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Global terrorism

‘Putin on our side’: Farage demands West work with Moscow to defeat ISIS
The West must desist from its staunch opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policy in Ukraine, and form an alliance with Moscow in order to defeat Islamic State (IS), UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has said.

16.09.2014 13:42

Al-Qaeda urged ISIS to release UK aid worker following his abduction
Al-Qaeda made an appeal to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) to release British hostage, Alan Henning, on the grounds he was an honest and upright aid worker, who genuinely tried to ease the plight of suffering Muslims, it has emerged.

16.09.2014 08:30

US govt warned Sotloff's parents of prosecution if they paid ransom - family spox
The parents of murdered journalist Steven Sotloff, who was killed by Islamic State extremists, were warned by the White House that they could face criminal prosecution if they paid a ransom to free their son, the family spokesperson told Yahoo News.

14.09.2014 15:57

MPs demand clarity on UK military intervention policy in Syria
MPs have called upon UK ministers to clarify Britain’s stance on airstrikes in Syria, amid an apparent divergence in rhetoric emanating from the Foreign Office and No 10.

12.09.2014 14:11

Lawmakers weigh White House plan against Islamic State
Many in Congress, even usual opponents of President Barack Obama, are supporting the White House’s plan to combat Islamic State militants. House Speaker John Boehner, for instance, called on Congress to “give the president what he's been asking for.”

11.09.2014 18:23

‘Cameron must cooperate with Putin and Assad to defeat ISIS’ – former defense chief
Lord Richards, a former British defence chief, has advised David Cameron to form an unlikely alliance with Assad’s Syrian regime, Moscow and Iranian authorities to defeat Islamic State (IS) militants.

05.09.2014 12:40

‘Forced’ to fight: Disillusioned British jihadists afraid to come home
British jihadists in Syria are becoming increasingly disenchanted with their military pursuits in the region and wish to return to their homeland, it has emerged.

05.09.2014 08:27

UK will not pay ransom for British hostage held by ISIS – Cameron
David Cameron has urged fellow world leaders at the NATO summit that they should not pay ransoms to terrorists who kidnap their citizens. The British PM warned that such pay-outs would fund more terrorism against the West.

05.09.2014 08:16

​'A fantastic man and father': British hostage's life threatened by ISIS
A hostage from Britain currently under threat of execution by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants was formerly an aid worker who spent years helping to rebuild post-war communities in the Balkans.

04.09.2014 09:17

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