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Death on the march: The West’s plan to suppress domestic dissent is well under way
​In what must surely rate as one of the Western leaders’ most perverse weeks since the end of World War II, further economic sanctions have been imposed on Russia while the death toll in Israel’s Gaza genocide topped 1,000 innocent civilians.

01.08.2014 12:34

'If anybody is more guilty of Gaza conflict than the Israelis, it is the Americans'
Israel gets signals from the US that it can do whatever it wants, so Tel-Aviv keeps refurbishing its weapons so that it could kill more Gazans, independent researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich told RT.

01.08.2014 10:56

Canadian govt complicit in Israeli war crimes
Canada’s reputation as a peace-loving nation and as an ‘honest-broker’ in the Middle East (part of its national mythology) has been dealt a serious blow by the ruling Conservative Party’s adamant support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

01.08.2014 09:40

Bahraini regime silences international community, media - activist
The UK authorities are conducting an investigation into a world-renowned Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab and his family and have seized their passports immediately after he entered UK after spending 2 years in a Bahraini prison, Rajab told RT.

01.08.2014 03:55

​‘British PM backs the Ukrainian Nazis and threatens Moscow with a new war’ – open letter to Cameron
David Cameron’s article in The Sunday Times, presenting unfounded allegations against Russia, marks a major escalation in the Ukraine crisis, seeking to pull the EU into a war against Russia.

31.07.2014 20:08

Kiev’s ‘chivalrous’ atrocities: Moscow UN envoy slams Poroshenko jive
The Kiev leadership, which vowed its military would “never use force against civilians” and would risk their lives to keep people away from harm, conduct their op with “outrageous atrocity” resulting in multiple casualties, said Russia’s UN ambassador.

31.07.2014 18:59

​‘It is a human catastrophe in Gaza’ – UNRWA spokesperson
Potentially hundreds of thousands of people, including women and children, have been made homeless in just over three weeks, UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunnes told RT.

31.07.2014 15:52

Inside Britain’s prisons: Rising violence and soaring suicide rates
A rising wave of assaults, murders and suicides in Britain’s jails indicates a state-wide prison crisis is imminent, Shadow Secretary Sadiq Khan warns.

31.07.2014 13:37

Weapons of mass production: US Army making warheads with 3D printing
The US Army is building deadlier, more efficient, and less costly warheads using 3D-printing technology, according to new reports.

31.07.2014 14:20

‘If there is actual evidence, US should show it or stop accusing Russia’
US officials are making groundless assertions about Moscow’s involvement in the downing of flight MH17, former CIA and US State Department official Larry Johnson told RT.

31.07.2014 10:22

Dutch, Australian experts reach MH17 crash site for 1st time
Dutch and Australian forensic teams have reached the Malaysian Airlines crash site in eastern Ukraine for the first time, accompanied by OSCE monitors, after almost a week of trying to access the scene.

31.07.2014 10:56

UN relief agency spokesman bursts into tears over deaths of Palestinian children
A spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which provides aid to Palestinians in Gaza, broke down in tears during a TV interview in the aftermath of Wednesday’s fatal attack on a UN-run school, used as shelter.

31.07.2014 05:53

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