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​Network Rail workers pledge nationwide ‘rolling’ strike action in June
The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) will take strike action next month after rejecting a pay offer from Network Rail.

28.05.2015 14:57

Amtrak to put inward-facing cameras in trains after Philly crash
Amtrak says it’s on course to begin outfitting 70 locomotive cabs with inward-facing cameras while investigators continue to examine the deadly derailment that claimed eight lives two weeks ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

26.05.2015 19:45

Sinkhole closes runway at Dallas-Fort Worth airport
A 25-foot wide sinkhole has forced the closure of one runway at Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) international airport, a major hub in the southern US. Six other runways remain in service, and there is no estimate as to when the sinkhole might be repaired.

26.05.2015 16:11

Japanese nationalism: Decoy for American imperialism?
As the government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeks to amend the country’s US-drafted constitution, granting the Tokyo’s military the power to wage war, some fear the return of old imperialistic tendencies.

25.05.2015 02:08

Yield: Duck lanes open in Britain (VIDEO)
The UK has been creative with a #sharethespace campaign, which designate special duck lanes on busy towpaths in London, Birmingham and Manchester to remind people to share public spaces with wildlife.

24.05.2015 03:59

​Train derails while navigating bridge in India, multiple injuries (VIDEO)
A train has derailed in Assam, India, seriously injuring its driver and causing minor injuries to some passengers. The accident occurred as the train was about to cross a bridge.

23.05.2015 13:32

Russia launches production of upgraded Mi-26, world’s largest helicopter
The world’s most powerful heavy transport helicopter, the Mi-26T2, is now officially on the production line, Russian Helicopters Corp announced.

22.05.2015 12:28

Europe’s largest helicopter exhibition lifts off in Moscow (VIDEO)
The 8th annual HeliRussia exhibition, according to organizers the largest of its kind in Europe and the second-largest in the world, has kicked off in Moscow to show off new “copters built by companies all over the world.”

21.05.2015 15:11

Israel confiscates 'ISIS-promoting rings' in airport en route to Palestine
Israeli customs officials have confiscated a package with at least 120 rings, claiming the inscriptions in Arabic the jewelry bears are promoting Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL).

20.05.2015 21:10

Germany hit by 9th strike by train drivers in 10 months
Millions of German rail passengers were struggling to get from A to B on Wednesday after the German Railway Union (GDL) started a new mass strike following a failed round of pay negotiations with state railway operator Deutsche Bahn.

20.05.2015 20:09

Woolly workers: Swiss railway employs 80 sheep to ‘mow' grass along tracks
Keeping fast-growing grass at bay can be hard work, especially in the summer. But Swiss Federal Railways has come up with a way to maintain the embankments near its tracks, with the help of some very woolly (and hungry) four-legged friends.

20.05.2015 14:09

Amtrak seeks fast-track approval for speed-control system at site of May 12 crash
Amtrak has asked for special authority to install an automated braking feature at the site of last week's derailment in Philadelphia. The "positive train control" system has long been discussed, but implementation has stalled.

19.05.2015 14:46