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​State Dept. wrote to Sony for help in countering Islamic State, Russian narratives
Emails published this week by WikiLeaks reveal that a senior State Dept. official asked the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment for help in countering the narratives of the Russian Federation and the so-called Islamic State.

17.04.2015 18:44

WikiLeaks releases 'The Sony Archives' showing corporation's ties to White House
Secret-spilling group WikiLeaks has taken the trove of documents stolen during last year’s colossal Sony Pictures Entertainment hack and made them searchable through a new database to show “the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation.”

16.04.2015 16:48

Hillary Clinton: What to know about her recent controversies, scandals
Hillary Clinton, a former US secretary of state (and senator, and First Lady), will reportedly announce her 2016 presidential run Sunday via social media. Expect these recent Clinton scandals to surface again (and again) for the duration of her candidacy.

10.04.2015 18:10

‘I had always known I was different’ Chelsea Manning on transitioning as a woman
Private Chelsea Manning faced stern resistance when she wanted to come out as transgender, she said in an exclusive ​interview with Cosmopolitan. She also spoke about her transition to living as woman in a military prison.

09.04.2015 00:08

Whistleblowing Manning begins tweeting from prison
The former Army intelligence analyst and whistleblower, who passed classified US documents to Wikileaks, has begun tweeting from prison. Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley, is using the handle @xychelsea.

03.04.2015 19:03

‘Like living inside space station’: Julian Assange marks 1,000 days in limbo
It has been exactly 1,000 days since whistleblower Julian Assange was forced to hide out at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where outside powers can’t prosecute him. Supporters are holding a vigil for the WikiLeaks founder today.

16.03.2015 11:25

Swedish prosecutors offer to question Assange in London over rape case
Swedish prosecutors have offered to question Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London over allegations of sexual misconduct and rape, Reuters reports. The WikiLeaks founder’s lawyer said he welcomes the request, but the process will take time.

13.03.2015 08:18

​WikiLeaks still under investigation, but not its supporters, says DOJ
Documents pertaining to the United States government’s probe of WikiLeaks can stay secret, a federal judge has ruled, because disclosures could compromise the Justice Department’s still ongoing investigation of the antisecrecy organization.

05.03.2015 14:50

​Anonymous hacktivist deported back to US after failed asylum bid
A United States military veteran who claims he was interrogated and tortured by American officials as part of an alleged investigation into online groups WikiLeaks and Anonymous has been deported from Canada to face child porn charges in the US.

02.03.2015 18:34

Assange’s prosecutor has not done anything in 4 years – WikiLeaks spokesperson
Hundreds of days of the WikiLeaks founder’s drawn-out extradition case have become commonly regarded as a “circus” and a “mess,” spokesperson for the organization Kristinn Hrafnsson told RT, as Julian Assange has appealed to the Swedish Supreme Court.

25.02.2015 20:52

Assange lawyers lodge appeal with Swedish Supreme Court
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is appealing to the Swedish Supreme Court, the highest in the country’s judicial system, to try and persuade a judge the arrest warrant against him over alleged sexual offenses should be dropped.

25.02.2015 12:03

​Payback 13: Last of Anonymous anti-copyright hacktivists sentenced in Virginia
A terminally ill Ohio man, alleged by authorities to have played a pivotal role in the online operations of hacktivist group Anonymous, has been sentenced to six months home confinement for his part in a massive 2010 digital protest.

20.02.2015 16:16