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Unions, activists look to derail Trans-Pacific Partnership fast-track
Trade unions, populist activists and many Democratic lawmakers are rallying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. They say the secretive treaty is harmful to US workers, the economy and environmental policies.

20.04.2015 21:52

​Co-op unable to commit to Fairtrade goods, blames economy
A British supermarket and co-operative group famed for its commitment to Fairtrade has told its members it will be unable to continue its pledge to stock the products because fierce supermarket competition makes it economically unviable.

20.04.2015 12:31

​Merkel says free trade zone with Russia possible
German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that a free trade zone with Russia is possible in the future, despite the current political tensions with the West.

18.04.2015 15:06

​ Journalists’ killings: Western media blind spot on what’s happening in Kiev
The recent killings in Ukraine are reported in Western media in a completely distorted way says investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It’s a dangerous situation that may provoke further killings and less reporting of certain points of view, he told RT.

17.04.2015 08:35

US should write laws of global economy, not China - Obama
The laws of the global economy should be written by the United States and not by the likes of China according to President Obama, as concern over China’s influence is growing. Washington hopes a Pacific free trade pact will curb Beijing’s investment bank.

17.04.2015 08:16

US lawmakers agree to fast-track secretive international trade deals
Leaders of two key congressional panels have agreed on a deal that would “fast-track” the Obama administration’s ability to draft a pair of controversial international trade bills and move them through Congress.

16.04.2015 21:28

Russia Iran oil-for-goods deal on – Kremlin
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed the oil-for-goods deal between Moscow and Tehran is “absolutely” a reality and has begun.

14.04.2015 14:32

China, Russia and Saudi Arabia increase arms spending the most in 2014 - study
Conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East and Asia saw China, Russia and Saudi Arabia increase their defense spending the most in 2014, while top buyer the US cut it by 6.5 percent, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has reported.

13.04.2015 10:40

‘Technological constraints and wars can spill over into hot wars’
Constraints over IT and disputes are part of an ongoing struggle for what the US considers world hegemony which can possibly transform into a hot war, Asia specials Dr. Tim Beal told RT. Hopefully for now it’s not likely, he said.

13.04.2015 09:04

​Russia and Indonesia may switch to settlements in local currencies
Russia has offered Indonesia the opportunity to carry out trade settlements in national currencies, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said just a couple of days after Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made the same offer to Vietnam.

09.04.2015 14:30

EU reinstates sanctions on major Iranian bank & 32 shipping companies
The European Union has restored sanctions on an Iranian bank and 32 shipping companies on Wednesday, days after an agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program was reached, according to the EU’s Official Journal.

08.04.2015 12:16

The Arctic: Territory for non-politicized dialogue for the benefit of mankind
The Arctic region has always been very important to Russia. At present, our country is implementing a strategy for full-scale, balanced and complex development of the Arctic, including research, technology and the protection of the environment.

08.04.2015 12:46