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‘US competes with China, Russia to remain the big dog on the block’
The US doesn’t see Russia as a real threat, but political and economic rivalry is behind its narrative as Moscow and Beijing are forming alternate poles of global power and finance, says Dr. Conn Hallinan, a columnist at Foreign Policy In Focus.

26.03.2015 13:50

€25 million: Greek Jews seek reparations from Germany over Nazi deportations
Jewish leaders from Greece are seeking over €25 million (US$27 million) in reparations from Germany some seven decades after Hitler forced Jews to pay the transport costs for their passage to concentration camps.

24.03.2015 08:29

'Secret Nazi hideout' discovered deep in Argentine jungle (VIDEO)
It might not be Hitler’s famous Wolfsschanze, but an Argentianian researcher has made a controversial claim that he has identified an apparent Nazi lair hidden in the Argentinian jungle.

23.03.2015 03:35

​Greek FM proposes ‘joint commission’ with Germany on WWII reparations – report
Greece is seeking a political solution to the issue of post-WWII reparations from Berlin, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said in an interview with a German newspaper, suggesting the creation of a joint commission of experts from both countries.

23.03.2015 02:20

Osborne evokes Churchill… but would Winston call to vanquish UK’s poorest?
You know a British chancellor is desperate when he employs the kind of rhetoric associated with Winston Churchill during a budget speech.

20.03.2015 13:22

May 9 boycott calls defile Russian dead, shame American survivors
For the last 14 months the world has witnessed an international relations debacle the likes of which no history book has yet recorded. The latest relations ruination tale unveils three more US ambassadors to Ukraine bereft of their senses.

20.03.2015 10:15

Army starts destroying largest US stockpile of chemical weapons
The process of destroying America’s largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons began on Wednesday in Colorado, more than a decade after the Defense Department approved the destruction of 780,000 shells containing 2,600 tons of mustard agent.

18.03.2015 23:49

‘Chapter not closed’? Greece WWII reparations cause split among German MPs
Several senior Social Democrats (SPD) and Greens have for the first time acknowledged that Greece has a case for WWII reparations. This contradicts the stance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government which had ruled it out.

17.03.2015 18:04

Nazi ‘virus’ vaccine worn off since Nuremberg trials?
Everyone, who, as myself, has a kid in high school, is used to answering countless questions. I wonder, if any of you is finding it harder now to answer simple questions like “Wasn’t Nazism defeated in the WWII? Weren’t the Nazis convicted in Nuremberg?”

17.03.2015 15:46

Putin blasts WWII history rewriting as lies aimed at weakening Russia
The Russian president has again denounced attempts to rewrite WWII history, noting that the authors seek to sow strife between peoples and nations for their own geopolitical purposes.

17.03.2015 13:02

Lavrov confirms N. Korean leadership attending May 9 celebrations in Moscow
The North Korean leadership will come to Moscow in May for the celebration of victory in World War II, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced. If Kim Jong-un pays a visit in person, this would be his first foreign trip as head of state.

17.03.2015 12:05

Hundreds of Waffen-SS veterans march in Riga, antifascists ‘sanitize’ square after them
Up to a thousand Nazi Waffen-SS veterans and their supporters have marched through Latvia’s capital, Riga, in their annual commemorating procession. In response, Latvian anti-fascists came out to “clean up” the route.

16.03.2015 14:26