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Unidentified people shoot at three Slavyansk checkpoints – reports


Army rejects clemency for Chelsea Manning
WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning will not receive clemency from the United States military, the US Army said on Monday afternoon.

14.04.2014 17:10

WikiLeaks release: Internet governance body trying to stop NSA surveillance
WikiLeaks has published what the anti-secrecy organization says is the penultimate draft agreement expected to be discussed later this month in Brazil at a global internet governance meeting co-hosted by 12 countries including the United States.

08.04.2014 16:17

Snowden, Poitras honored with Ridenhour truth-telling award
Edward Snowden is to be awarded the Ridenhour Prize for truth-telling along with filmmaker and journalist Laura Poitras, who aided the whistleblower in disclosing numerous documents about government surveillance.

07.04.2014 10:19

Manning attorney denounces unfair trial, files clemency papers
WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning did not receive a fair trial, the attorney who represented her in last year’s court-martial wrote on Wednesday, and her counsel has taken the next steps in seeking clemency from the United States military.

27.03.2014 15:54

Pvt. Manning petitions for formal name change
Army Private Chelsea Manning – previously tried and convicted as Bradley Manning for handing over secret US documents to WikiLeaks – is officially asking a Kansas court for a legal name change.

20.03.2014 16:46

Assange: NSA, GCHQ’s ability to surveil everyone on planet ‘almost here’
The NSA and GCHQ will soon have the ability to spy on the entire planet, as their capabilities double every 18 months, Julian Assange told the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference on Saturday.

08.03.2014 19:39

Snowden, Assange and Greenwald scheduled to address Texas tech conference from abroad
Three of the top presenters scheduled to speak at a technology conference in Texas next week will deliver their remarks remotely due to leak investigations that have left them all unable or unwilling to come to the United States.

05.03.2014 15:21

Prosecutors: Barrett Brown and Anonymous ‘secretly plotted the overthrow of the government’
Has the hacktivist group Anonymous been secretly plotting to overthrow the United States government? Federal prosecutors seem to think so, but attorneys for a Texas man on trial for alleged computer crimes say such isn’t the case.

26.02.2014 18:13

UK shells out over $8mn to monitor Julian Assange
The UK has spent over $8 million on monitoring the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where Julian Assange has been holed up for 20 months. His stay is having a knock-on effect on British taxpayers, reportedly costing them over $16,000 a day.

26.02.2014 04:44

Four years after ‘Collateral Murder,’ Lockheed unveils new cameras for Apache helicopters
The United States is outfitting hundreds of armed Apache helicopters with new technology more advanced than what’s available on other rotorcraft, and the Pentagon says the upgrades will allow chopper gunners to strike targets with unmatched accuracy.

21.02.2014 17:29

‘Reckless & unlawful’: Assange calls for probe into NSA ‘manhunt’ on WikiLeaks
Julian Assange has called on the White House to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate NSA spying on WikiLeaks. Secret documents have revealed how the NSA spied on WikiLeaks and its followers, seeking to classify it as “a malicious foreign actor.”

18.02.2014 07:25

Sealed files reveal US hunt for WikiLeaks associates
​On the eve of the anniversary of one of WikiLeaks’ biggest releases, previously unseen documents pertaining to the United States government’s secretive investigation into the group and its American associates have been unearthed.

17.02.2014 17:28

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