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Jailed UK army veterans to be provided special support
​The British Ministry of Justice has announced that from January, all new inmates at UK prisons will be asked if they served in the army – to help provide special support and rehabilitation for them.

21.12.2014 15:31

Victims of Diego Garcia base: Islanders forcibly evicted by UK plead to return home
Residents of the Chagos Islands who were kicked out of their homes in the 1960s by the British government to make way for a US military base fear they may never return home, despite politicians’ promises, RT’s Polly Boiko reports.

21.12.2014 10:54

‘Horrific statistics’: Male rapes common in UK army, DoD data reveals
At least three rapes and 22 sexual assaults have been carried out against men in the UK military forces over the last two years, the Ministry of Defence revealed under a freedom of information request.

21.12.2014 09:29

#OccupyDemocracy activists reoccupy Parliament Square (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A group of Occupy Democracy activists staged an occupation of Parliament Square in London for the third time calling for “genuine democracy free from corporate influence.”

20.12.2014 20:14

Majority of Brits want to quit EU – poll
Among the six European states participating in the poll questioning EU membership, the British appeared most certain of all that they want to leave the union with only 37 percent against breaking ties.

20.12.2014 20:49

Doctors 'traumatized' by health watchdog as suicide rates in profession increase
A UK independent report has found over 20 doctors committed suicide between 2005 and 2013. All of them were under investigation for malpractice. Many of those who killed themselves were suffering from alcohol problems or depression.

20.12.2014 16:48

​Women to take brunt of UK welfare cuts, Labour research shows
New analysis has shown that women will suffer the most from a freeze in tax credits and benefits that the Chancellor, George Osborne, has said will be introduced if the Tories win the general election.

20.12.2014 17:06

​Brain GPS: UK scientists identify ‘internal compass’ controlling directional sense
The precise part of the human brain that controls people’s sense of direction has been identified by leading scientists in a groundbreaking piece of research.

19.12.2014 16:53

​Twitter should ban racist words – MP
Racist words should be banned from Twitter, says a UK Labour MP who was a victim of anti-Semitic abuse online.

19.12.2014 14:28

​Being gay in the UK could affect your pay, study suggests
How much you are paid in the UK is not merely defined by the gender pay gap. It could also be based on your sexual orientation.

19.12.2014 16:25

Farage defends UKIP activist’s racist, homophobic comments
Once again, UKIP leader Nigel Farage is unable to make it through a week without a slip of the tongue landing him in an unfortunate media quagmire. This time he has been attacked for defending a former party activist’s racist and homophobic slurs.

19.12.2014 15:52

3,000 migrants a month caught attempting to enter UK - govt
The number of illegal immigrants prevented from entering Britain has doubled over the last year to around 3,000 every month, Home Office data reveals. In the first four months of this year alone, 11,920 were stopped at Calais and British ports.

19.12.2014 12:12