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Ford seeks to monitor drivers for heart attacks behind the wheel
Ford is banking on an innovative plan to woo aging motorists to purchase their vehicles by developing a monitor in the driver’s seat that will detect a potential heart attack, bring the car safely to a stop and notify the authorities.

20.10.2014 21:08

Homemade APC: Iraqi blacksmith builds armored vehicle to fight ISIS (VIDEO)
A homemade Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is not something you usually find in a backyard. RT visited an Iraqi blacksmith, who has been working 10 hours a day for 2 months, to help Kurdish fighters stop Islamic State militants.

19.10.2014 07:36

Saab in hot water over donation to HIV ‘radio-wave cure’ program
Saab has found itself in the spotlight after it was revealed to have made a $9.7 million donation to South African medical firm Hivex. The firm claimed it was able to cure HIV with radio waves - but its failed experiment may have actually cost lives.

17.10.2014 19:32

​German bikers unite with Dutch comrades in fight against ISIS
Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria have received a surprising accession. While allied forces refuse to take part in military action on the ground, several German bikers have reportedly joined the fight against the jihadists.

17.10.2014 13:23

It’s official: Electric car 26-year world record broken by Australian solar racing team
A new speed record by the Sunswift Australian solar racing team for the fastest electric vehicle over a distance of 500 km has been officially recognized. Their vehicle eVe can achieve more than 100 km/h.

16.10.2014 14:37

US tanks arrive in Latvia to ward off ‘perceived’ Russian threat (VIDEO)
US tanks have arrived in Latvia as NATO flexes its muscles in an apparent show of strength towards Moscow. The machines are being deployed across the Baltic States and Poland over the next two weeks and will be used for training exercises.

16.10.2014 11:42

Disgruntled employee steals locomotive to ‘play chicken’ with supervisor, crashes into another train
In a case of train robbing that was more Marty McFly than Jesse James, a disgruntled employee commandeered a locomotive from the Wyoming mine where he worked, taking it on a 13-mile joyride before crashing it into a second train.

14.10.2014 00:53

‘Personal roller coaster’: Tesla Motors unveils electric Model S that drives itself
Elon Musk unveiled the new zero-emission Tesla Model S sedan that can drive on “autopilot”. The car has a dual motor, the option of smart technology that guides through inclement weather and prevent accidents.

10.10.2014 06:06

Sochi Grand Prix shows Russia 'very, very serious' about F1, Lewis Hamilton tells RT
While beautiful women, vodka and cold weather are the first words associated with Russia for British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, his quest for victory is dominating his trip to Russia and the Sochi Grand Prix that kicks off this weekend.

09.10.2014 02:32

Unbelievably no casualties after locomotive slams into truck at full speed (VIDEO)
​A locomotive crashed into a truck stopped at a train-track crossing in the Louisiana town of Mer Rouge on Sunday. Stunning footage of the crash shows the collision, which injured the conductor and engineer of the train.

08.10.2014 16:38

Posted dashcam video on Facebook? In Bavaria you face 300,000 euro fine
Motorists of Germany’s Bavaria, beware! ‘Likes’ and ‘shares’ could cost up to 300,000 euro with the latest ruling, which fines people for uploading dashcam videos on the internet or passing them to the third parties.

08.10.2014 14:30

New NATO chief reassures Poland amidst Ukraine crisis
NATO’s new secretary-general has stated that its rapid reaction force can be deployed whenever necessary in an interview on Polish television aimed at reassuring eastern bloc countries that they have support in the aftermath of crisis in Ukraine.

06.10.2014 05:14

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