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'End of the road' for ACTA in Europe as EC withdraws court appeal over treaty
The European Commission has withdrawn its request to review ACTA’s compatibility with the EU law in the European Court of Justice. The move virtually ensures the treaty will never be adopted in the Union.

20.12.2012 22:04

'ACTA and SOPA for the blind': US, EU block treaty benefiting the visually impaired
The US and the EU are adamantly defending media copyright laws in their latest attempt to tackle counterfeit goods online. But while publishers reap the benefits, disabled persons suffer - and some even say they are being discriminated against.

23.10.2012 20:59

'Clean Internet', dirty intentions? Web activists sound censorship alarm
A European Commission policy review may stealth-impose ACTA-like draconian rules on online service providers, internet freedom activists warn. They accuse the backers of “weasel wording” in an attempt to sell the restrictions to the public.

04.09.2012 16:49

Kim Dotcom attacks Obama with new song "Mr. President"
Megaupload's Kim Dotcom — the man behind one of the most well-known file sharing sites — has a message for US President Barack Obama: where is your promise to keep the Internet free?

20.07.2012 16:31

Mexico signs ACTA
Mexico's ambassador in Japan has signed the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, despite the country's Senate having previously voted against participation in the treaty.

12.07.2012 15:12

Hydra’s new head: Copyright activists in panic over CETA
Less than a week has passed since ACTA was defeated by a comprehensive vote in the European parliament. But some copyright activists believe its provisions may get in through the backdoor via the CETA treaty.

10.07.2012 16:58

ACTA demolished: 'Huge victory for democracy and freedom online'
ACTA’s failure in the European Parliament is a huge victory for democracy and online freedom, Jeremie Zimmermann told RT. He says file sharing for the sake of private interests is “beneficial for culture, economy and therefore for the whole society.”

04.07.2012 20:37

ACTA killed: MEPs destroy treaty in final vote
ACTA has received a knockout blow from the European Parliament as the majority of MEPs voted in favor of rejecting the controversial trade agreement, which critics say would protect copyright at the expense of freedom of speech on the Internet.

04.07.2012 11:00

Europe's highest court legalizes resale of used software
Used software licenses may be resold by both individuals and companies, the European Court of Justice has ruled. A major victory against copyright holders comes as the European Parliament prepares for a vote on the controversial ACTA treaty.

03.07.2012 23:09