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Study reveals how world's largest lake turned into Sahara desert dust
In its heyday some 6,000 years ago, a lake called Mega-Chad was the largest body of fresh water on the planet, with an area of 360,000 square km. A few hundred years later it's reduced to Lake Chad at only 355 square km, and an air of faded grandeur left.

30.06.2015 11:50

Fishermen rescued from raging sea in Norway after ship sinks (VIDEO)
Dramatic footage has been released of the rescue of two fishermen after their ship sank in rough seas off the coast of northern Norway. The video shows the men being saved from raging waters, winched from their inflatable lifeboat to a helicopter.

30.06.2015 05:36

Oz-some! Ukrainians shocked by huge twister in their region (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A tornado hit several villages in the Dnepropetrovsk region in Ukraine’s south this week. Locals reported that roofs were blown off, trees torn from the ground, and fish from the river covered the roads, adding they had never seen anything like it before.

28.06.2015 14:10

Prank or physics anomaly? Running tap water turns into ice in Australia (VIDEO)
Countering the popular belief that Australia is a scorching-hot island paradise, a video has emerged claiming that the chilly nights are freezing - literally. People online watched in disbelief as tap water turned into a standing icicle as it came out.

26.06.2015 08:32

Florida man dies from ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria contracted in Mississippi
A deadly bacteria from Gulf of Mexico salt waters, one labeled a “flesh-eating virus,” has claimed its fourth victim: a Florida man who contracted the illness while swimming in Mississippi.

26.06.2015 00:23

'May suck in a boat': Giant vortex in southern US lake wows onlookers (VIDEO)
A mysterious giant vortex has appeared in Lake Texoma, between Texas and Oklahoma. The phenomenon shot on video appears to be draining the lake right in front of puzzled onlookers. The footage has caused a stir online.

25.06.2015 08:34

5.8 earthquake strikes Alaska
A moderate earthquake has struck Alaska some 125 km north-west of Anchorage. Initially reported as magnitude 5.6, it was upgraded to 6.2 before USGS reviewed it as 5.8.

24.06.2015 23:03

Disastrous heatwave kills almost 700 in Pakistan
A three-day heatwave in Pakistan has killed nearly 700 people, primarily in the southern province of Sindh. A state of emergency has been declared in hospitals, while army is being deployed to help stroke centers.

23.06.2015 17:44

Penguin missing from flood-ravaged Tbilisi Zoo found hiding in debris
Rescue workers cleaning up the zoo in the Georgian capital, which was hit hard by a massive flood earlier this month, have found one of its missing penguins alive. The bird was hiding in the zoo, in the debris of the predators’ enclosure.

23.06.2015 14:14

Tornados & storms wreak havoc in US Mid-West, Great Lakes area (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The US Mid-West and Great Lakes region have been battered by severe storms. A tornado hit Coal City, some 60 miles (97km) southwest of Chicago, injuring seven people, while five people had to be rescued in the state of Michigan.

23.06.2015 09:16

Dazzling northern lights, major geomagnetic storm hits Earth (PHOTOS)
A major solar explosion and geomagnetic storm resulted in incredible northern lights on Monday night, mainly seen across northern Europe and North America.

23.06.2015 05:36

Swim to your car, it’s 'normal'! Downpour turns roads to rivers in Russian cities (PHOTOS)
Several Russian cities, including Moscow and Kursk, were partly flooded on Saturday. While streets turned into "rivers" as sewer systems failed to cope with the torrents of water, local authorities said that everything was "normal."

20.06.2015 20:46