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The US is behind the current drop in oil prices – Bolivia’s president
The US is behind the current drop in oil prices as it is aiming to undermine the economies of large petroleum producers Russia and Venezuela, Bolivian President Evo Morales told RT.

19.12.2014 15:54

​Fitch slashes Venezuela rating to pre-default level
The Fitch rating agency has cut the long-term credit rating of Venezuela two notches to triple-C, saying a default is highly likely, as slumping oil prices make the country one of the biggest victims.

19.12.2014 14:21

Venezuela ‘seizing’ diamonds, precious metals to boost reserves
The Central Bank of Venezuela is adding diamonds, gold and other precious stones and metals to its foreign reserves which have fallen to an 11-year low.

05.12.2014 10:51

Cheap oil, falling ruble, but ‘things not as bleak as they might seem’
As a lot of exported Russian oil and gas is paid for in foreign currency and the government debt is comparatively low, things in Russia are not that bleak despite the falling ruble and oil price, Patrick Young, global markets expert, told RT.

02.12.2014 12:37

​Surgeon pays out $90,000 after terrorism joke ‘bombs’ at Miami airport
The joke is on a prominent neurosurgeon after he unwisely cracked a funny to ticket staff at Miami International Airport about having explosives. The wisecrack is costing him close to $90,000, after he had to pay for delaying passengers.

02.12.2014 09:45

Brent crude drops below $70 for first time in 4 yrs, ruble in new historic plunge
Brent crude oil slumped to below $70 on Friday, its lowest level since 2010, after OPEC decided not to cut oil production. Venezuela's Foreign Minister said the group had worse cases to handle, adding that the current slump has partly political grounds.

28.11.2014 20:20

Venezuelan president resolved to return oil to $100 a barrel
Venezuela is determined to fight for a return to a ‘fair’ $100 oil price, President Nicolas Maduro announced following OPEC’s decision to keep current output levels.

28.11.2014 05:34

OPEC decision will keep oil prices low & hit Russia, Iran, US – experts
Russian officials and experts warned that oil prices will remain below $80 per barrel for some time, after OPEC’s decision not to cut output. It will hurt the economies of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela – and deal a blow to shale oil production in the US.

28.11.2014 00:50

Oil industry battle: ‘New fracking technologies VS traditional extraction methods’
OPEC is not a monolithic organization and it fails to agree on common policy, so it’s unlikely that the upcoming Vienna meeting will become a deciding factor on oil prices, Adrian Salbuchi, International consultant, told RT.

26.11.2014 08:11

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela decide not to cut oil production
Delegations from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Venezuela have met for the first time in such a format for talks in Vienna to discuss rapidly dropping oil prices. The group agreed to monitor prices for a year

25.11.2014 16:11

Venezuela to revise relations with Spain
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered a review of all relations with Spain citing its Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s support for opposition and criticism of the country’s judicial system.

25.10.2014 13:53

‘US shale oil exploration led to low oil prices, market shakeup’
Falling oil prices embarrass and make life difficult for countries that depend on oil exports, including Russia and Venezuela, and the US would enjoy making life difficult for them, economist Richard Wolff told RT.

24.10.2014 07:19