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NASA releases mesmerizing VIDEO of Soyuz docking ISS
NASA has released stunning footage documenting the Russian Soyuz capsule as it docked with the International Space Station (ISS) with three astronauts in tow.

28.05.2015 14:51

Biking across Baikal: UK adventurer & team ride Soviet bikes on Siberian ice (VIDEO)
A well-known British adventurer Matt Prior joined an international team of thrill seekers for what he called an “epic” ride across the frozen waters of Lake Baikal in Russia. Prior, who cycled across the great lake, shared his amazing experiences with RT.

12.04.2015 20:52

US citizens protest Border Patrol checkpoints, refuse questioning, post videos online
A growing number of Americans is protesting invasive Border Patrol checkpoints deep inside US territory by refusing to answer questions, and posting online their recordings of harassment by officers.

01.04.2015 17:03

A320 is ‘nanny-aircraft’ fully automated and easy to fly
The causes of the Germanwings plane crash remain to be seen, but as it started descending very rapidly it could be indicative of a pressurization problem or a complete loss of cabin pressurization, pilot Marin Medic told RT.

25.03.2015 14:09

Chomolungma conquered! Google launches virtual tour of Nepal Everest region (VIDEO)
Even armchair tourists can now claim they have seen the roof of the world, as Google’s Street View project has introduced a virtual tour to one of the world’s most inaccessible places – Nepal’s Sagarmatha national park, with its glorious Everest Mountain.

12.03.2015 13:02

‘Can you heal my cat’s paw?’ UK Foreign Office unveils list of most ridiculous consular requests
The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has released a list of the most inane enquiries it fielded in 2014, after revealing that 38 percent of all calls made to diplomatic missions abroad “were not related to consular support at all.”

28.02.2015 01:13

What do you do when the Wailing Wall comes to your house? A new Jewish holy site in the Palestinian quarter
How a Palestinian living in a house that belonged to his family since the 17th century deals with a sudden appearance of a Jewish holy site, the Small Wailing Wall, and why it’s so important for the Palestinians in Jerusalem to never have fines or debts.

12.02.2015 14:45

Flying Indonesia airlines is like playing Russian roulette?
Ever since the 1965 US-orchestrated military coup, which resulted in between 1 and 3 million people losing their lives, Indonesia has one of the most unregulated markets and profit driven regimes in the world.

05.01.2015 13:19

Stunning skies of bright greens: Aurora borealis illuminates Russia's north (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Northern Lights of rare intensity were observed in several regions of Russia's north at the start of the year. Clear frosty air with cloudless skies and no snow storms let both locals and tourists capture the stunning natural light show.

06.01.2015 13:21

Foxy lady: 70yo Russian Old Believer's only fear is hungry Siberian predator
Agafia, who has been living in a Siberian forest her whole life, says she has no plans to move to civilization. When officials delivered supplies to the 70-year-old hermit, she said all she was afraid of was a fox stealing her food and killing her hens.

19.12.2014 17:07

En-suite bear: French zoo offers tourists a room next to polar bear enclosure
In an attempt to attract more visitors to animal parks, a zoo in France has launched a service, offering guests to stay in a lodge next to the park's furry inhabitants. At quite a bearable price, the project aims to help renovate animals' living spaces.

19.12.2014 14:05

Sky's not the limit: World's first 'Jetman' flies over Dubai desert (VIDEO)
A former fighter pilot and Guinness record holder – known as 'Jetman' – has performed a new stunt, taking over the skies of the United Arab Emirates. High-flying Swiss national Yves Rossy teamed up with Dubai, flying above the wealth of its land.

11.12.2014 15:13