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5,000 evacuated in Tennessee after train crash releases toxic fumes
More than 5,000 people in eastern Tennessee have been evacuated after a freight train carrying “highly flammable and toxic gas” derailed and caught fire on Thursday morning.

02.07.2015 08:56

Justice Dept. investigating possible price fixing at airlines
Major US airlines are being investigated by the Justice Department for “possible unlawful coordination” in ticket pricing. The probe comes as airlines are benefiting from low jet fuel prices, and more people flying than ever before.

02.07.2015 00:32

Outrage as Heathrow Airport expansion wins official backing
Climate activists and politicians have reacted with outrage to a report championing London Heathrow Airport as the ideal site for a new runway. Critics say expanding Britain’s biggest airport will result in greater noise and air pollution.

01.07.2015 07:55

Track fire closes Eurostar tunnel at Calais
Eurostar services have been suspended after striking workers in Calais allegedly started a fire on the tracks. It is not clear when they will re-open.

30.06.2015 12:26

Uber managers arrested in France for ‘illicit activity’ amid crackdown
Two managers from the low-cost Uber taxi app have been arrested in Paris and are being questioned over alleged “illicit activity.” The system allows drivers to charge passengers for rides, but escape paying the same taxes as traditional taxis.

29.06.2015 15:46

​Calais migrant crisis: UK to beef up border security with 9ft high, 2.5 mile fence
Britain will deploy two-and-a-half miles (4km) of high-security fencing to the UK border in France in a bid to prevent illegal migrants from entering the Channel Tunnel, it has emerged.

29.06.2015 08:25

Record-breaking Solar Impulse 2 starts riskiest leg of longest ever solo flight
The Solar Impulse 2 solar-powered plane is starting its second bid to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean, and is set to land in Hawaii in about five days. The plane’s pilot has “passed the point of no return,” the mission’s website says.

29.06.2015 08:07

French govt files charges against ‘cynical’ Uber app
The French interior ministry is filing charges against the Uber ride-sharing service in France for its “cynical” and “arrogant” attitude, following a nation-wide clampdown on the UberPOP mobile app.

27.06.2015 10:02

Russian air carrier gets tiger stripes, unveils new Boeing livery (VIDEO)
Transaero Airlines is jumping onboard in a bid to save Siberian tigers. The Russian airline has unveiled the ‘Siberian Tiger’ livery on its Boeing 747-400, designed to raise awareness of the endangered animals’ plight at home and abroad.

25.06.2015 06:25

Calais chaos: Strike shuts down French port, migrants target UK-bound lorries (VIDEOS)
Calais is witnessing travel chaos after striking French workers blocked the port. They have cut access to the Channel Tunnel rail link and disrupted maritime traffic. Amid the confusion, migrants are trying to stowaway on UK bound lorries.

23.06.2015 11:20

Passengers get sniffy at City boy snorting coke on London tube
A man thought to be a City finance worker was filmed by passengers allegedly taking Class A drugs on a busy London Underground train.

23.06.2015 10:54

Tornados & storms wreak havoc in US Mid-West, Great Lakes area (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The US Mid-West and Great Lakes region have been battered by severe storms. A tornado hit Coal City, some 60 miles (97km) southwest of Chicago, injuring seven people, while five people had to be rescued in the state of Michigan.

23.06.2015 09:16