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Doing it tough? UK’s super-rich double wealth over past decade
As the EU tries to battle its way out of financial crisis, the British mega rich continue to gain capital, according to the Sunday Times’ Rich List. It revealed that during the past 10 years the top one percent’s fortunes more than doubled in the UK.

26.04.2015 04:57

Dutch forensic expert fired for exposing photos of MH17 victims
​A senior Dutch forensic expert involved into the investigation of the MH17 plane crash has been dismissed, with further sanctions against him considered after he showed images of plane crash victims to his students.

24.04.2015 06:18

Back to old tactics: US envoy tweets ‘Russian BUKs in Ukraine’ with pic of Moscow show
US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt has claimed that Russia’s military is continuing to expand its presence in eastern Ukraine. As for proof, Pyatt posted a two-year-old picture of an air defense system from an air show near Moscow.

23.04.2015 22:27

US military instructors in eastern Ukraine combat zone – Russian military
The Russian Defense Ministry said the US military instructors have been spotted in the combat zone in eastern Ukraine, training the country’s National Guard in the field, despite promises to hold the exercises at a remote range in Lvov.

23.04.2015 15:33

‘If Poroshenko wants peace, he can stop shelling of Donbass’
The West should put pressure on President Poroshenko to stop the gunfire and attacks on civilians in Donbass, take away weapons from the frontline, and fully respect the Minsk II agreement, Robert Oulds from the Bruges Group, who is in Donetsk told RT.

23.04.2015 10:57

‘Ukrainian neo-Nazis switch from theory to practice’ – Russian diplomat
Neo-Nazism is no a longer a theory in Ukraine as its ideas are being implemented into practice, according to a top Russian Foreign Ministry official.

23.04.2015 10:10

RT in Monte Carlo TV fest finals with Ukraine Mariupol report
An RT news program about tragic events in southeastern Ukraine in May 2014, when the National Guard opened fire on civilians on Victory Day, has been nominated for the Golden Nymph Award of the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

22.04.2015 18:44

Battle dress: Kiev lashes out at Elle mag over ‘Putin’s hand’ in cover photo
A Louis Vuitton dress featured on an Elle magazine cover has caused a scandal in Ukraine, accused of being sponsored by Russian President Putin. Activists say it’s no coincidence that the dress’s colors are those of Russia’s symbol of Victory Day.

22.04.2015 16:56

‘Where’s our money?’ Thousands of coal miners blockade Ukrainian govt
Thousands of coal miners from eastern Ukraine have taken to the streets in capital Kiev, protesting the closure of coal mines and demanding salary debts repaired. The protesters also wanted to talk to the PM, but Arseny Yatsenyuk ignored the call.

22.04.2015 16:51

The EU-Gazprom war
The European Commission (EC) is slapping anti-trust charges against Russia’s Gazprom under the pretext the energy giant is blocking competition in Central and Eastern Europe.

22.04.2015 11:43

‘Maidan snipers trained in Poland’: Polish MP alleges special op in Ukraine to provoke riot
Snipers who are thought to have operated in Kiev’s Independence Square amidst events that led to a coup in February 2014 were trained in Poland and sent to Ukraine to “do a favor” for the US, a Polish Euro-MP claimed in an interview.

22.04.2015 09:42

​US uses Ukraine crisis to derail Russia-Germany partnership – Lavrov
Washington’s strategy is to sow discord throughout the world to keep itself in the loop in every region, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Russian media. The Ukrainian crisis was initiated to prevent an alliance between Russia and Germany.

22.04.2015 13:34