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Cameron’s vow to tackle tax avoidance ‘disingenuous and hypocritical’
Multinational firms which exploit loopholes to avoid paying tax in the UK will be pushed to “damn well pay,” David Cameron said on Thursday. The PM’s statement was denounced as “disingenuous” by global tax expert and UK economist Richard Murphy.

31.10.2014 16:43

Cry for help: Rise in UK children considering suicide, social media blamed
More children in Britain are considering suicide than ever before, according to ChildLine, which claims to have received more than 34,000 calls in one year from under-18s seeking guidance

31.10.2014 15:54

Tony Blair: Ending immigration would be ‘disastrous’ for Britain
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has a “rather nasty core of prejudice” and warned that ending immigration would be a “disaster” for the country.

31.10.2014 14:57

​Ebola hospital ship docks in Sierra Leone in UK aid effort
The British ship RFA Argus arrived in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, on Thursday, delivering helicopters, a fleet of vehicles and aid supplies to help contain the Ebola outbreak – among the worst in West Africa.

31.10.2014 11:37

UK gas prices plunge to record low after Russia-Ukraine deal, 2mn Brits remain in fuel poverty
UK gas prices plunged to a record low on Friday following a newly signed deal between Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission. However, fuel poverty remains rife in Britain, with 2 million households unable to afford adequate heating.

31.10.2014 09:16

UK police slammed for using anti-terror laws to uncover secret sources
British police have come under heavy criticism from MPs and journalists, who accuse them of using controversial laws to identify anonymous sources, despite such communications being ‘privileged’ and protected under common law.

31.10.2014 10:31

​British aid money funding corruption overseas – report
The UK government is not doing enough to tackle “petty corruption” in countries that receive British aid, a report warned.

31.10.2014 10:56

Psychopaths to maintain order after massive nuke attack – Home Office docs
A clandestine Home Office experiment in 1982 tested Britain’s capacity to rebuild after a catastrophic nuclear assault. Previously secret files, made public by the National Archives, document proposals to keep order using psychopathic recruits.

30.10.2014 15:30

‘Establishment stitch-up’: Concern mounts over Iraq war inquiry report
Ministers have come under increasing pressure to name the date when the findings of Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the 2003 Iraq war will be published. A debate on the cost of the probe was held in Westminster Hall on Wednesday.

30.10.2014 16:14

Green Party beats Lib Dems in poll, gets rejected from BBC debates
More Britons would vote for the Green Party than the Liberal Democrats, a new YouGov poll has shown. The result has intensified calls for the environmentalist party to be included in TV debates ahead of next year’s general election.

30.10.2014 16:06

Show me the money: JPMorgan bankers top City pay grades at £461k a year
US investment bank JPMorgan pays its managing directors in London an average of £461,000 (US$737,877) per year – substantially more than any other bank in Britain’s financial epicenter.

30.10.2014 14:51

​Libyan torture victim wins right to sue British government in open court
A Libyan exile, who was allegedly tortured with the complicity of the British intelligence services, has won the right to have his case heard in open court, despite government attempts to prevent the case being heard in public.

30.10.2014 15:58

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