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To fight ‘insider threats,’ TSA increases background checks for all airport workers
The Transportation Security Administration is beefing up security measures for all employees at airports around the United States, including airline workers, by increasing pre-flight screenings and mandating bi-annual background checks.

20.04.2015 22:24

TSA agents fired over system to fondle male genitals in Denver
Two Transportation Security Administration officials at Denver International Airport (DIA) have been fired for conducting a scam on male passengers. A male and female agent collaborated so the male could fondle the genitals of men he found attractive.

14.04.2015 16:55

​TSA makes nearly $675k a year off of loose change
Airlines aren’t the only ones nickel-and-diming travelers. A new report reveals that the Transportation Security Administration collected nearly $675,000 in loose change during the last fiscal year.

07.04.2015 20:09

TSA agrees to revise hair pat-downs after racial discrimination complaint
The Transportation Security Administration has agreed to enhance agent training when patting down people’s hair during security checks. The agreement follows a complaint that was filed alleging that black women were being targeted during hair pat-downs.

02.04.2015 00:08

​Excessive yawners, beware! Leaked TSA document reveals list of suspicious airport behavior
Arriving late to a flight with a confused look on your face and sweaty palms is enough to arouse suspicion among airport security screeners, according to an internal Transportation Security Administration document released by The Intercept.

27.03.2015 17:30

TSA ‘pre-check’ slammed as report reveals ex-terrorist breezed through
A program that allows one million pre-approved fliers to cruise through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints is under scrutiny by Congress following a report by federal inspectors that a former terrorist was let through last summer.

26.03.2015 00:49

​Union chief: Armed cops should help TSA at airports
The president of the workers union that represents Transportation Security Administration employees says that armed police should patrol airports across the United States as TSA agents continue to come under attack.

24.03.2015 13:31

Machete attacker in New Orleans airport had Molotov cocktails in his bag
Six homemade petrol bombs have been found in a bag belonging to the man who attacked security personnel with machete and wasp repellent at New Orleans International Airport. The 63-year-old attacker was shot three times and later died in hospital.

21.03.2015 21:42

Machete-wielding man attacks TSA agents at New Orleans airport
A man allegedly used a can of wasp spray against a TSA agent in New Orleans before pulling out a machete and stabbing another agent at the Louis Armstrong International Airport near New Orleans, Louisiana, according to local media.

21.03.2015 01:51

What a Homeland Security shutdown would mean: Who works & who won’t
Amid a political fight over President Obama’s immigration reform actions, US lawmakers have until Friday night to renew funding for the US Department of Homeland Security. If not, the impacts go beyond the furlough of 13 percent of the agency’s employees.

26.02.2015 15:12

Detained for complaining? Traveler held for 20 hours by TSA
A traveler is suing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for placing him in a holding cell for nearly a day, after officials searched his carry-on bag and accused him of making terrorist threats.

05.02.2015 23:43

TSA could start snooping on social media to speed up security screenings
​The Transportation Security Agency is already well known for conducting evasive searches at American airports, but new measures may soon see the social media accounts of potential passengers being screened by TSA.

26.01.2015 17:54