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Bike blockade! Cycle-clogged Amsterdam mulls underwater parking
With the capital of the Netherlands struggling to accommodate over 880,000 bicycles in a city of 780,000 citizens, Amsterdam is considering underwater bicycle garages and other radical ideas to park its bikes.

25.02.2015 13:22

Scandal after Norwegian plane took off despite crewmembers’ walkout
A scandal is gathering pace after a Norwegian airliner lifted off despite the crew bickering about weather conditions with the captain and co-pilots, which resulted in the walkout of almost half of the cabin staff.

23.02.2015 07:08

#NoTAV: Thousands of Italians protest high-speed railway construction in Turin
Several thousand people gathered in the center of Turin to protest against a controversial high-speed rail link between the city and Lyon. The line is slated to run through a small Alpine village.

22.02.2015 08:46

​Lift off: UK govt buys world’s biggest airship
A giant airship which can stay airborne for weeks at a time could take to the skies next year after the British government handed the project a multimillion pound grant.

20.02.2015 17:01

2 trains collide near Zurich with at least 5 people injured - local media
Two Swiss passenger trains have collided near Rafz Station north of Zurich in an accident early morning, injuring at least 5 people, one seriously, according to police.

20.02.2015 07:07

'Check gays for tickets more than others' – scurrilous Spanish metro leaflet
Madrid’s metro has shocked staff with a new memo requiring “gays, musicians and beggars” to be checked more often than others by security. An investigation has been opened into the identity of the author.

19.02.2015 10:37

Oil train derailment in W. Virginia highlights faults in railway safety
A train carrying millions of pounds of crude oil derailed Monday in West Virginia, burning through the night, marking the latest major rail accident involving hazardous crude. Since July 2013, 11 major oil-train derailments have occurred in North America.

17.02.2015 17:11

​Long march: Chinese search engine uses heat map to chart massive New Year migration
A heat map put together by China’s top search engine is tracking the world’s largest annual human migration as more than a billion people hit the road ahead of the Chinese New Year, the country’s most important festivity.

16.02.2015 13:48

‘You guys used to be slaves’: Racist London tube video investigated by police
British Transport Police have launched an investigation into the video of a London Underground argument, during which a woman apparently told a black man that his ancestors “used to be slaves.” The footage was posted online last year.

14.02.2015 19:58

US TV show runs story on how to safely find parking in wake of Chapel Hill Muslim killings
An American Inside Edition TV show has produced a report on how to ‘safely’ find a parking spot after the nation was shocked by the killing of three Muslim students in what their relatives believe was a hate crime.

13.02.2015 09:10

UK begins testing driverless cars with ambitions for world leadership in industry
Britain has begun testing its own driverless cars, as the government has agreed to a “light touch, non-regulatory approach” to testing the vehicles on public roads, following a six-month review of the country’s technical adaptability to driverless tech.

12.02.2015 06:02

US could permanently base warships in Australia – admiral
The US Navy is mulling a plan to base warships in Australia and is eying an expansion of yearly maritime exercises with India to permanently include Japan and Australia, potentially straining relations with China, the Wall Street Journal reports.

10.02.2015 10:48