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Unidentified people shoot at three Slavyansk checkpoints – reports


TSA refuses to let stroke victim board flight because she can’t speak
You can get on an airplane with an expired driver’s license or even no ID at all, but not if you can’t say your own name. That’s the takeaway Sherry Wright discovered when helping her sister Heidi, who is unable to speak due to a stroke.

11.04.2014 20:28

TSA aims to install armed guards at airport security checkpoints
The US Transportation Security Administration has asked for armed law enforcement officers to guard airport security checkpoints at busy times, a proposal that comes months after a shooter opened fire at a crowded California airport checkpoint.

27.03.2014 22:51

TSA spent $1 bln on 'body language' program
After investing $1 billion in behavior detection techniques and training since 2007, the Transportation Security Administration has little to show for its efforts, the New York Times stated in a new report.

24.03.2014 18:19

​875,000 left in bureaucratic black hole that is US terror watchlist system
The US had 875,000 people in its terrorist watchlist system as of December 2012. Those secretly blacklisted have no real path to challenge their status, states a new report, thus indefinitely restricting those listed from travel or simply getting a job.

14.03.2014 21:47

TSA wants new generation of scanners
Air travel in America might soon become a lot easier: the Department of Homeland Security wants companies to develop a security scanner that won't require airline passengers to disrobe ahead of departure.

13.02.2014 17:13

Cancer victim humiliated by TSA agents at checkpoint
The Transportation Security Administration is being criticized yet again, this time for embarrassing a cancer victim by proclaiming his incontinence issues to other travelers and strip-searching him before allowing the man to proceed.

10.02.2014 16:28

No due process for people on no-fly list, judge says
New details made public this week in the case of a Muslim scholar banned from traveling to the United States reveal that a federal agent in the US single-handedly made a “monumental error” that sparked a nearly decade-long legal fight.

07.02.2014 15:17

No charges against TSA agent accused of sexual assault-like pat down
​The Transportation Security Administration official accused of sexually assaulting a passenger at Denver International Airport will not be charged with a crime, the local District Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday.

06.02.2014 20:32

'Useless' TSA scanners provided endless fodder for employees, former agent alleges
The Transportation Security Agency was aware that, before they were even introduced, the full-body scanners used at airport security checkpoints were flawed, according to a former TSA agent who alleges employees regularly peered and laughed at travelers.

31.01.2014 23:48

LAX cops left for break without telling anyone minutes before fatal shooting
Police officers at the Los Angeles International Airport went on break without notifying their supervisors, just before a gunman opened fire and killed a Transportation Security Administration agent last year, according to a new Associated Press report.

22.01.2014 18:20

Denver TSA agent accused of sexual assault
Police in Colorado are investigating allegations that a Transportation Security Administration official sexually assaulted a woman during a routine pat-down at Denver International Airport last month.

17.01.2014 19:33

Muslim scholar purged from US no-fly list in landmark court case
A federal judge in the United States sided with a Malaysian woman this week who for nine years fought the US Department of Homeland Security after inexplicably ending up on a government-maintained “no fly” list.

15.01.2014 18:34

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