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Winter surfing, Russian style: Daredevils conquer Russia’s Pacific coast (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Freezing winter temperatures, snow-covered shores, and icy-cold waters have not stopped three surfers from conquering the waves of Russia’s Pacific coast. The documentary 'Surf in Siberia' proves that anything is possible with the right amount of passion.

18.10.2014 18:47

Bolshoi Theater light show in 4K: Experience amazing optical illusion projections in Ultra HD (VIDEO)
From an ancient Egypt goddess to a Chinese dragon, underwater temple and boat in an ocean, the Bolshoi Theater has a life of its own as the dazzling Circle of Light festival comes to Moscow.

12.10.2014 10:47

Russia won’t publish its European 'stop list'
EU officials who are blacklisted from entering Russia have an 'aggressive position' towards the country and press for further sanctions, Russia's Foreign Ministry representative said on Thursday. Moscow added it has no plans to make the list public.

02.10.2014 15:22

17yr global Starbucks odyssey veteran ‘wouldn’t go there for the coffee’ (PHOTOS)
In an attempt for find a perfect cup of coffee or justify traveling the world, a man made it his life’s mission to travel to every Starbucks, snapping photos of each one.

02.10.2014 03:35

Terrifying, inspirational: RT documents disabled orphans’ Kilimanjaro climb
​Three former orphans with severe disabilities attempt to make the grueling ascent to Africa’s highest peak to help Russian orphanages, in a new RT documentary.

28.09.2014 11:22

'Post-apocalyptic': Experience abandoned Soviet-era Arctic military base
An abandoned Kotelny Island was Russia's Northern Fleet destination after traveling some 2,500 miles through treacherous Arctic waters. The military are now firmly established at the base in one of the world’s most hostile natural environments.

23.09.2014 14:59

'Worldly life is frightening:' Famous Siberian hermit prefers taiga to civilization
69-year-old Agafia Lykova was born in the wilderness of Russia’s Siberia and has never left the forest, where she has preserved her ancestors' faith and lifestyle. RT visited the country's most famous hermit in her taiga 'lodge.'

22.09.2014 16:10

Agafia’s story: Old hermit lives alone deep in Siberian forest, seeks help
Russian babushka Agafia, whose family fled civilization nearly a century ago, was born in the wilderness of the deep Siberian taiga. RT visited Agafia, who is the only living person of a family of the 'Old Believers' denomination of the Orthodox church.

17.09.2014 18:56

Space tourism firm offers flight around the moon on Soyuz crafts
US space tourism firm Space Adventures is offering a spaceflight around the moon to private tourists on “proven” Russian Soyuz spacecraft – saying that the sponsors will not have to wait for long for their trip.

17.09.2014 03:13

Day 5: Connecting with the outside world
We saw our first wildlife today; an enormous swarm of jellyfish floating just below the water. As luck would have it, no one had a camera or mobile phone on them.

September 12, 2014 22:17

Mrs. America 2015 to be held in Crimea, Miss Ukrainian Diaspora pageant objects
One of America's biggest beauty pageants, Mrs. America, will be held in Crimea next year. The scheduled contest, confirmed by both US and Russian organizers, has been condemned by another beauty pageant – Miss Ukrainian Diaspora.

06.09.2014 19:20

Two quakes shake Icelandic volcano's area, govt restricts airspace
Two small earthquakes shook ground around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano Sunday. Earlier, the country's government closed the airspace around the area triggering fears of air chaos.

24.08.2014 02:43

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