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US Navy’s troubled Littoral Combat Ship program could face the axe
Despite moving forward with the construction of 20 Littoral Combat Ships, the Navy is considering major changes to the beleaguered program – and one that may potentially involve replacing it entirely.

22.07.2014 23:53

France to deliver Mistral warship to Russia despite US, UK criticism
France will go ahead with the delivery of the first of two Mistral warships to Russia – despite protests by the US and UK, prompted by Moscow's stance in the Ukrainian crisis. The ship is nearly completed and will be presented in October.

22.07.2014 15:59

Chinese spy ship surveys US-led drills off Hawaii
China has sent an electronic surveillance vessel to international waters off Hawaii to keep an eye on a US-led Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) involving 22 countries, despite Beijing being one of the countries invited to participate in the drills.

21.07.2014 02:57

200 tons of Syrian chemicals arrive in UK for destruction
Some 200 tons of toxic chemicals have been delivered to the UK from Syria after the battle torn country agreed to the destruction of its stockpile last year.

15.07.2014 15:33

Costa Concordia refloated for final voyage to scrap yard (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The luxury liner Costa Concordia, which sank in January 2012, has left its sea bed and is now preparing to make its last voyage. The vessel will travel to Genoa, where it will be cut for scrap metal.

15.07.2014 02:35

Facebook life vest: Teen adrift at sea gets rescued after posting SOS online
A teenager who was thrown into the sea when his boat capsized managed to post one word on Facebook, “stranded,” which ended up saving his life. His friend saw the post and alerted the Coastguard, who scrambled lifeboats and brought him to safety.

14.07.2014 14:35

Black Sea boiling: US missile cruiser enters waters as Russian Navy monitors NATO drills
US missile cruiser Vella Gulf has reportedly entered the Black Sea, joining six other vessels for NATO’s naval drills. Meanwhile, Russia is having its own exercises in the sea, keeping a watchful eye on the alliance’s war games.

07.07.2014 11:31

Russia launches large-scale naval drill in Black Sea same day as NATO (VIDEO)
Some 20 warships, over 20 airplanes and helicopters, as well as the marines and coast artillery are taking part in the Black Sea Fleet exercise, Russian Defense Ministry reported. The war games launched the same day as NATO's military drill in the area.

04.07.2014 16:32

NATO holds reduced Black Sea naval exercises without Ukraine
Four NATO warships are in the Black Sea for annual Sea Breeze military drills with regional navies, but this year the number of participants has fallen significantly due to the civil war in Ukraine, which hosted the exercises in previous years.

04.07.2014 04:41

600 tons of Syria's chemical arsenal loaded onto US ‘neutralizer’ ship
Hundreds of tons of the most hazardous Syrian chemical arsenal have been handed over to the US vessel which has special equipment to neutralize a dangerous stockpile. The chemicals have now left Italy to be destroyed at sea.

02.07.2014 10:29

Chinese Navy near Hawaii: First time participation in US-led RIMPAC drills
For the first time ever Chinese warships are taking part in the world’s largest naval drills: the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC), biannual US-led training of Asia-Pacific regional navies traditionally conducted off the Hawaiian Islands since 1971.

27.06.2014 08:09

Another super quiet sub for Russia’s Black Sea fleet
St. Petersburg shipbuilders have launched an improved Kilo-class submarine for Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Armed with cruise missiles, this diesel-electric stealth sub is believed to be the quietest in the world, and so was dubbed ‘black hole’ by NATO.

26.06.2014 08:40

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