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Tweet of $75k stash in passenger’s bag lands TSA in hot water – again
No stranger to controversy, the Transportation Security Administration is under fire once again, this time after an employee decided to tweet a picture showcasing the unusual contents of a passenger’s luggage.

02.07.2015 02:13

73 airport workers with alleged terror ties not safety threat – TSA
One of the Transportation Security Administration’s top officials acknowledged that it had failed to identify 73 airport workers with alleged ties to terrorism, but added that an internal review found they did not pose a safety threat.

17.06.2015 02:37

Democrat’s bill seeks to ban loaded guns in airports, overriding local laws
Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) introduced a bill that would ban loaded firearms in pre-security areas of airports. Currently, federal law only bars people from carrying armed guns past security checkpoints. Until then, local and state legislation applies.

15.06.2015 22:44

Police, emergency services evacuate Alitalia flight at JFK over ‘bomb threat’ (PHOTOS)
Police surrounded Alitalia flight 604 on its return from Italy to New York’s JFK, ordering all passengers off the plane and onto busses without their bags. The airline confirmed receiving a “bomb threat,” which was apparently deemed not credible.

14.06.2015 22:15

TSA whistleblower says agency operates on culture of ‘fear and distrust’ & lax security
A testimony by TSA whistleblowers before a Senate panel says that the agency is suffering from low morale and a culture of “fear and distrust.” It also mentioned that accelerated screening clearances are handed out like “Halloween candy.”

09.06.2015 22:36

Lawmakers mull ban on plastic guns after TSA failure to detect real firearms
Citing the failure of TSA agents to identify traditional detectable weapons at airport security, Democrats are seeking a ban on plastic guns that would require manufacturers to put at least one metal component on the firearm to make them easier to scan.

09.06.2015 01:08

Inspectors audit shows TSA failed to vet 73 workers ‘linked to terrorism’ – report
The Transportation Security Administration failed to identify 73 airport workers whose names appeared on a government terrorism watch list. Of concern is that the workers had access to secured areas of commercial airports.

08.06.2015 22:33

TSA director fired after damaging report on security lapses
The acting head of the Transportation Security Administration has been removed from the position following a report that found numerous instances where government investigators were able to take prohibited items through airport security checkpoints.

02.06.2015 15:54

TSA fail! Agents' success nabbing weapons, explosives smugglers only 5%, report says
Federal agents tasked with keeping US airports safe failed to stop prohibited items from passing through security 95 percent of the time, an internal investigation has revealed.

01.06.2015 15:14

Man tasered by TSA, arrested at Los Angeles International Airport
A unarmed man who refused to cooperate with Transportation Security Administration officers in a screening area at Los Angeles International Airport bolted when airport police arrived. The man was chased, tasered, and arrested, Reuters reported.

20.05.2015 20:40

TSA to gun owners: Don’t pack heat on planes, keep it in your checked bags
The Transportation Security Administration is trying very hard not to lose its patience with American gun owners. TSA has seen an increasing number of firearms confiscated at airport checkpoints and is warning people not to try to bring guns on planes.

12.05.2015 22:50

To fight ‘insider threats,’ TSA increases background checks for all airport workers
The Transportation Security Administration is beefing up security measures for all employees at airports around the United States, including airline workers, by increasing pre-flight screenings and mandating bi-annual background checks.

20.04.2015 22:24