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'Wrap up Trident!': Protest in London against £100bn nuke replacement plan
Thousands of CND campaigners wrapped the UK Ministry of Defence in a two-mile long 'peace scarf' to protest the imminent overhaul of the sea-based Trident nuclear defense system.

24.01.2015 08:23

Terror suspect ‘threatened with sexual abuse’ loses UK citizenship appeal
A terror suspect who claimed to be stateless following the Home Secretary’s decision to strip him of his British citizenship lost an appeal against her decision on Thursday. US court documents allege he was subject to US “illegal interrogation” in Africa.

23.01.2015 15:00

​Freedom of expression ‘in danger’ as Talk Talk blocks online porn
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Talk Talk have followed the lead of Sky Broadband and blocked its users from viewing adult content by default.

23.01.2015 16:39

​Police officer who kicked mother tending to sick child cleared
A police officer accused of repeatedly kicking and hitting a mother looking after a sick child in hospital has been cleared of actual bodily harm (ABH).

23.01.2015 15:25

​70% of Brits ‘not optimistic’ about 2015 – poll
British people are becoming more miserable and unhappy as a result of crippling debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and dead-end relationships, a new report suggests.

23.01.2015 16:01

​Web encryption leads to ‘unethical’ spy practices – ex-GCHQ chief
The increased use of encryption technologies, particularly in everyday services such as email, will lead spy agencies to commit “ethically worse” behavior, such as hacking individual computers, a former GCHQ boss has warned.

23.01.2015 13:58

​Terror fears peak in Europe after Charlie Hebdo attacks
Polls concluded across Europe, following a series of deadly Islamist attacks in Paris earlier this month, revealed a record level of terror fear not only in France, but in other countries as well.

23.01.2015 13:35

​‘I’m going to rape you’: Travelodge hotel TV displays ‘horrific’ threat
A woman has received an apology and full refund from Travelodge after discovering the words “I’m going to rape you” displayed on her hotel room’s television screen.

23.01.2015 14:25

UKIP voters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister – poll
More than half of the UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) supporters wouldn’t accept a Jewish prime minister, recent polls show. The results come as the British Ambassador to the UN pledged to eradicate anti-Semitism in the UK.

23.01.2015 11:41

​British establishment pays tribute to controversial Saudi King Abdullah
UK Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz after the monarch passed away on Thursday. His death has prompted debate over his legacy, and his relationship with the British establishment

23.01.2015 09:22

​Less than 100 British jihadists prosecuted for Syria terrorism
Under a quarter of returning British jihadists have been charged by UK courts. More than 500 are suspected of having traveled to Iraq and Syria, according to the Home Office.

23.01.2015 12:55

London mayor brandishes AK-47 on Iraq frontline during trade talks
London Mayor Boris Johnson met British troops assisting Kurdistan against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on Thursday during a surprise visit to crisis-ridden northern Iraq.

23.01.2015 11:52