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World Economic Forum

UK plunges in gender equality rankings, lack of women in business – report
The UK has fallen from the top 20 in the global rankings for gender equality, a study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows. Commentators attribute the fall to low levels of female economic participation.

28.10.2014 14:51

World ‘great’ for billionaires at Davos, rampant inequality still threat
On the eve of the Davos forum Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, said that “the world is better than it has ever been before,” but experts at the forum in Switzerland suggest his view from the top may be a bit foggy.

22.01.2014 12:54

The world according to the global power brokers
When the World Economic Forum released its 2013 Global Risks Report earlier this year, it included an interesting array of proposals which should raise eyebrows and be taken very seriously.

26.08.2013 10:00

‘We’re trying to build capitalism without capitalists’ – Russian tycoon
Russia’s 'failure' to build capitalism without a market economy costs it almost two thirds of GDP, Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska told RT on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos. He also says the country lacks entrepreneurial expertise.

27.01.2013 14:43

‘Good governance is what Russia really needs’ – Davos participants
Attendees of the plenary session on Russia’s development at the WEF in Davos think good governance should become Russia’s top priority for further progressive development.

23.01.2013 15:24

Current oil prices optimal for consumers and producers, Russia not interested in them rising - Medvedev
Russia is not interested in high oil prices, nor is it in them going down, PM Medvedev said at the World Economic Forum in Davos. "The current level of oil prices is more or less perfect for both manufacturers and consumers," Medvedev said.

23.01.2013 11:54

Davos 2013: Healing world economic wounds with resilient dynamism
The annual World Economic Forum meeting is due to kick off on January 23. Apart from resilient dynamism, this year’s agenda is going to cover a wide range of other burning topics.

21.01.2013 14:09

Russia Forum spends big to catch up with Davos
It’s the gold standard of networking. Many executives swear that they don’t meet as many decision-makers in a whole year, as they do in the corridors and conference rooms of an economic forum. But staging one is an expensive undertaking.

02.02.2012 04:39

Davos took the shirt off FEMEN’s back (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
Three activists from the notoriously clothing-optional FEMEN protest group were arrested in Davos Saturday as they raged against the current World Economic Forum, which they say overlooks the poorest amongst us.

28.01.2012 15:52

Deripaska 'optimistic' about commodities prices
The billionaire shareholder in Russia’s Rusal aluminium company Oleg Deripaska talks about commodity prices in an interview with RT.

27.01.2012 18:21

Davos optimism doesn't stop the blame game
The participants of the World Economic Forum are showing cautious optimism saying they believe the euro-zone crisis will be successfully resolved, though they haven’t agreed on the main issues such as Greek debt run-down yet.

27.01.2012 14:51

Expert: Capitalism needs to be handled at a global level
Business people in Davos consider creating global institutions to deal with capitalism at the global level and providing benefit for people on the street says Alan Buckle, Deputy Chairman of KPMG International.

27.01.2012 13:45