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ISIS barbarians at the gates, while NATO busy hyping ‘Russia threat’
As ISIS and ISIS-style terror erupts across the globe, Western governments are busy making plans to establish a rapid reaction force in Eastern Europe to ‘contain Russia’, thus qualifying them for an annual ‘you couldn’t make it up’ award.

29.06.2015 13:26

Controversial former Nazi mega-resort turned into luxury apartment complex (PHOTOS)
The Nazis’ favorite seaside resort is being opened up to visitors and even prospective real estate buyers. Finished in 1939, Prora, on the German island of Rugen, never received a single visitor.

27.06.2015 13:39

​‘No Clinton or JFK’: Historian shines light on Winston Churchill’s sex life
War-time British Prime Minister Winston Churchill rated women’s attractiveness out of 1,000, told his mother-in-law how much he liked having sex with her daughter and was definitely not gay, according to a new book.

26.06.2015 10:29

​‘Approach Muslim extremism as we approached WWII’ – ex-British Army chief
Britain must stop ‘sleepwalking’ and accept Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is an existential threat that must be defeated through ‘military intervention,’ according to the former head of the British Army.

25.06.2015 10:13

​'Go home!' Japan PM heckled over US bases in Okinawa during WWII ceremony
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was heckled on Tuesday, as citizens expressed their discontent with the United States' continued presence in Okinawa. The jeers took place during a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Okinawa.

23.06.2015 15:13

Survival genes: Scientists find DNA mutations that helped Russians during Leningrad siege
Analysis of the genome structure of Leningrad siege survivors and their contemporaries has allowed Russian scientists to spot specific DNA mutations that helped people to live through one of the most tragic chapters of the WWII.

22.06.2015 13:15

Nazi-connected companies’ products should be identified - nationalist MP
The head of the Motherland party has drafted a bill ordering special markings on all ads from companies that collaborated with Nazis during WWII, claiming many Russians would stop using the products once aware of their makers’ history.

22.06.2015 09:46

Operation Barbarossa: What would Europe look like if the Soviets hadn’t defeated Hitler?
Never has a leader so catastrophically misjudged the character of an enemy as Hitler misjudged the Soviet Union and its people prior to launching his invasion of the country on June 22, 1941.

21.06.2015 15:14

Britain to scrap Royal Navy rescue operations as Mediterranean migrant crisis escalates
As EU ministers discuss the world’s most serious refugee crisis since World War II, the British government is set to withdraw its Royal Navy flagship from its role in rescuing thousands of migrants desperately trying to cross the Mediterranean.

16.06.2015 14:21

Racist legacy: Nazi propaganda had lifetime effect on German children, scientists find
Germans who attended school during the Nazi era are likely to be far more anti-Semitic than those who grew up before or after that period, a new study by US and Swiss scientists says.

16.06.2015 13:58

‘West’s foreign policy leaders - intellectual dwarfs compared to Cold War’
Western leaders seem not to have a clue about conflict resolution and confidence building and their mentality will sooner or later lead to war, says Jan Oberg director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research.

15.06.2015 14:51

‘Serial utterer of bile and bilge’: Historian David Starkey slammed for SNP-Nazi comparison
A controversial historian has come under fire after comparing the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) to the Nazis and the saltire flag to the swastika, while claiming Scots treat the English like Hitler’s fascists treated Jews.

15.06.2015 09:21