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Russia limits fruit and vegetables from Ukraine over EU re-export fear
Russia has placed a ban on the import and transit of all fruit and vegetables from Ukraine, starting Wednesday, for fear they may originate from the EU, Russia’s consumer health watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has said.

21.10.2014 11:41

Russia-China trade hits record $59bn in first half of 2014
Russia’s recent trade figures show strengthening ties eastwards, not westwards. Trade with the 28-nation European Union declined 3.2 percent from the same period last year, whereas trade with China increased by 3.4 percent.

20.10.2014 12:59

'U​ncertainty shock’: Hung parliament and EU referendum threaten UK economy
Investors are concerned about the future stability of Britain’s business environment, warning of a “huge uncertainty shock” if the UK leaves the European Union, or ends up with another coalition government after next year’s general election.

20.10.2014 09:02

America’s troubled anti-IS coalition: Can BRICS be a possible middleman?
As the anti-IS coalition struggles to stay together can BRICS be a balancing factor that can keep the members unruffled against a common threat?

17.10.2014 12:47

Switzerland cuts growth forecast, blames slowing Europe & geopolitical crisis
Even the Swiss economy isn’t immune to the "fragile and vulnerable eurozone" and has cut growth forecasts for this year and next. The government points its finger at weak exports to Germany and geopolitical crisis in Ukraine and the Middle East.

16.10.2014 09:26

Italy loses billions in economic standoff with Russia, opposition leader says
The EU sanctions imposed on Russia have already cost Italy alone two billion euro due to Moscow’s retaliatory food embargo, the leader of Italian opposition party Matteo Salvini says.

13.10.2014 18:49

#NoTTIP: Mass protests slam US-EU trade deal as 'corporate power grab'
Tens of thousands of people are flooding the streets of cities all over Europe on Saturday in mass rallies against a controversial trade agreement between the US and the EU.

11.10.2014 12:18

​#NoToTTIP: 1,000s to march in UK, across Europe against transatlantic trade deal
Activists will rally in Westminster on Saturday as part of a Europe-wide protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which critics say will eradicate public services including the NHS and the BBC.

10.10.2014 14:57

Eurasian Economic Union: Despite Western myths, a remarkably sensible project
The recent ratification of the treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union by the Belarusian parliament removed the last doubts about the start of this ambitious project, which involves a market of 170 mn people and $2.7 trillion of combined domestic product.

09.10.2014 12:40

Russia not against European pivot for ex-Soviet allies – Putin
Russia has nothing against other CIS member states building closer ties with Europe, the only thing it insists on is that its allies properly discuss the possible economic risks to the Russian economy, President Putin said at the summit in Minsk.

10.10.2014 09:22

EU, Kazakhstan agree on enhanced cooperation
The EU and Kazakhstan have signed an agreement in Brussels Thursday, forging closer economic and political ties.

09.10.2014 13:14

UK-Israel trade hits record high despite Gaza carnage
UK trade relations with Israel between January and August 2014 are reported to have reached record levels, despite worldwide public outrage against the IDF’s recent military assault on Gaza.

08.10.2014 14:42

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