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NASA built $349 mn facility for already closed space program
In what some see as symbolic of an often-aimless space program, NASA was allowed to complete construction of a $343-million rocket-testing tower in Mississippi even after the structure’s mission was cancelled in 2010.

16.12.2014 16:37

ISIS downs Iraqi military chopper killing two pilots
Islamic State militants have shot down an Iraqi helicopter near Samaara, about 110 kilometers north of Baghdad. Both pilots were killed.

13.12.2014 13:46

Retraining reservists and rearming! Baltic countries got bellicose over ‘Russian threat’
European countries bordering the Baltic Sea are competing to express their concerns over Russian military activities of in the region. Their actions vary from inviting Americans troops for a permanent stay to retraining reservists and rearming.

12.12.2014 10:09

Not Sci-Fi anymore: Navy’s 'fully operational' laser gun blows up boats, drones (VIDEO)
The US Navy continues to tout its sophisticated warship laser system, saying it has performed above expectations for the last four months of operational testing aboard the USS Ponce during its deployment in the Persian Gulf.

11.12.2014 15:06

Uber banned in Indian capital after taxi driver accused of raping passenger
The taxi service Uber has been banned in New Delhi, after a woman was allegedly raped by a driver with the taxi-booking service. The company is in hot water for hiring a person arrested for sexual assault three years ago.

08.12.2014 10:20

Britain reopens Bahrain navy base after 40 yrs – to fight ISIS
The UK is returning to its naval base in Bahrain, a former British protectorate, after more than 40 years. The base will serve as the main British hub for operations in the Persian Gulf.

06.12.2014 05:41

5 months on rainwater & raw fish: 2 men rescued after 1,000-mile drift in Pacific
Two Papua New Guinea men are claiming to have spent five months drifting in a small open boat in the Pacific Ocean and surviving on rainwater and fish, before being rescued by a fishing vessel 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) from their departure point.

05.12.2014 08:16

NASA test-launches Orion spaceship set to take humans to Mars
Orion has finally blasted off into space from Cape Canaveral on one of NASA’s most important missions for decades - after Thursday’s botched attempt, defying Friday weather forecasts that meant there was only a 40 percent chance of take-off.

05.12.2014 09:03

​China’s hypersonic strike vehicle ‘in 3d test flight’
China has reportedly conducted a third flight test for its new ultra-high speed strike vehicle – capable of travelling at up to eight times the speed of sound, in what experts suspect is part of the development of its strategic nuclear program.

04.12.2014 20:19

​Over 50 missing, 1 killed as Korean ship sinks off Russia’s Chukotka
Rescuers are searching for 54 people who were on board a South Korean vessel that sank near the Chukotka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East.

01.12.2014 09:58

Hi-tech gear stolen from Russia’s Mistral warship in France
Electronic equipment, including hard drives and a device operating the helicopter carrier’s communications system, has been stolen off the Mistral ship built for Russia in the French port of Saint-Nazaire.

28.11.2014 19:47

Russian battleships in the English Channel, say they’re training
Russia’s Northern Fleet has been conducting naval training near Dover. Two battleships and two supply vessels worked on operations and communications in conditions of adverse weather and heavy marine traffic.

28.11.2014 11:13