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Poland demands apology after FBI chief accuses it of Holocaust role
Poland has summoned the US ambassador to apologize for remarks in a Washington Post article, in which FBI chief James Comey alleged that Warsaw was complicit with the Nazis in the Holocaust, according to remarks made on Sunday.

19.04.2015 17:34

​Mild electric brain stimulation boosts creativity, may tackle depression
If you want to fight depression or boost creativity, all you need is brain stimulation treatment, according to the first results of a placebo-controlled study conducted in North Carolina.

19.04.2015 13:21

Khamenei accuses US of creating Iran nuclear weapons ‘myth’
Iran's supreme leader says the United States has created the “myth” of nuclear weapons to paint Tehran as a “source of threat.” The tough rhetoric comes days before nuclear talks are set to resume in Vienna.

19.04.2015 12:34

‘We're not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia
US army commander in Europe says Russia is a “real threat” urging NATO to stay united. The alliance is not interested in a “fair fight with anyone” and wants to have “overmatch in all systems,” Lieutenant-General Frederick "Ben" Hodges believes.

19.04.2015 06:41

‘No guarantee nitrogen gas execution is painless’
Oklahoma has added the gas chamber to its execution methods. The head of the Death Penalty Information Center, Robert Dunham, told RT the decision was made hastily, with no medical research and that nitrogen was "inappropriate for use on humans".

19.04.2015 04:55

Rapidly spreading wildfire prompts evacuation of 200 homes in California (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A wildfire about 35 miles (56 km) east from Los Angeles, California, has forced the evacuation of 200 homes, burning about 300 acres of land. It’s reported to be quickly approaching residential areas.

19.04.2015 12:11

Experimental execution: Oklahoma legalizes nitrogen-gassing of death-row inmates
Oklahoma has become the first US state to legalize the gassing of death row inmates if lethal injection drugs are not available. The rushed decision was made without any proper clinical trials, Robert Dunham, Head of Death Penalty Info Center told RT.

18.04.2015 23:25

Heirs of Holocaust victims sue French train company over death camp deportations
Holocaust descendants have launched a class-action suit in a US federal court in Chicago against France’s biggest national rail company SNCF, to get compensation for confiscated and sold personal property of those deported to death camps.

18.04.2015 13:43

That was close: Crash landing of Falcon 9 rocket booster seen at arm's length (VIDEO)
A leaked GoPro video appears to show what exactly went wrong with the reusable first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket when landing on April 15, after it successfully launched from Cape Canaveral.

18.04.2015 12:09

Russia will work with any elected US president – Putin
Whoever wins the US presidential election in 2016, Russia will work with them, President Vladimir Putin assured. He added that despite the differences the two countries have, they also share many common interests.

18.04.2015 10:46

US revives MSM propaganda arm in ‘big way’ against Russia
The US media industry has been the arm of the government for decades, but now the Cold War tool is being resurrected in a “big way” to tackle any Russian influence on the information flow, foreign affairs expert Richard Becker told RT.

18.04.2015 03:57

North Korea tells US diplomat stabbed in face that a ‘bigger mishap’ is possible
North Korea is warning the American ambassador to South Korea that he could face a “bigger mishap” than being stabbed in the face – an act of violence that he suffered in March.

18.04.2015 02:32