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'​48 hours of hell’: UK’s biggest sex festival scandalizes sleepy village
Residents of a sleepy village in Gloucestershire were left scandalized over the weekend when the UK’s largest sex festival set up camp, bringing with it ‘intolerable’ levels of noise.

06.07.2015 11:35

100 percent in/out choice given to Greece is ‘false dilemma’ – euro architect to RT
​There is a third solution in store for Greece, it could have two currencies in parallel that would stabilize the economy, Bernard Lietaer, co-designer of the European currency, told RT.

03.07.2015 12:51

‘Run, run, run...’ Eyewitnesses share their accounts of Tunisia beach massacre scene
At least 38 people have been killed and 36 injured on Friday, after a gunman opened fire on the beach of a popular Tunisian Sousse resort area. Those who survived the manslaughter shared what they've been through with international media.

26.06.2015 21:01

Deadly attack on beach near tourist hotels in Tunisia
A beach attached to the tourist complex of Port El Kantaoui near the city of Sousse in central Tunisia has been attacked by gunmen. Dozens of people have been reported killed and injured.

26.06.2015 13:01

​Robots to replace border police? To speed up lines at airports, French firm to scan your irises
In an effort to speed up travelers’ passage through airports, a French electrical systems company has come up with robots that could soon replace border police.

20.06.2015 07:58

Russia ‘never viewed Europe as a mistress’ – Putin
Russia has never sought a no-obligation kind of relationship with Europe, and has always called for a serious partnership, President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that touched on EU sanctions, energy disputes and severed business ties with Ukraine.

06.06.2015 06:15

Adieu my love! Up to 1 million 'love locks' removed from famous Paris bridge (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Paris authorities removed hundreds of thousands of metal padlocks from iconic Pont des Arts bridge in front of the Louvre on Monday, with the new anti-romantic token ban possibly breaking millions of hearts around the world - for security reasons.

01.06.2015 15:12

​‘Less government, no taxes’ – Liberland president
Vít Jedlička claims to be president of Liberland, a tiny patch of land nestled between Croatia and Serbia. He told RT’s In the Now that his would-be country doesn’t need the huge bureaucracy of the EU.

29.05.2015 04:21

Jerusalem: Witnessing the death of Palestinian trade
To have a shop in the Old City of Jerusalem is kind of a mission aimed at promoting Palestinian presence. No trade – no Palestinians. It’s another aspect of the slow but incessant de-Palestinization which affects every Arab living here.

29.05.2015 08:37

‘Extension of anti-Russian sanctions would hit Greece quite hard’
As the Greek economy is in crisis and the country is trying to attract money from any source to survive, prolongation of the sanctions against Russia would only worsen the situation, former Greek diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos told RT.

22.05.2015 10:56

Viva la revolución: Cuban social justice will survive American reconciliation
Cuba's detractors have long been guilty of dismissing the achievements of the Cuban Revolution, while some of its supporters have lapsed into romanticizing the hardship its people have endured as a consequence of its isolation.

20.05.2015 13:48

TSA to gun owners: Don’t pack heat on planes, keep it in your checked bags
The Transportation Security Administration is trying very hard not to lose its patience with American gun owners. TSA has seen an increasing number of firearms confiscated at airport checkpoints and is warning people not to try to bring guns on planes.

12.05.2015 22:50