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Ukraine to resume importing Russian gas at $250 – energy minister
Kiev will restart importing Russian gas should the $250 per thousand cubic meters price tag be confirmed at the trilateral talks in Berlin on April 13-14, according to Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal Vladimir Demchishin.

01.04.2015 08:05

Lawmakers suggest making Russian citizenship easier for Ukrainians
A group of Russian MPs say there are often deliberate obstructions for Ukrainians who want to change their citizenship to Russian, and suggest getting round this problem by cutting the number of required documents.

01.04.2015 08:30

Russian PM seals gas discount for Ukraine of up to 28%
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree to provide Ukraine with a discount equivalent to the export duty on gas supplied until the end of June. It will be not more than $100 per a thousand of cubic meters.

01.04.2015 09:39

Ukraine's war-torn east home to third of country's GDP - minister
A third of Ukraine’s gross domestic product lies in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Ukrainian Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov said.

31.03.2015 13:16

Putin agrees to extend gas discount for Ukraine for next 3 months
Russian President Vladimir Putin has agreed to extend Ukraine’s gas discount until the end of June, after a request from Gazprom on Monday.

31.03.2015 15:49

Ukraine Interior Ministry was ‘uncooperative and obstructive’ in Maidan crimes probe – EU report
The investigation into Maidan violence during Ukraine’s coup didn’t satisfy the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights, says a report from the European Council, adding that Ukraine’s Interior Ministry was “uncooperative and obstructive.”

31.03.2015 10:31

‘PRESS logo makes you target’: Killing journalists should be war crime, AP chief says
The Associated Press boss has joined the outcry over the killing and kidnapping of journalists, proposing to make it a war crime. His words come shortly after Ukraine made the list of top 5 deadliest destinations for reporters in 2014.

31.03.2015 07:26

MH17 probe looking for witnesses to back ‘Buk missile’ scenario
The international team of experts investigating the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine have called for possible witnesses to turn in any evidence that might back a scenario that the airliner was shot down by a Buk missile system.

31.03.2015 03:22

​IMF policies in Ukraine irresponsible – Ron Paul
The IMF move to extend a bailout to Kiev only serves the US foreign policy agenda and does nothing to save Ukraine from economic meltdown, according to former US presidential candidate Ron Paul, who says the whole system cannot be fixed but only scrapped.

31.03.2015 03:59

​MH17 investigation going off in ‘wrong direction’ could embarrass ‘many powerful people’
There is so much political pressure over the MH17 crash in Ukraine that investigators would rather conclude that no one really knows what happened than make several powerful people look foolish, believes Robert Parry, editor of Consortium News.

31.03.2015 01:24

Kiev's new plan to avoid collapse? Ban Russian cartoons!
Ukraine’s economy is close to collapse as its banking system falls apart. Rather than facing fiscal reality, its hyper-nationalist government has prioritized banning Russian cartoons.

30.03.2015 16:14

Donbass: ‘The war has not started yet’
Two top Cossack commanders in the People's Republic of Donetsk and a seasoned Serbian volunteer fighter are adamant: the real war in Donbass has not even started.

30.03.2015 14:00