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‘F**k Earth!’ Elon Musk wants to send million people to Mars to ensure humanity’s survival
SpaceX founder Elon Musk has made no secret of his dreams to colonize Mars. But now he’s opened up about the practicalities and challenges of creating a human outpost on the Red Planet.

01.10.2014 19:00

​Israeli airline criticized over Orthodox Jews ‘bullying’ women passengers
Israel’s national airline El Al has been petitioned to “stop the bullying, intimidation and discrimination against women” on its flights by ultra-Orthodox Jews who refuse to be seated next to women on religious grounds.

01.10.2014 05:38

FAA needs two weeks to fully recover sabotaged Chicago air traffic control center
With thousands of flights canceled in two days at the second busiest US air hub, aviation authorities say they will need another two weeks to fully restore the Chicago air control center which was crippled by fire after sabotage by an employee.

28.09.2014 23:54

Five airline workers charged with smuggling cash past TSA
Five US airline employees have been charged with smuggling over $400,000 in cash, which they believed to be drug money, past TSA checkpoints following a sting operation at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

26.09.2014 21:49

Suspected arson attack paralyzes Chicago airports
A fire at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport has halted all flights. Up to 20 people have been evacuated from the air traffic control facility where the blaze broke out. A man with "self-inflicted" wounds was found at the scene of the incident.

26.09.2014 12:05

Boeing Dreamliner makes Scotland emergency landing
A Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Glasgow Airport on Friday after a fire alert prompted its pilot to request the urgent stop. The aircraft had been en route from Chicago to Warsaw.

26.09.2014 11:31

DHL deploys ‘parcelcopter’ drone for drug deliveries to remote German island (PHOTOS)
A ‘parcelcopter’ drone operated by DHL will be used to deliver pharmaceuticals to a small German island in what the company says to be the first in Europe commercial delivery of goods via unmanned aircraft.

25.09.2014 00:05

CDC to airlines about Ebola: Treat all body fluids as though they are infectious
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has increased its warnings on Ebola to airlines, detailing how to handle passengers who get sick on board the aircraft. The guidance includes cleaning and reporting procedures.

22.09.2014 21:28

Russia to fully renew nuclear forces by 2020 – official
Russia is set to renew the country’s strategic nuclear forces by 100 percent, not 70 percent as previously announced, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

22.09.2014 11:34

Texas woman breaks windshield to save baby from hot car
A one-year-old baby has been rescued from a hot, parked car by a woman who broke the windshield, crawled into the car and unlocked the door. The woman ignored warnings from security guards and the apprehension of onlookers.

22.09.2014 08:45

3rd Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrives in Donetsk
The third convoy of Russian humanitarian aid for eastern Ukraine has arrived in the war-torn city of Donetsk. Earlier, Kiev and self-defense forces signed a memorandum aimed at effectively halting all fighting in eastern Ukraine after talks in Minsk.

20.09.2014 06:22

​‘Google 2.0’ looking to build cities and airports in the future
Google’s self-driving cars could find themselves carrying passengers through cities custom-built by the same company, if the search giant’s plans for the future ever come to pass.

20.09.2014 06:23

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