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‘US seeks to swallow Ukraine to exploit resources, bring it into NATO’
The US, along with West-controlled financial institutions, plans to take Ukraine into its economic, financial and military orbit, Richard Becker from the Answer Coalition told RT.

28.01.2015 11:52

#Euromaidan 1st birthday: How the Kiev coup grew (Op-Edge)
It’s been a year since thousands of peaceful protesters took part in the initial Euromaidan rallies in Kiev, hoping for a brighter future. Since that optimistic start, the state has been torn to shreds and now its very future is in doubt.

21.11.2014 13:06

Ukraine Right Sector threatens Poroshenko with Yanukovich’s fate
Dozens of radicals threw sound and smoke grenades as they surrounded Kiev’s presidential building. The radical Right Sector leader threatened Ukraine’s president with same fate as Yanukovich, criticizing the law giving special status to eastern regions.

17.09.2014 23:50

SBU or NSA? Prankster calls Belarus leader posing as Yanukovich’s son, gets convo leaked in Kiev
A prank call with Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has been leaked by some security services to the Ukrainian media, a Russian prankster has claimed. The call, in which the young man poses as ousted president Yanukovich’s son, touches on Ukraine.

19.06.2014 15:38

'Obama and Kerry fail to show leadership qualities required to settle Ukrainian issue'
The US had set their eyes on the idea to make Ukraine the 29th EU state or perhaps even the 52nd US state, though it doesn’t have any clear scenario and simply continues "blamestorming" Russia, global financial markets expert Patrick Young told RT.

28.04.2014 11:41

Ukraine on brink of civil war after blood was spilt in east – Yanukovich
Ukraine is a foot in the door to civil war, ousted President Viktor Yanukovich said in his address from Rostov-on-Don, where he has been residing for over a month after fleeing Kiev amid protests.

13.04.2014 18:30

Crimea leaving Ukraine a tragedy - ousted president Yanukovich
Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has said that if he had had such an opportunity, he would never have allowed the Crimea referendum and the region’s subsequent separation from Ukraine.

02.04.2014 12:37

US to violate own laws by financially aiding Ukraine’s coup-installed govt – Moscow
Washington’s decision to provide financial aid to the coup-appointed government of Ukraine goes against the US laws, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said, urging American politicians to think about the consequences of supporting the radicals in Kiev.

11.03.2014 19:24

US has ‘no right to fund gangsters’: Yanukovich to challenge $1bn Ukraine aid in courts
Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich says $1bn in aid to Ukraine promised by Secretary of State John Kerry is unlawful, and he will petition the US Congress and Supreme Court for a legal judgement.

11.03.2014 10:57

Ukrainian people will bear brunt of IMF deal with tough austerity
As part of a proposed $15 billion IMF deal to save the Ukrainian economy, lenders will make sure Ukraine makes tough economic reforms which will hurt ordinary people, global financial markets expert Patrick Young told RT.

05.03.2014 01:34

Yanukovich denies ouster, says 'ashamed & guilty' for not preventing chaos
Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich pledges to fight for Ukraine. He addressed a press conference in southern Russia, appearing in public for the first time since he fled Kiev amid bloody riots.

28.02.2014 12:38

Swiss freeze Yanukovich assets
The Swiss financial regulator FINMA says the assets of Ukraine’s ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, his son Oleksander, and 18 other Ukrainians have been frozen. The assets, which Yanukovich denies having, were blocked as of 12:00 CET on Friday.

28.02.2014 10:56