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​Britain approved £4mn Israel arms sales in the months after Gaza war
The UK government approved £4 million worth of arms sales to Israel in the immediate months following the Israeli government’s military bombardment of Gaza last summer, new research reveals.

02.07.2015 12:53

Baltimore to install recording cameras in all police vans after Freddie Gray death
In the wake of protests over Freddie Gray, whose death from injuries sustained in police custody in April provoked unrest in several US cities, Baltimore has pledged to install cameras in police vans for a “more complete record of what occurs there.”

02.07.2015 10:59

United we stand: Unexpected solidarity in face of religious hate crimes
While recent terror attacks in Tunisia are a sobering reminder of the power of blowback – I am heartened to learn of some acts of violence that have had rather unexpected happy endings of late.

30.06.2015 16:13

Freedom Flotilla: ‘Tasering my friend Charlie was an act of terrorism’
Despite the Israeli authorities’ claims that the seizure of a Freedom Flotilla boat was ‘uneventful’, footage has emerged that indicated that they tasered a Swedish aid worker.

01.07.2015 14:53

Taste of their own medicine: Syrian rebels execute ISIS terrorists, mimicking jihadists’ tactics
The Syrian opposition group, Jaysh al-Islam has executed 18 alleged Islamic State militants. A video emerged of the rebel organization imitating many of the jihadist group’s own execution recordings, including similar sound effects and visuals.

01.07.2015 12:06

‘Yemeni jailbreak will contribute to bloodshed, suffering’
The recent escape of jail intimates in Yemen will only worsen the situation in the country which is already in tatters, and will lead to even more suffering among the civilian population, political analyst Max Abrahms, told RT.

01.07.2015 11:22

Berserk Colorado cop fired for beating of detainee
Police body-camera video and surveillance footage became proof against a police officer who severely beat a suspect in holding cell in December. To warning calls that the beating was being video recorded, a cop answered only “F**k that!”

01.07.2015 08:19

​'100 killed' in ISIS attacks on Egyptian checkpoints in Sinai
At least 100 Egyptians, including soldiers, were killed after an Islamic State affiliate launched simultaneous attacks on army checkpoints in the Sinai Peninsula, officials said. It comes two days after Egypt's top prosecutor was assassinated.

01.07.2015 10:09

ISIS threatens Hamas – but move could bring Israel & Palestine closer to fight common enemy
Islamic State has issued a stark warning to the Palestinian group Hamas that the Gaza Strip could be next on their list of territories they want to conquer. The jihadist organization has accused Hamas of not enforcing Islamic law stringently enough.

01.07.2015 10:32

Scientists find way to cut blood loss by 90% - by spraying foam made from shrimp shells
Using a material derived from shrimp shells, scientists have developed a foam that can be sprayed directly onto an open wound to quickly stop the bleeding. It could prove vital when treating injuries caused by street violence and military combat.

01.07.2015 07:13

Justice Dept. blasts Ferguson police response to protests in leaked report
Police trying to control the Ferguson protests had contradictory policies, violated free speech rights, and antagonized people with military-style tactics, said a new Justice Department report summary acquired by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

01.07.2015 01:51

Quarter of US cop shooting victims were in mental distress – report
Of the 461 fatal police shootings in the US so far this year, 123 cases involved a person that was mentally or emotionally unstable, a new report reveals. In the first six months of 2015, US police shot a distraught person on average once every 36 hours.

30.06.2015 18:21