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89 yo Nazi war crime suspect dies in US custody before extradition to Germany
An 89-year-old Nazi war crimes suspect and American citizen died in custody just hours before a US court gave the go ahead for his extradition to Germany.

24.07.2014 07:27

‘Palestinians are Warsaw Ghetto prisoners of today’
In January 1943, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto mounted one of the most heroic and courageous acts of resistance human history has ever seen.

23.07.2014 11:51

​Lessons from the Liberation of Majdanek
July 23 marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most important liberations of World War II. On that day in 1944, troops of the Soviet Second Tank Army liberated the Majdanek death camp near Lublin in Poland.

July 22, 2014 12:33

‘Forced into service’: 89yo Nazi camp guard fights extradition to Germany
An 89-year-old former concentration camp guard who was accused of aiding and abetting the deaths of 216,000 Jews, claims his work in Waffen SS was not voluntary and he was “forced into a service he did not want to enter.”

19.07.2014 11:12

Decisive victory: UK navy WWII vets finally receive Russian bravery medals
Twenty-eight UK veterans of Arctic convoys supplying the Eastern Front during WWII have finally been awarded Russian Ushakov medals for their courage. It took a while before their act of heroism could be officially marked with ‘foreign’ awards.

15.07.2014 16:57

MPs in Western Ukrainian Lvov demand Poroshenko reinstate Nazi collaborators as national heroes
The city council of Lvov in western Ukraine has urged the Nazi collaborators and nationalist icons, Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, be reinstated as heroes of Ukraine.

10.07.2014 18:19

Nazi hipsters? ‘Nipster’ movement spreading across Germany
The neo-Nazi movement has collided with the hipster subculture in Germany to form a group of youths wearing beards, trendy tote bags, and bandanas stitched with Nazi slogans. Media has dubbed the fiery mix of Nazi-hipsters “nipsters.”

26.06.2014 15:52

Nazi-themed café in Indonesia reopens a year after intl outrage forced its closure
A controversial Nazi-theme café in Indonesia – replete with swastikas, a portrait of Adolf Hitler, people dressed in Nazi uniforms and a mock interrogation room – has reopened less than a year after international outrage led to its closure.

22.06.2014 05:24

Return of Stalingrad name only possible with national referendum – official
Russian Human Rights ombudsman Ella Pamfilova is suggesting the renaming of Volgograd to Stalingrad, which is favored by veterans who met President Putin in Normandy, should be decided by the whole Russian people.

09.06.2014 07:24

WWII coffins, skeletons, bombs washed up by rising seas on Marshall Islands
The skeletons of 26 Japanese soldiers who died during WWII have been washed up from their graves on the Marshal islands,said the country’s Foreign minister,as the nation is trying to battle rising sea levels endangering the Pacific archipelago’s existence

07.06.2014 16:39

D-Day tribute: Rare images of bravery and sacrifice
The 70th anniversary of the largest seaborne invasion in written history and one of the turning points of WWII – the Normandy landings – is being marked in style and with tears of joy as people remember veterans’ bravery and sacrifice.

05.06.2014 18:27

‘Bon appétit,’ Putin tells G7 leaders dishing the dirt on Russia in Brussels
President Putin wished “bon appétit” to G7 leaders who patronized Russia – excluded from the club over Ukraine – and set conditions it has to meet to restore ties with the West. Otherwise, Obama and his allies threatened, more sanctions would follow.

05.06.2014 17:49

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