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Apocalyptic rainstorm floods Moscow streets, lightning blasts gas station (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A heavy rainstorm washed over the Russian capital on Friday, prompting an extreme weather warning, sending torrents of water rushing down the city’s streets, and blowing up a gas station with lightning.

22.05.2015 17:52

Holy sun! Solar halo in Mexico causes social media frenzy (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A perfectly round rainbow-like halo surrounded the sun in several Mexican cities, including the country's capital on Thursday. People spent the day with their heads looking up at the sky, trying to capture the phenomenon and share it on social media.

22.05.2015 13:02

Twisted weather: 19 tornadoes wreak havoc, down power in central US states (IMAGES)
At least 19 tornadoes have struck the mid-US this weekend damaging homes and causing blackouts, according to weather channels. The worst affected states are Oklahoma and Texas, which were hit by hail and destructive storms.

17.05.2015 12:46

2004 Gulf of Mexico oil spill could leak another 100 years - report
An oil leak that occurred when an offshore platform toppled during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 has continued to spill oil into the Gulf of Mexico – and could keep leaking for another 100 years, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

16.05.2015 02:51

Dozens injured, houses destroyed: Powerful storms ravage central US (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Snow, flooding and powerful tornadoes have ripped through many central US states, emergency officials said. The most affected were Texas and South Dakota where dozens of people have been injured and many houses were left in ruins.

11.05.2015 08:35

May SNOWFALL hits Chelyabinsk in Russia, thousands left without power (PHOTOS)
Chelyabinsk, the Russian city that made headlines with its meteorite, triple sun and blue snow, has been hit by a new natural phenomenon. The city in the Southern Urals marked May 9 with a sudden snowfall so thick it left 39,000 people without power.

10.05.2015 09:01

Trail of destruction as tornadoes rip through Texas (IMAGES)
One person was killed after at least two tornadoes tore through parts of northern Texas. Meteorologists warned of worsening weather conditions for a broad swath of the state just days after several Great Plains states were pummeled by tornadoes.

10.05.2015 06:23

San Diego fills fishing lake with drinking water, despite drought
Despite a massive, multi-year drought in California, one city is choosing to use potable water for recreation. San Diego has pumped tens of millions of gallons of drinking water into a lake to maintain its sole use of recreational fishing.

08.05.2015 22:56

Volcanoes may cause drastic temperature changes on distant super-Earth
Astronomers have detected dramatic temperature changes on a solid planet far beyond our solar system, likely caused by massive volcanoes on the super-Earth’s surface.

05.05.2015 08:44

Colossal waves in California blamed on New Zealand storm
A recent storm near New Zealand is being blamed for major waves thousands of miles away off the coast of California this week.

04.05.2015 16:36

Dead zones: Places where no animal can survive found in Atlantic Ocean
A team of German and Canadian marine biologists have for the first time ever witnessed so-called ‘dead zones’ in the Atlantic Ocean – places where no life can thrive, owing to there being almost no dissolved oxygen in the water.

03.05.2015 10:47

Man-made climate change to cause more English heat waves – scientists
Record hot years in England are expected to increase further over coming years because of man-made climate change, scientists say.

01.05.2015 12:52