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War witness

​We aren’t willing to be ‘good Israelis’ oppressing native population – IDF reservist
As the death toll in Gaza mounts, a small group of Israeli reservists who are against their government’s campaign in Gaza are refusing to be involved and have faced repercussions from a state that is becoming more and more militarized.

29.07.2014 03:32

​Israel intensifies Gaza shelling, warns of ‘protracted campaign’
The Israeli military intensified the shelling of Gaza overnight, killing at least 26 people and leaving hundreds injured in air and missile strikes. Israel's PM told citizens to prepare for a “protracted campaign” until the “mission is accomplished.”

29.07.2014 01:20

Ukraine TV cuts live interview after HRW rep refuses to admit ‘Russian aggression’
A live interview with an HRW representative on Ukraine's Hromadske TV came to an unexpected close when the host terminated the conversation after the guest refused to validate claims of Russia's alleged “indisputable war crimes.”

28.07.2014 23:16

​8 children killed as missiles hit Gaza playground, hospital
Hopes for an imminent end to the Gaza conflict are fading, with renewed violence bringing new casualties. Israel and Hamas blame each other after eight children were killed and 46 others injured by a missile that landed in a Gaza refugee camp playground.

28.07.2014 18:31

IDF tweet depicts Houses of Parliament in rocket attack to justify Israel's invasion of Gaza
​Israel’s military has tweeted a digitally manipulated image of Britain’s Houses of Parliament under assault from an array of rockets in an effort to justify its invasion of Gaza.

21.07.2014 16:18

Kiev orders 'loyalty checks' of Slavyansk police after militia relocate to Donetsk
An internal investigation will be launched against all Ukrainian police officers who stayed in the city of Slavyansk and were reportedly detained after the militia of Donetsk People’s Republic broke out of the besieged city and relocated their forces.

06.07.2014 03:07

​African leaders grant themselves immunity from war crimes
African leaders have granted themselves and their allies immunity from prosecution for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide at the Union’s Court, as they voted in support of the amendment at the African Union Summit.

03.07.2014 00:15

Russia revises Ukraine humanitarian draft resolution
Russia has offered a “quite extensively” revised draft of a UN Security Council resolution on Ukraine, “combining components” of the two previously failed resolutions and taking into account the criticism that the drafts received from Western states.

17.06.2014 01:39

'White phosphorus' reports: Ukraine military 'dropped incendiary bombs' on Slavyansk
Residents of Slavyansk and its suburbs were awoken overnight on Thursday by what they say were incendiary bombs that were dropped on their city by Kiev’s military. Witnesses and local media reports suggested that the bombs might be phosphorous.

12.06.2014 20:12

D-Day Veteran: We pressed forward, ignoring those who fell – nothing like ‘Saving Private Ryan’
Running through minefield to their target, leaving wounded behind – in hope that medics landing next would survive to take care of them, and marking improvised hospital with blood-strained sheets, are some of the memories D-Day veterans shared with RT.

06.06.2014 18:42

Slavyansk blockade: Shelling non-stop, shops closed, no meds, no chance to evacuate
The Ukrainian National Guard continues to shell Slavyansk, completely surrounded by armored vehicles and military checkpoints, locals report. Residents are hiding in cellars without electricity and water and no chance to evacuate from the besieged city.

06.06.2014 22:50

D-Day tribute: Rare images of bravery and sacrifice
The 70th anniversary of the largest seaborne invasion in written history and one of the turning points of WWII – the Normandy landings – is being marked in style and with tears of joy as people remember veterans’ bravery and sacrifice.

05.06.2014 18:27

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