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Upper house blasts rewriting of history, Holocaust denial
Russia’s Federation Council has passed a statement calling upon world politicians to prevent attempts to rewrite history and blame the Soviet Union for the start of WWII.

29.01.2015 08:29

​RT’s Paula Slier from Auschwitz: ‘We each take from the Holocaust something personal’
I’ve been to Auschwitz three times. Yesterday was my fourth. But whereas before I visited to say the mourner’s prayer at the unmarked graves of my murdered family, yesterday I went as a journalist.

28.01.2015 12:35

Putin: Those who rewrite history attempt to hide own disgrace
The Russian president has blasted attempts to rewrite the history of WWII and hide the crimes of Nazism as inadmissible and immoral, adding that people who do this often try to distract attention from their nations’ collaboration with Hitler.

27.01.2015 13:58

Poland lost chance to build bridges between Russia and Ukraine at Auschwitz – ex-PM
Poland had a chance to bring together the leaders of Russia and Ukraine at the commemoration of Auschwitz’ death liberation, but instead some Polish politicians cherish “anti-Russian phobias,” says former Polish PM.

25.01.2015 07:59

Rewriting history? Polish FM says Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz, Russia puzzled
The Polish FM’s statement that it was the Ukrainians who liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp has puzzled Moscow. Russia’s UN envoy remarked that the Soviet Army, which liberated the camp, was actually multinational.

21.01.2015 18:43

Dark past: Latvia blocks Nazi Holocaust exhibition in Paris due to image fears
Latvia has cancelled a Holocaust exhibition in Paris for the fear of tarnishing the country’s image as the Baltic nation currently holds the EU presidency. The exposition was to tell the story of child prisoners at a concentration camp near Riga.

21.01.2015 00:13

Auschwitz memorial: Solemnity turned into a diplomatic snub
Among issues like the Paris attacks, the news Russian President Vladimir Putin was not invited to the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Nazi death camp in Auschwitz Poland is being taken as a sign of a deepening rift between Russia and the West.

20.01.2015 16:45

Chances of new alliances clustered around Tokyo as Japan moves towards military normalization
With Japan moving towards military normalization, regional geopolitics in the East and South China Sea might be transformed creating new and unlikely alliances and new power blocs.

19.01.2015 12:17

Top Russian MP blasts West for ignoring Yatsenyuk’s ‘pro-Nazi’ statement
The head of the State Duma’s foreign relations committee is warning that re-writing history under the guise of freedom of expression may see some absurd versions of World War II events.

19.01.2015 11:00

Board game about repelling ‘Comrade Pu’s Russian invasion’ hits Estonia
A crowd-funded ‘patriotic’ board game about reclaiming Estonia after a Russian invasion has become a hit in the Baltic state, feeding on popular fears about the geopolitical ambitions of the country’s eastern neighbor.

17.01.2015 17:29

Ex-Nazi collaborators equating USSR with fascists to whitewash own sins – Jewish intl. organization
There has been “a struggle going on for several years over the narrative of WWII and the Holocaust,” chief of the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal center, Efraim Zuroff, told RT.

16.01.2015 07:07

Make yourself at home: Germany to use former Nazi barracks to house refugees
Officials in the German town of Schwerte have made plans to place some 20 refugees in barracks which were once part of the infamous Buchenwald concentration camp. The 'pragmatic solution' to provide shelter has sparked criticism, German media reported.

14.01.2015 18:28