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Rap mogul ‘Suge’ Knight hands himself into police after fatal LA hit-and-run
The founder of one of America’s biggest record labels has handed himself into police. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, the creator of Death Row Records, was wanted for questioning following a fatal hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles.

30.01.2015 11:26

DEA admits plan to monitor license plates at gun shows, says it was ‘never authorized’
The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considered tracking license plates at gun shows to develop a database of attendees, according to a newly released email. The Justice Department has a similar nationwide database compiled from surveillance technology.

28.01.2015 19:44

Protests held for teen girl killed by Colorado police while driving stolen car
Activist group Anonymous has joined Colorado protesters in asking for transparency during the investigation into the death of a teenage girl shot by police. The 16-year-old was driving a stolen car, which Denver police say she used to strike an officer.

27.01.2015 20:38

Massive truck plows through 15 vehicles in Russia after apparent brakes failure (VIDEO)
A fully-loaded lorry with suspected brakes failure rammed into a pack of vehicles on a busy street in southern Russia, killing one person and injuring eight others.

27.01.2015 18:12

Justice Dept spying on millions of US drivers - report
The US Justice Department has been covertly gathering and storing hundreds of millions of records about American motorists for a national database, The Wall Street Journal reported. The database can track the movements of vehicles across the country.

27.01.2015 01:34

Germany to test self-driving cars on digitized autobahn, ‘won’t rely on Google’
The German government wants to convert part of the A9 Autobahn in Bavaria into a test-field for advanced car technology. The project is key to ensuring the country’s ‘digital sovereignty,’ according to its transport minister.

26.01.2015 11:28

Friends in high places: Owner of Blair’s private jet one of UK’s richest men
The luxurious private jet used by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and dubbed ‘Blair Force One’ is reportedly owned by one of Britain’s richest men.

26.01.2015 09:13

Russia develops heavy drone, promises S500 missile system by 2017
The Russian military is putting the finishing touches to its very own heavy military UAV. The drone is part of a wider modernization effort, with the cutting-edge flagship S500 missile system coming in 2017.

25.01.2015 08:03

Uber: A small step towards world bankruptcy
Taxi alternative Uber generates enormous controversy. Politicians ought to be looking to the future, not safeguarding an increasingly irrelevant status quo. Indeed their very future power depends on it.

23.01.2015 13:38

American instructors to train Ukrainian troops this spring – US general
US soldiers are to be deployed to Western Ukraine to train the country’s National Guard, said the commander of the US Army in Europe during a news conference in Kiev. The US also intends to sponsor the production of Ukrainian light armored vehicles.

23.01.2015 09:22

'No military equipment' crossed at observed Russia-Ukraine border checkpoints - OSCE
The OSCE mission in Ukraine has not registered any movement of military vehicles on the border between Russia and Ukraine, the group’s newly released statement says.

22.01.2015 10:40

India’s 'moonwalking' traffic cop achieves cult status (VIDEO)
One Indian traffic cop’s dance moves and earnest desire to brighten up people’s day in the sweltering heat has earned him an entire following: the now iconic officer moonwalks his way through his duties, controlling traffic Michael-Jackson-style.

18.01.2015 06:15