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Yulia Shapovalova

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan sign ‘epoch' Eurasian Economic Union
Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan signed the historic Eurasian Economic Union which will come into effect in January 2015. Cutting down trade barriers and comprising over 170 million people it will be the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere.

29.05.2014 07:25

‘Swiss court too neutral on far right groups’
Nazism is not just staying in people’s minds, it is coming out onto our streets and trying to take over our parliaments, and this is a warning to us, Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of the United Against Fascism group, told RT.

23.05.2014 12:33

'Outrageous!' Moscow hits back at Prince Charles over Putin-Hitler comparison
Moscow has demanded an official explanation from the UK over reported comments in which Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, compared Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine to those of Adolf Hitler in the run up to World War II.

22.05.2014 15:20

Heil Tolerance! Nazi salute OK in Switzerland…if it's not political
A Nazi salute may – or may not – land you in jail in Switzerland. Apparently, you are safe if you manage to prove that it was intended as a personal statement and not a marker of political affiliation, the country’s highest court has ruled.

22.05.2014 09:23

‘Nonsense!’ Putin slams Kiev’s stance on detained Russian reporters
Accusations of illegally transporting weapons and “aiding terrorism” against Russian journalists detained in eastern Ukraine are “nonsense and delirium,” President Vladimir told reporters, calling the situation “unacceptable.”

21.05.2014 14:15

‘Zombie parliament:’ British MPs set for 223 days off work in 2014
The British House of Commons will sit for just 142 days this year, that’s 223 days off. During their time away from the parliament MPs claim they are working hard in their constituencies but this is not always the case.

20.05.2014 18:29

‘I am not a terrorist’: British mayor detained in Russia for taking pics ‘not offended’
A British man briefly detained in Samara after police thought he was a possible terrorist says he is “not offended” by what happened. John Scraggs, who is the Mayor of Chippenham, went to the city on the Volga River to take photos of trains and trams.

19.05.2014 07:11

Anti-Kiev protesters barricade City Hall in eastern Ukraine (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Anti-government protesters have seized administrative buildings, including the City Hall and prosecutor’s office in yet another city in Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine. Protesters announced an indefinite rally and are erecting barricades.

28.04.2014 13:43

‘Propaganda bullhorn’: John Kerry attacks RT during Ukraine address
John Kerry has attacked RT for its coverage of the Ukraine crisis, calling it a “propaganda bullhorn.” Neglecting to address the US’ role in the conflict or back up his assertions with any evidence, Kerry said Russia was behind the unrest in Ukraine.

25.04.2014 06:23

Pro-federalization activists take over govt buildings across Eastern Ukraine
Thousands of pro-federalization activists have rallied in cities across Eastern Ukraine, calling for greater sovereignty of their region from Kiev. Activists have formed militias that helped anti-Maidan protesters seize several government buildings.

12.04.2014 14:54

EU, US reaffirm 'energy independence' gameplan
US and EU diplomats have said they will help Ukraine cut back on Russian gas, and also promised to help diversify the Russian-dominated European energy market, a difficult long term task for energy-dependent EU countries.

02.04.2014 15:34

‘Vote for National Front is no longer a protest vote’ – Le Pen aide
The success of the French far-right in local elections shows that a vote for the National Front (FN) is no longer a protest vote as the party is being heard on subjects other than immigration, Ludovic De Danne, aide to FN leader Marine le Pen told RT.

01.04.2014 03:48