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Unexploded WWII shell found in ancient church 400 meters from Kremlin
A dud shell found in a 16th-century church has been deactivated by the Emergency Ministry engineer combat squad in the very heart of Moscow. According to legend, the church was where Tsar Ivan the Terrible married his last wife.

23.04.2014 11:01

Stalin victims, incl Crimean Tatars, rehabilitated by Putin decree
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree officially rehabilitating the Crimean Tatars and other ethnic minorities on the peninsula, who were deported en masse in 1944 by Joseph Stalin because many of them collaborated with Nazi invaders.

21.04.2014 14:56

Germany critical of ‘populist’ call to remove tanks from Berlin Soviet WWII memorial
Influential and public German organizations have condemned a call by the top-selling tabloid, Bild, to remove two tanks from a Soviet World War II memorial in Berlin in protest against Moscow’s stance on the Ukrainian crisis.

18.04.2014 13:24

Battlefield Balaklava celebrates 70th anniversary of liberation from Nazis
Balaklava, a small town south of Sevastopol in the Crimean peninsula, was where Nazi German and Romanian troops were vanquished on April 18, 1944. Nestling in a beautiful rocky bay, the town was a major prize of war for thousands of years.

18.04.2014 04:43

Memory, not history: 70 years on, Crimea's Kerch celebrates liberation from Nazis
It's been a solemn day in Crimean city of Kerch as veterans and the locals pay tribute to Soviet soldiers and civilians who suffered enormous losses in the bloody WWII fight with Nazi occupants – a memory cherished in the region to this day.

09.04.2014 16:55

Reclaiming Kerch: A hard-won WWII battle for Crimean Hero City (PHOTOS)
Hundreds of thousands killed, executed or sent to concentration camps – that was the price paid by the Soviet Union for the strategic Kerch peninsula’s liberation from Nazi Germany. Seventy years ago, fierce battles left the city of Kerch in utter ruins.

08.04.2014 15:10

​US wants to destroy Ukrainian ‘bridge’ between EU and Russia – German intellectuals support Putin
Members of German civil society have written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, condemning Russophobia in mass media and German political establishment while showing support for Moscow's actions in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.

08.04.2014 23:48

Holocaust memorial vandalized in Odessa, Kiev protesters call to burn WWII hero symbols
The memorial to Holocaust victims has been vandalized in Odessa, southern Ukraine. The perpetrators drew Nazi symbols-swastika and wolf-hook. While protesters in Kiev are demanding the arrest of those who wear St. George’s ribbons, symbol of WWII heroes.

08.04.2014 16:47

Thai scrap collectors blown up by WWII bomb (VIDEO)
Employees of a junk recycling shop in the Thai capital, Bangkok, attempted to use a blow torch on what they believed was a disarmed WWII-era aerial bomb. An explosion, estimated at 200 kg of TNT, killed at least 7 and destroyed a warehouse.

02.04.2014 11:40

Japan approves relaxed arms export rules
The Japanese government is renewing arms exports after decades of an absolute ban on the trade of defense equipment and technologies. Japan’s neighbors expect them to move away from the pacifist stance fixed in the country’s post-WWII constitution.

01.04.2014 05:14

Latvia introduces criminal charges against denial of Soviet and Nazi occupation
Anyone who denies or questions whether the Soviet Union performed an act of historical aggression against Latvia may face up to three years in prison, according to a bill considered by the Latvian parliament Thursday.

28.03.2014 10:15

German recluse agrees to return $1bn looted Nazi art collection
A German man who entirely by accident was spotted with $1 billion’s worth of Modernist and Renaissance art once looted by the Nazis, has caved in to a court decision to return the artworks to their rightful owners, or their successors.

27.03.2014 08:49

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