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Meet Hanti, my pet wolf: A walk on the wild side for Russian animal activist (VIDEO)
Hanti, the domestic wolf, feels at ease when walked by her master in the Russian city of Smolensk. She is also a center of attention for residents. Living in an animal shelter, the “pet” is befriended by other dogs and even a big ginger cat.

27.01.2015 13:23

Angry with an ex? Adopt a cockroach or scorpion in their honor
Valentine’s Day can be a terrible time for jilted lovers and those dealing with rejection, but now even those simmering in anger can delight in the holiday by adopting a hissing cockroach or hairy scorpion in honor of their former lovers.

27.01.2015 00:29

Awesome CGI footage shows view from Earth if planets replaced moon
What if our sun was some other star? Say, Sirius or Polaris? And more than that: What if Jupiter and Saturn were at the same distance as the moon? Roscosmos, Russia’s Federal Space Agency, gave these fantasies a go in two amazing videos.

23.01.2015 17:39

No small beer: German firefighters make XXL truck with ale crates (VIDEO)
Volunteer firefighters in a small town in North Rhine-Westphalia made an attempt to break the Guinness World Record, by building a fire engine from nearly 4,740 beer crates, local media reported.

20.01.2015 12:14

Freak Russian protesters pour holy water on Lenin’s Tomb, chant ‘rise up & be gone’
Russian police arrested two protesters who staged a performance dubbed “The Exorcist. Desecration of the mausoleum.” on Moscow’s Red Square. They poured holy water onto Lenin’s Tomb and shouted “rise and be gone.”

20.01.2015 02:50

Diapers & wafers: Manila traffic cops wear nappies to patrol Pope’s record-breaking mass (VIDEO)
A lack of portable toilets forced hundreds of Philippines traffic police officers to wear adult-sized diapers while patrolling Pope Francis’ outdoor mass in the country’s capital, Manila, on Sunday.

19.01.2015 12:49

Ride with the president! Uruguay’s Mujica picks up a young hitchhiker
Hitchhiking on one of Uruguayan roads, a young man has snagged a truly amazing ride – in President Jose Mujica's car.

17.01.2015 11:22

Kitty rescue: Homeless cat praised for saving abandoned baby in Russia (VIDEO)
A baby boy not older than 12 weeks has been found in a box on a staircase in an apartment block in the Russian town of Obninsk. The box was meant for a cat, who – after having found a new soul in misery, warmed up the baby and was worried to let him go.

15.01.2015 15:40

Republican group releases anti-Hillary Clinton coloring book
Less than pleased with a Hillary Clinton coloring book released last year, a Republican opposition group has issued what it calls the “missing pages,” including scenes of Clinton testifying about Benghazi, and pressing “reset” on Russian relations.

14.01.2015 03:36

‘Crocodile poison’ beer kills nearly 70 at funeral in Mozambique
At least 69 people died after drinking poisonous beer at a funeral in southeastern African country Mozambique, health authorities confirmed. The beer was locally brewed and is believed to have been poisoned with crocodile bile during the funeral.

11.01.2015 23:29

Stunning skies of bright greens: Aurora borealis illuminates Russia's north (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Northern Lights of rare intensity were observed in several regions of Russia's north at the start of the year. Clear frosty air with cloudless skies and no snow storms let both locals and tourists capture the stunning natural light show.

06.01.2015 13:21

Sanskrit shocker! Claims of 7,000yo inter-planetary planes shake up Indian Science Congress
Ancient knives so sharp they could slit a hair in two, 24-carat gold extracted from cow dung and even 7,000-year-old planes that could travel to other planets. Those are just a couple of the startling claims made at this week’s Indian Science Congress.

05.01.2015 10:12