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Japan joins US-Aussie military drills amid regional tensions
The US and Australia are marking the start of their joint biennial military exercises on Sunday, with Japan joining in for the first time. The drills are being held amid growing tensions over the disputed South China Sea region.

05.07.2015 04:51

​Support for US federal rulings falls by 1/3 in just 5 months
Americans are increasingly in favor of states being able to ignore federal court rulings, a new poll has revealed. This comes on the heels of last week’s Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare.

04.07.2015 11:34

This is nuts! Water-skiing squirrel filmed with GoPro (VIDEOS)
A squirrel that's been water-skiing in the US has been entertaining audiences online, after its perfect performance was filmed using a GoPro camera. The rodent is seen proudly gracing the blue waters of a pool on tiny water-skis attached to a boat.

04.07.2015 15:30

NSA spied on Brazil’s President Rousseff, dozens of top officials - WikiLeaks
The US National Security Agency tapped the telephones of 29 Brazilian government top officials as well as waged economic espionage against the country by listening in to calls of those managing Brazilian economy, WikiLeaks claims in a new release.

04.07.2015 15:39

​Ghosts of America’s past: Reflections on Independence Day 2015
It’s the Fourth of July in America, and gay marriage has just been legalized by a Supreme Court ruling, the Confederate flag is being displayed on public property and Black churches are being set afire.

04.07.2015 15:01

Tentative agreement on sanctions relief for Iran reached in Vienna - sources
A tentative agreement between six world powers and Iran has been reached that includes sanctions relief for Tehran, AP reported Saturday, citing diplomatic sources. Sanctions has been one of the most difficult issues at the talks, sources say.

04.07.2015 13:32

Der Spiegel: US ousted our source in German govt, chancellery hushed up the spying
In 2011 the US had a top German counterterrorism official sidelined over his contacts with the media, and the German government failed to act in response to illegal surveillance on home turf, Der Spiegel reports.

04.07.2015 07:48

NYPD cop's fistfight with suspect caught on video
The NYPD is investigating if an officer overstepped his power when an arrest turned into a fistfight. The confrontation was recorded on video.

04.07.2015 05:16

Number of ‘extremely proud’ Americans drops by 3 percent – poll
The number of Americans ‘extremely proud’ to be citizens of the US continues to fall, with a new Gallup poll revealing a three percent drop from the previous year.

03.07.2015 17:52

'Assange asylum rejection proves EU governments lap dogs of the US'
The French government is under the command of Washington, Alain Corvez, former adviser to French Interior Ministry, told RT following news that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been rapidly denied asylum by the Elysee Palace.

03.07.2015 16:46

‘Cold War mentality’: Beijing slams new US military strategy over South China Sea
Beijing has been expressed outrage over the recently updated US National Military Strategy, which called Chinese claims in the South China Sea worrisome and “inconsistent with international law.”

03.07.2015 15:23

Putin: We don’t expect any change in hostile policies toward Russia
Russia is not expecting a soon change in the hostile policies it’s subject to, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the country’s Security Council, adding that Moscow is not going to “trade its sovereignty.”

03.07.2015 15:44