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Cameron: We won’t start World War Three over Ukraine
The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said Britain was not going to "launch a European war or send the fleet to the Black Sea" over the Ukraine crisis, applying economic pressure instead.

30.07.2014 18:09

​Ukraine’s economy contracts 4 times faster in Q2 losing 4.7%
Ukraine’s GDP in the second quarter of 2014 has declined 4.7 percent compared to the same period in 2013, the Ukrainian State Statistics Service said on Wednesday. The contraction was more than four times the 1.1 percent fall in the first quarter.

30.07.2014 14:55

‘Situation atrocious’: Russian Red Cross says E. Ukraine faces humanitarian catastrophe
The Russian Red Cross is not alone in its efforts. Russian Human Rights Commissioner Ella Pamfilova has been trying to achieve the same goal.

30.07.2014 09:42

EU sanctions: Moscow disappointed by EU’s inability to act independently of US
Moscow is disappointed by the EU’s inability to act independently from Washington’s dictation in the international arena, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in response to the new package of sanctions.

30.07.2014 14:21

Kiev government, Right Sector play ‘good cop, bad cop’
The Ukrainian government depends on the Right Sector and needs it to do things that the government would not like to be seen doing themselves, such as blockading petrol stations, UK journalist Neil Clark told RT.

30.07.2014 13:30

‘Fighting in Ukraine is all about oil and gas’
For America, democracy is a state that sells its mineral rights and agricultural land to US investors, otherwise, it imposes sanctions, and that's what the US wants from Ukraine, professor of economics at the University of Missouri Michael Hudson told RT.

30.07.2014 12:55

​Crime (Israel) and Punishment (Russia)
So Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Renzi – let’s call them the Fab Five - got on a video conference call to muster their courage and “increase pressure” asking for a cease-fire in Gaza. Later in the day, Bibi delivers his answer, in plain language.

29.07.2014 22:32

‘Gap in the system’: ICAO to set up task force on flight safety after MH17 tragedy
International civil aviation body is to set up a task force on improving security measures of flights in the wake of Malaysia Airlines MH17 disaster. States are responsible for issuing airspace risk warnings, world’s top aviation officials have reminded.

29.07.2014 22:04

Kiev declares cease-fire at MH17 crash site amid Russia’s numerous calls
Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said Kiev is finally ready for a cease-fire at the MH17 crash site after Russia’s numerous calls. Kiev continued its military offensive even after the UNSC urged a halt to fighting in the area last week.

29.07.2014 19:17

Kiev forces fire ballistic missiles into E. Ukraine – US media
In the past two days Kiev’s forces have launched several short-range ballistic missiles into areas in east Ukraine controlled by self-defense forces, CNN reports, citing US government sources.

29.07.2014 15:56

Shells hit residential buildings, park as Kiev’s forces bombard Donetsk
One person has been killed and several injured, as Ukrainian forces continue to shell the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. Among their targets were several residential apartment blocks, a train station and a city park, reports say.

29.07.2014 15:42

Over 30 civilians killed during two days of shelling in Gorlovka, E. Ukraine (VIDEO)
Two days of shelling in Gorlovka, in the Donetsk region of Eastern Ukraine, have resulted in 31 civilians being killed there, local authorities say. Ukrainian troops and anti-government forces are blaming each other for the bloodshed.

29.07.2014 11:07

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