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Pope Francis says ‘unjust aggressor’ ISIS must be stopped, rejects new Iraq ‘conquest’
Pope Francis has acknowledged the possibility of military intervention in Iraq, where Islamists have terrorized Christians and other minorities. He stressed that any action must follow a consensus by multiple countries.

19.08.2014 00:24

Pope Francis urges end to violence in M. East, Ukraine for children's sake
​Pope Francis has made an emotional appeal to the world, calling to stop war, especially in the Middle East and Ukraine, saying that the children who live in conflict zones are suffering most and are deprived of hope and a future.

27.07.2014 11:58

2% of Catholic priests are pedophiles – Pope
An Italian newspaper has quoted the Pope as saying that “about two percent” of Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles. The Pontiff allegedly said that child sex abuse is “a leprosy in our house” and promised solutions to priests’ enforced celibacy.

13.07.2014 19:35

Excommunication breakdown: Religious parades banned over mafia boss holy march
An Italian bishop suspended all religious processions in his diocese in response to a recent religious parade in which a statue of Virgin Mary was carried to honor a local Mafia boss, despite the Pope excommunicating Mafiosi shortly beforehand.

11.07.2014 05:04

Church should 'weep and make reparation’: Pope meets victims of clerics’ sexual abuse
Pope Francis has apologized for the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clerics. The pontiff expressed his regrets for the Church's 'sin' at a meeting with a group of victims of abuse – the first time a pope has met such a group inside the Vatican.

07.07.2014 15:50

Italians defy Pope, take church procession to mafia boss’ house
The Vatican might have denounced the mafia, but common Italians seem unconvinced. A church procession in an Italian town diverted from its normal route to pay tribute to a local Mafioso under house arrest.

07.07.2014 05:24

Exploiting nature 'sin' of our time – Pope
Pope Francis in an address to Italian students has called for people to respect nature and called the destruction of South America’s rainforests, as well as other environmental destruction, “our sin.”

05.07.2014 14:37

Demon fighters or Troublemakers? Pope approves exorcist taskforce
The Vatican has officially recognized a leading association of demonologists, despite debates in the Catholic Church over the impact of exorcism rites. The decision stems from the faith of Pope Francis, who appears to believe in a literal Satan.

03.07.2014 18:46

Pope Francis: Communists ‘stole’ the flag of Christianity
Pope Francis, whose criticisms of unbridled capitalism have caused many to brand him a Marxist, said in an interview published Sunday that communists “stole” Christian ideals.

30.06.2014 00:32

​‘Europe tired’: Pope Francis criticizes region for low birthrate, joblessness
Pope Francis has criticized Europe for a declining birthrate, a high percentage of unemployed people and discarding the elderly. He called Europe “tired,” saying it risks becoming a “throw-away culture.”

16.06.2014 04:44

‘Sardine can:’ Popemobile out of favor with Pope Francis
Pope Francis says that although he is taking a risk by ditching his bulletproof popemobile to engage with ordinary people, he has little to lose at the age of 77. He added that the fancy car reminds him of a “sardine can.”

13.06.2014 17:02

Visitors' Book burned at Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey after Pope Mass
An unidentified person incinerated the visitor’s book at Jerusalem’s Dormition Abbey shortly after Pope Francis visited a sensitive holy site. The hate attack marked the latest in a series directed at Christian sites in the run-up to the pontiff’s visit.

27.05.2014 04:41

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