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​UN human rights chief compares UK tabloids to ‘Nazi’ propaganda
UK tabloids like the Murdoch-owned Sun that compared immigrants to ‘cockroaches’ recall the dark days of the Nazi media attacking those they sought to eliminate, according to the UN’s human rights chief.

24.04.2015 11:45

30% of Afghan security forces involved in drug trade – Russian narcotics watchdog
Almost a third of Afghanistan’s security forces have turned to drug trafficking, Russia’s narcotics control agency reports. The watchdog’s director Viktor Ivanov blames foreign troops and fighting in the drug-rich region.

23.04.2015 14:41

UK, France call for Israeli-Palestinian UN deal, resolution being drafted
Britain and France are urging the UN Security Council to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, while New Zealand has begun drafting a resolution on the issue. This was prompted by the US saying it may “reassess” its position on the stalled talks.

21.04.2015 23:31

‘Israel is elephant in the room in Iran-US relations’
Israel is a key obstacle to the US-Iran thaw since the growing regional economic influence of Tehran presents a number of geopolitical and strategic stumbling blocks for Israel and its hegemony in the Middle East, political analyst Eric Draitser told RT.

21.04.2015 10:57

West turning Mediterranean into mass grave
The drowning of hundreds of refugees in the Mediterranean is a crime against humanity, the ultimate responsibility lies with Western governments that have proved themselves the enemy of everything good in the world and a friend to everything bad.

21.04.2015 13:23

​No justice served for Afghan women – UN
Afghanistan’s justice system is failing woman as they are often discouraged from pursuing criminal prosecution against perpetrators of violence and most cases are resolved through mediation rather than legal pursuit, said the United Nations.

19.04.2015 13:39

Precious waste: 300 tons of gold end up in landfills in 2014
A dangerous amount of toxic waste, 1,000 tons of silver and 300 tons of gold were dumped across the world in 2014 due to inadequate recycling - says a recent United Nations University study.

19.04.2015 14:15

‘Isis’ excluded from UN hurricane name list over terror group associations
The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group will not have a tropical storm named after it any time soon as ‘Isis’ has now been taken off the UN’s list of hurricane names.

17.04.2015 20:40

​‘UN arms embargo on Houthis not peace prescription, US should leave the region’
The UN arms embargo on Houthis in Yemen is designed not to stop war but to assign blame to those targeted by Saudi bombing, Brian Becker, from the Answer Coalition told RT. To achieve peace foreign powers should stop attacking Yemen, he added.

15.04.2015 09:24

Only regional consensus can stop Yemen war, UN resolutions won't
​Saudi-led military aggression in Yemen is against international law and will not help stop the crisis, former UN spokesperson for Iraq, Said Arikat, told RT, adding that only a mutual agreement of regional powers, including Iran, can stop the violence.

15.04.2015 03:19

Airstrikes ‘not the answer’: Iran proposes peace plan for Yemen
Iran has proposed a peaceful solution to the crisis in Yemen, calling for a ceasefire on the ground and the end of airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi rebels – Tehran’s allies. The plan is expected to be submitted to the UN on Wednesday.

14.04.2015 15:14

UN sanctions Houthis in Yemen, ignores Russian calls for all-inclusive arms embargo
The UN Security Council has imposed an arms embargo against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and blacklisted the son of Yemen's former president and a Houthi leader.

14.04.2015 14:11