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Agafia’s story: Old hermit lives alone deep in Siberian forest, seeks help
Russian babushka Agafia, whose family fled civilization nearly a century ago, was born in the wilderness of the deep Siberian taiga. RT visited Agafia, who is the only living person of a family of the 'Old Believers' denomination of the Orthodox church.

17.09.2014 18:56

Space tourism firm offers flight around the moon on Soyuz crafts
US space tourism firm Space Adventures is offering a spaceflight around the moon to private tourists on “proven” Russian Soyuz spacecraft – saying that the sponsors will not have to wait for long for their trip.

17.09.2014 03:13

Day 5: Connecting with the outside world
We saw our first wildlife today; an enormous swarm of jellyfish floating just below the water. As luck would have it, no one had a camera or mobile phone on them.

September 12, 2014 22:17

Mrs. America 2015 to be held in Crimea, Miss Ukrainian Diaspora pageant objects
One of America's biggest beauty pageants, Mrs. America, will be held in Crimea next year. The scheduled contest, confirmed by both US and Russian organizers, has been condemned by another beauty pageant – Miss Ukrainian Diaspora.

06.09.2014 19:20

Two quakes shake Icelandic volcano's area, govt restricts airspace
Two small earthquakes shook ground around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano Sunday. Earlier, the country's government closed the airspace around the area triggering fears of air chaos.

24.08.2014 02:43

'Mitzvah tanks' set off to Crimea in Jewish expedition across Russia (VIDEO)
Rabbis and students of Jewish religious schools from the US, Europe, and Israel have set off on a journey across Russia in special vehicles known as “Mitzvah tanks.” As part of the trip, the expedition will visit Crimea to promote Judaism there.

08.08.2014 02:43

Faking it Eurostyle: China builds mini-me towns (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
China's skill in replication has developed to something bigger than just handbags or watches. Precise copies of world famous landmarks are built around the country too - some growing into whole copycat communities.

07.06.2014 12:44

Extreme vertigo: 15 skywalker clips that will scare you to death (VIDEOS)
These stunning photos and videos were taken by daredevils addicted to extreme urban climbing who aren’t fazed by eye-watering heights of the world’s tallest buildings and monuments. Most of the climbers scaled the heights without any safety equipment.

04.06.2014 03:24

‘Revival of anarchy’: Ukraine radicals rob Russia-Moldova train passengers
The recent robbing of passengers, traveling from Russia to Moldova via Ukraine’s territory, by a local ultra-nationalist Insurgent Army is a manifestation of “anarchy,” the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

24.03.2014 13:11

Swiss vs Swedes: Humorous race to teach Chinese which is which
Swiss or Swedish? As people in China keep confusing the two European states, their consulates in Shanghai have launched a humorous competition to finally sort out the confusion and keep Sweden and Switzerland apart.

01.11.2013 11:57

330,000 adventurers vying for Australia’s ‘Best Job in the World’
Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Easier said than done? Not for 330,000 enthusiasts from 196 countries who signed up to apply for one of the six 'Best Jobs in the World' offered by Tourism Australia.

11.04.2013 05:49

China to open disputed Paracel Islands for tourists
China plans to open up to tourists disputed Paracel Islands in South China Sea by the end of April, state media reports. The move may inflame a long-running territorial row with neighboring states.

07.04.2013 13:22

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