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Congo train crash: Over 60 killed, 80 injured
At least 63 people were killed and 80 seriously injured when a train exceeding the speed limit derailed going round a bend in Democratic Republic of Congo on Tuesday, a local minister said.

23.04.2014 18:46

China eyes hi-tech military gear to predict commercial pilots’ behavior
After the case with flight MH370, China is considering using military technology to get into pilots’ heads while flying to closely monitor physical and mental states in order to prevent catastrophes caused by human error and improve air safety.

22.04.2014 04:59

​16yo stowaway survives cold, lack of oxygen during cross-Pacific flight
A 16-year-old boy flew across the Pacific Ocean from San Jose, California, to Maui, Hawaii, the FBI reported. The trip left him unharmed despite frigid temperatures and a lack of oxygen at high altitudes.

21.04.2014 04:47

At least 42 dead in Pakistan road accident
A bus going to Karachi has crashed into a tractor trolley in Pakistan, with at least 42 people killed and 17 wounded, according to police. Women and children were among the dead.

20.04.2014 07:17

GM waited years to recall Saturn Ions with power steering flaw – federal documents
General Motors ignored thousands of consumer complaints and warranty claims, waiting years before finally recalling over 300,000 Saturn Ions due to power steering problems, according to government documents.

20.04.2014 02:36

Death toll in S. Korean ferry disaster rises to 25
As rescuers struggle with high seas in the search to find 271 missing passengers of a submerged South Korean ferry, the captain may face criminal charges for abandoning ship. Eleven more bodies have been found since Thursday, raising the death toll to 25.

17.04.2014 19:36

Arctic Resources: The fight for the coldest place on Earth heats up
The discovery of large hydrocarbon deposits in the Arctic has sparked international competition over resources in frozen waters. Regional powers are quickly filing claims for the sea shelf, with Russia preparing to bring in the biggest bid to the UN.

15.04.2014 04:59

TSA refuses to let stroke victim board flight because she can’t speak
You can get on an airplane with an expired driver’s license or even no ID at all, but not if you can’t say your own name. That’s the takeaway Sherry Wright discovered when helping her sister Heidi, who is unable to speak due to a stroke.

11.04.2014 20:28

Ten dead, dozens injured in horrifying California crash (VIDEO)
A deadly accident in northern California has taken the lives of 10 people – half of which were high school students – after a FedEx truck collided head-on with a tour bus heading towards a local university.

11.04.2014 15:25

GM fined $7k a day for refusing to answer ignition questions
The US government is penalizing General Motors to the tune of $7,000 a day for failing to properly respond to its questions regarding the company’s recall of 2.6 million cars built with faulty ignition switches.

09.04.2014 15:29

More than $100k raised for driver beaten by mob in Detroit
The family of the suburban Detroit man who was severely beaten after accidentally hitting a young boy with his pickup truck has raised more than $100,000 to help pay for his medical bills.

07.04.2014 19:15

Marine Corps seeks new Amphibious Combat Vehicle
The US Marine Corps is looking to jumpstart a new program that could potentially conclude in the purchase of hundreds of vehicles capable of transporting troops over water and to land.

03.04.2014 16:29

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