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UK commits to major NATO military exercise in Poland
A UK battle group will take part in a major military training exercise with other NATO forces to “reassure” allies in Eastern Europe during a period of heightened regional tensions, the Foreign Office has announced.

29.07.2014 11:12

US Marines perfecting autonomous evacuation and supply vehicle
As the world’s largest naval drills continue near Hawaii, the US Marine Corps says it has successfully tested a self-driving car capable of hauling supplies to troops and evacuating wounded soldiers.

29.07.2014 00:20

#ThanksObama: L.A. commuters rip presidential motorcade on Twitter after it keeps woman in labor from hospital (VIDEO)
Los Angelenos are no strangers to snarling traffic, a daily, often faceless, nuisance. But President Barack Obama’s two-day fundraising trip to the city has given commuters - and one woman in labor - a specific target for their ire.

24.07.2014 15:38

At least 20 killed in school bus collision in India
At least 19 children and a bus driver have been killed after a school bus collided with a train in southern India. The death toll may rise as many of the injured are in critical condition, Indian officials told local media.

24.07.2014 06:07

Bogus photos of ‘Russian’ air-defense systems in Ukraine debunked by bloggers
Ukraine continues to concoct ‘evidence’ a Russian air defense system brought down Flight MH17. Ukraine’s secret service published as ‘proof’ month–old photos of a Ukrainian BUK-M missile system, claiming it is Russian.

23.07.2014 05:21

Bus carrying 42 school children crashes and overturns in Norfolk
A coach carrying 42 school children crashed into a ditch in Norfolk on Tuesday morning, overturning on the A10.

22.07.2014 20:01

Congressman's wedding under investigation for using drone to film ceremony (VIDEO)
​The Federal Aviation Administration signaled Wednesday that it is investigating whether a US congressman violated the agency’s ban on commercial drone flights when he hired a company to film his wedding using an unmanned aircraft.

17.07.2014 17:11

​FBI warns driverless cars could become new 'lethal weapon' for terrorists
Self-driving cars are being assessed as a “game changing” vehicle and a potential “lethal weapon” according to an internal FBI report, and could be exploited by criminals or terrorists seeking to program explosive-stuffed cars to be self-driving bombs.

16.07.2014 18:20

Belgian town deploys loud music to drive Roma caravans out
The mayor of a Belgian town took an unusual approach to ejecting Roma caravans on Wednesday, opting to blast them out with music, rather than by using force. However, as the DJ spun Dire Straits’ ‘Sultan’s of Swing’, the Roma decided to dance instead.

16.07.2014 13:46

Kiev aircraft fire missiles at apartment block in E. Ukraine, 11 dead
Kiev’s Air Force fired three missiles to destroy a multifamily apartment building in the city of Snezhnoe, eastern Donetsk Region. At least eleven civilians have been pronounced dead as rescue teams cleared out debris of the collapsed building.

15.07.2014 07:35

Most haunted car cemetery: 'WWII traffic' drowned in Belgian moss for 70 years (PHOTOS)
Reminiscent of a scene from a Hollywood horror movie, these spooky images were taken in one of the most mysterious car cemeteries in the world, located in a forest near the village of Chatillon, southern Belgium.

14.07.2014 18:43

Take off & land anywhere: Russia unveils hybrid amphibious drone vehicle (PHOTOS)
A drone hybridized with an amphibious hovercraft has been presented at the Innoprom-2014 technology exhibition in Russia's Yekaterinburg. This unique UAV doesn’t need an airfield to launch, so the only alternative is a helicopter.

12.07.2014 07:19

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