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War witness

​UK overseas aid linked to fraudsters and criminals, MPs find
Millions in British aid money may have been siphoned off to criminals and money launderers, a report has found, adding further pressure to the UK Department for International Development (DfID).

29.01.2015 11:48

​British jihadist in Syria pens ‘war widow’ guide, husband presumed dead
A British female jihadist who traveled to Syria has written a new guide on how to be a ‘war widow’, leading to suspicions that her ‘husband’ has been killed in battle.

26.01.2015 12:34

Publish ‘Iraq war’ report before election, MPs demand
A cross-party group of MPs are pushing for the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war to be published before May’s UK general election.

13.01.2015 09:38

London hotel branded as ‘shameless’ for promoting Paris branch with #JeSuisCharlie
A London hotel has come under heavy criticism for allegedly promoting themselves using a Twitter hashtag commemorating the victims of the Paris terrorist attack last week.

13.01.2015 10:20

‘Corpses all over the place’: Baghdad blamed for inaction as Yazidis retake villages from ISIS
As Iraq announced that it may need three years to rebuild its army to battle the Islamic State, RT visited Yazidi villages, whose resistance alongside Kurdish forces not only broke the siege of Mount Sinjar but now stand as a barrier against IS advance.

13.01.2015 02:21

‘I can fix EU problem’: Cameron in Merkel reform talks
British Prime Minister David Cameron says he is “convinced” he can mend the relationship between Britain and the EU, as pressure grows to call a referendum on UK membership.

08.01.2015 13:40

​UK rules out Iraq ground troops as election looms
Hundreds of British soldiers will not be sent to fight jihadi militia groups in Iraq this month due to fears that casualties could cause political damage ahead of the 2015 general election.

07.01.2015 10:53

​Libyan soldier denies sexually assaulting British women
A Libyan soldier in court on Monday has denied sexually assaulting women in the city of Cambridge while training at the local barracks.

05.01.2015 16:38

Palestine files ‘Israeli war crimes’ probe request with accession letter to ICC – report
​Along with the letters of accession to the ICC, Palestine has reportedly filed a request to the Hague to investigate Israeli war crimes during the 50-day war in Gaza last summer. Palestinian officials have not yet commented on the Israeli media reports.

01.01.2015 23:36

‘Justice delayed’: UK law official insists Libyan Megrahi guilty of Lockerbie bombing, relatives skeptical
A top UK legal official claims to have had “very useful” talks with the director of the FBI in a renewed effort for bring the perpetrators of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing to justice. Some relatives of the 270 killed accuse prosecutors of a cover-up.

22.12.2014 12:18

100 foreign fighters executed by ISIS for trying to quit - report
ISIS ‘military police’ executed 100 foreign fighters who attempted to quit and flee from the insurgents’ de-facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria as frustration among militants has been growing, a UK newspaper reported citing a witness activist.

20.12.2014 19:14

‘I can’t breathe’: G4S guards accused of migrant man's death found innocent
​Three security guards from the controversial security firm G4S have been cleared of manslaughter, despite accusations they killed a 46-year-old man by forcibly restraining him on a charter airline flight.

16.12.2014 17:09