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Crematorium worker allowed to keep money from gold teeth sales
A local court in Germany rejected a lawsuit from a cemetery, which demanded that a crematorium employee pay damages for about $800,000 he made from secretly selling gold extracted from the remains of incinerated clients.

21.08.2014 19:54

Google is ‘distorting’ and undermining EC privacy ruling – EU Justice Commissioner
Google and other prolific search engines are “distorting” and undermining the European High Court’s recent ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling, the European Commission’s (EC) most senior justice official has warned.

21.08.2014 15:18

UK offers £6.5m for emergency Ebola research
Researchers around the world are being offered £6.5 million to find ways to save the lives of people affected by the world's worst Ebola outbreak.

21.08.2014 13:29

One in five foreign visitors to Swiss assisted-suicide clinics are Britons
Twenty percent of those who travel to Switzerland to terminate their lives hail from the UK, a recent Zurich University study has revealed.

21.08.2014 13:20

British ISIS Jihadi vows to be first woman to behead UK or US prisoner
A British jihadi woman linked to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has vowed to become the first woman to behead a person from the UK or US.

21.08.2014 11:14

​Intl manhunt underway for ‘British’ extremist in beheading video
UK intelligence services and police are trying to identify a suspected British jihadist who beheaded a US journalist in a video released by the IS. A report suggests he could be the leader of a group of British fighters holding foreign hostages in Syria.

21.08.2014 08:14

UK PM lobbied to ramp up military spending amid deep public spending cuts
Prime Minister David Cameron should pledge to increase state spending on Britain’s armed forces for a full five years, according to a pressure group of military experts and retired commanders.

21.08.2014 08:55

‘Psychopathic violence’: British Muslim organizations condemn ISIS extremism
British Muslim organizations have condemned self-professed ‘Jihadists’ responsible for the murder of US journalist James Foley, and along with parents of suspected British fighters, have agreed to work with the police to ‘root out’ extremism.

21.08.2014 08:49

Killer of US journalist Foley ‘could be British’ – UK PM
British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the person involved in the beheading of US journalist James Foley looked “increasingly likely” to be a British citizen, though the man has not been identified.

20.08.2014 18:45

British backtrack? UK arms sent to Israel despite ceasefire breakdown
The British government will not block companies exporting arms to Israel, despite previous warnings that arms licenses would be rescinded if fighting in the Middle East continued.

20.08.2014 15:41

UKIP: Strip Islamic State militants of their British citizenship
Britain’s right-wing party UKIP have formally called for the British government to block the return of UK nationals who left British shores to fight alongside Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

20.08.2014 15:23

​Worse than Detroit? London one of ‘least livable’ European cities
London’s real estate prices keep soaring and foreign cash keeps pouring in, yet the ‘world’s most influential city’ has become one of the least appealing places to live in Europe, according to new figures.

20.08.2014 13:54

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