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Russian reflection on the role of the UN
The United Nations has been and remains the cornerstone of the international system. The goals, principles and rules sealed in the UN Charter are a vital source of international law and the basis of the code of conduct on the international stage.

02.03.2015 13:13

1bn at risk of hearing loss from music, noise – WHO
The unsafe use of personal audio devices and high sound volumes at events are putting over a billion teens and young adults at risk of permanent hearing loss, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday.

28.02.2015 01:13

US, UK meddling in OSCE’s mandate in Ukraine – Russia's envoy to UN
The US and UK are attempting to change the OSCE’s existing mandate in Ukraine, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitality Churkin. His comments came after a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

27.02.2015 23:05

OSCE: ‘Minsk agreement not shopping list, all points must be implemented’
The Minsk agreement is a package of measures all sides have agreed, so it can’t be implemented in half or partially, but with a complete ceasefire and entire hardware withdrawal, Alexander Hug, deputy chief monitor of the OSCE mission to Ukraine, told RT.

26.02.2015 15:20

UN experts hit out at proposed Spanish ‘gag law’
The UN says Spain should reject controversial anti-protest legislation as it violates basic rights and freedoms. The proposed new law, referred to as a “gag law,” would introduce heavy fines for protesters and has proved deeply unpopular in the country.

23.02.2015 14:52

Saudi Arabia not doing enough to combat MERS – WHO
Saudi Arabia is not doing enough to control the spread of the deadly MERS virus, which has infected 50 people in the oil-rich kingdom this month alone, say WHO experts. The virus remains largely shrouded in mystery.

23.02.2015 16:01

Lavrov: Time to decide if we want UN focused & effective or on the sidelines
The UN would be effective in settling international disputes, if some member-states didn’t try to use it for dominating world affairs, Russian Foreign Minister believes, adding that such efforts led to bombings in Serbia, war in Iraq and chaos in Libya.

23.02.2015 11:40

CIA-planted ‘evidence’ may force IAEA review of Iran’s alleged nuke arms program – report
Doctored blueprints for nuclear weapon components supplied to Iran by the CIA 15 years ago could force the IAEA to review its conclusions on Iran’s atomic program, which was potentially based on misleading intelligence, Bloomberg reports.

20.02.2015 23:04

Political transition – the only solution to Yemen crisis
On February 15, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2201 aimed at resolving the crisis in the Republic of Yemen in response to the deteriorating political situation.

19.02.2015 12:08

​Libya requests UNSC lift arms embargo to fight ISIS
Libya and Egypt have asked the UN Security Council to lift restrictions on the import of arms to the embattled Libyan government, but dropped an Egypt-backed request for a military intervention to combat ISIS extremist threat.

18.02.2015 23:54

‘ISIS, al-Qaeda wouldn’t have emerged if US didn’t invade Iraq’
If the US did not invade Iraq in 2003 probably there wouldn’t be ISIS or al-Qaeda there, or anywhere in the Mideast, so it’s their responsibility to handle the situation, Khaled El Shami, political editor of al-Quds newspaper, told RT’s In The Now.

18.02.2015 11:18

ISIS plans to invade Europe through Libya – report
ISIS’ plans to conquer Europe via Libya have been revealed in letters seen by an anti-terrorism group. Owing to its perfect location on the continental doorstep, the terrorists plan to ferry fighters from North Africa across the Mediterranean.

18.02.2015 08:18