2014 04:04

Jupiter's ‘one-eyed giant Cyclops’ captured by Hubble
A stunning event captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope shows a big black eye staring back from Jupiter's Great Red Spot storm. In reality, it is shadow play on a planetary scale.

30.10.2014 00:11

Drone that can save lives: Ambulance UAV hints at future of healthcare (VIDEO)
The Netherlands has shown off an ambulance drone prototype which could potentially save lives by offering a rapid response after heart attack incidents. The yellow-painted drone can gain speeds up to 100 km per hour and is equipped with a defibrillator.

30.10.2014 00:28

'Scream' or shaving machine? Internet reacts to Russia 2018 World Cup logo
The logo for the 2018 World Cup, which was revealed by Russian organizers on Tuesday, went viral in an instant, fueling the imaginations of numerous internet users who tried to discover the true inspiration behind the emblem.

29.10.2014 18:10

#Shameless: People don ISIS attire for Halloween
The headless horsemen was once enough to capture imaginations on Halloween. But with real life monsters filling the popular imagination more than tales of lore, some have thrown taste out the window by dressing as ISIS militants for All Hallows' Eve.

29.10.2014 12:22

Israelis ready to give up sex, family for internet – Google survey
A new survey for Google has revealed that many Jewish Israelis are ready to forego sex and give up family time in order to stay connected to the web. Other sacrifices included giving up speech, hearing and paradoxically even eyesight.

29.10.2014 03:38

​Art of destruction: Controlled demolition captured on cam (VIDEOS)
While construction of a building might take years and be boring to watch, the demolitions are a spectacular sight. Building implosions have proven to be so popular, they often get turned into a show or go viral on the internet.

26.10.2014 20:51

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