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Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK could be contaminated with potentially lethal bacteria
A Guardian investigation has revealed alleged widespread hygiene failings in Britain's poultry industry, prompting three major UK supermarkets to launch emergency inquiries into their chicken suppliers.

23.07.2014 21:37

$200 per barrel oil if Russia sanctions escalate- Oxford Economics
If the standoff with Russia and the West reaches a point where the EU has to completely cut trade with Russia, oil prices could soar above $200 per barrel, sparking a global economic crisis, says Adam Slater, senior economist at Oxford Economics.

23.07.2014 08:03

EU to present extended Russian sanctions on Thursday – Ashton
The EU Council did not agree to new Russian sanctions on Tuesday. However, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said an extended ‘black list’ will be published on Thursday. It will include the energy, and defense sectors, and financial markets.

22.07.2014 12:37

​With ISDS it’s bedtime for democracy
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has multinational companies and transnational law firms on both sides of the Atlantic foaming at their mouths.

22.07.2014 10:05

​Russia reported to be cancelling duty–free trade with Ukraine
The duty-free trade deal between Russia and Ukraine is coming to an end. Russia says fundamental changes mean that it will invoke Article 62 of the Vienna Declaration to terminate the understanding.

21.07.2014 12:09

​10 major outcomes of BRICS summit
The 6th BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, has highlighted the increasing role of emerging countries in international affairs and their ability to share strategic interests and approaches while reaching for their development goals.

21.07.2014 09:36

Turkey and Russia discuss Customs Union collaboration
Stalled progress towards EU membership has shifted Turkey’s economic interest, and it is now looking for closer cooperation with Russia’s Customs Union, Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev said.

21.07.2014 07:00

​Ukraine prepares for complete halt to trade with Russia
Ukraine should be ready for a complete break in trade relations with Russia, as it’s impossible to just stand by when Western countries impose sanctions against Russia, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Friday

18.07.2014 12:31

US sanctions hurt Europe more than America
The Association of European Businesses (AEB), a Moscow-based business lobby, said that new US sanctions against Russia have a more severe effect on European than on American business.

18.07.2014 07:34

‘Economically senseless, anti-Russian sanctions might have other motives behind them’
We are not going to see much action from the EU; they will try to get away with least as possible without really upsetting the White House, Richard Wellings, Deputy Editorial Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, told RT.

17.07.2014 13:01

‘Tougher sanctions against Russia would expose split between US and EU’
The US imposition of sanctions against Russia puts Washington at odds with major European powers that are set to lose much more than the Americans, Alexander Mercouris told RT.

17.07.2014 03:49

​Australia urges G20 to continue cooperating with Russia despite US sanctions
Australia wants Western countries to continue cooperating with Russia within the G20 framework, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on the sidelines of the B20 summit, after the US and EU agreed new sanctions on Russia.

17.07.2014 06:50

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