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'Tons of bombs only delay threat': Erdogan wary of airstrikes on ISIS, but ready to cooperate
Turkey will join the US-led fight against terrorist groups in the region, including Islamic State militants, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday. At the same time, NATO has promised to defend Turkey if it is attacked.

01.10.2014 15:52

Driving through ghost town: RT's risky ride deep into ISIS-Kurdish frontline
Kurdish fighters have driven ISIS from key town of Rabia on the Iraqi border, with 120,000 Kurds currently on the frontier. RT’s Paula Slier made a hazardous journey to the border to find out what’s happening.

01.10.2014 10:34

Islamic State was born in NATO camps
The West and its client states in the Middle East are now bombing Islamic State (ISIS) positions in Syria, killing both militants and civilians, violating countless international laws and treaties.

29.09.2014 16:53

By mistake? US-led jets bomb grain silos in Syria, 'civilians killed'
US-led coalition airstrikes destroyed grain silos and other targets in parts of northern and eastern Syria dominated by Islamic State, killing civilians while only wounding ISIS fighters, according to an organization monitoring war in Syria.

29.09.2014 14:10

Turkey undergoing ‘authoritarian drift’ under Erdogan – HRW
Turkey under the helm of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has seen the erosion of human rights via a crackdown on media freedom, dissent and a weakening of the rule of law, Human Rights Watch (HWR) warned in its latest report.

29.09.2014 08:26

Turkey imposes ban on piercings, tattoos in all schools
Turkey’s government has banned all school pupils nationwide from having tattoos or body piercings in a new dress code deemed oppressive and unenforceable, according to the law’s critics.

28.09.2014 15:51

Turkish troops could be used 'to protect safe zone in Syria' – Erdogan
Turkish troops could be used to guard a safe zone in Syria near the Turkish border to host refugees fleeing the Islamic State (ISIS) militants if an international agreement to establish such a zone is reached, the Turkish president said.

27.09.2014 18:48

ISIS moves closer to Syria-Turkey border amid mass exodus of Kurds
The situation remains tense around a strategic town on Syrian-Turkish border, where Kurdish forces are trying to stop Islamic State militants’ advance amid a mass exodus of Kurds into Turkey.

26.09.2014 09:21

War and Peace (& Economic Terror): 9 highlights from the 69th UNGA
Emotions are running high at the 69th UN General Assembly, with Islamic State, “economic terrorists” and US spying firmly in the firing line. RT has listened to all the speeches (so you don’t have to) to bring you the best quotes of the week so far.

25.09.2014 09:39

New US-led airstrikes hit Syrian territory – monitor
Five air strikes by a US-led coalition have hit Syrian territory near the Turkish border held by IS (formerly ISIS) militants, according to the organization that monitors situation in the country.

24.09.2014 06:57

Turkey lifts headscarf ban in schools for girls as young as 10
The Turkish government is now allowing girls as young as ten years old to cover their hair while attending school. This amended previous laws that prohibited the wearing of headscarves by students, an act considered to be public expression of faith.

23.09.2014 17:17

Turkey playing wily diplomatic game with IS
As IS forces waged a campaign of fear sending thousands of Kurds fleeing into Turkey, Ankara managed to “free” its hostages held by the group in Iraq. Allegedly they were exchanged for Islamist prisoners. Does this indicate a Turkey’s new ISIS policy?

23.09.2014 14:33

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