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Global terrorism

​‘16 nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorist drone attacks’ – UK govt adviser
Britain’s aging nuclear power plants are vulnerable to terrorist attacks by unmanned drones that could kill thousands of people, a government adviser has warned.

23.02.2015 15:00

Islamic State is winning the digital war against the West, says expert
Islamic State is winning the digital war against the West because its foes are failing to counter extremist propaganda or highlight fallacies in the terror group’s narratives, a leading British counter-terrorism expert says.

20.02.2015 16:10

​Limit live terror attack TV coverage, Scotland Yard urges broadcasters
​Scotland Yard has asked news broadcasters to refrain from showing live footage of special forces or police officials preparing to intercept any future terror siege in London to safeguard the lives of captives and armed officers.

30.01.2015 11:12

‘Shameful’ UK scheme to resettle Syrian refugees condemned
A group of prominent UK celebrities have written a strongly-worded open letter to PM David Cameron denouncing Britain’s resettlement program for Syrian refugees, suggesting it lacks compassion and humanity.

26.01.2015 15:51

Terror suspect ‘threatened with sexual abuse’ loses UK citizenship appeal
A terror suspect who claimed to be stateless following the Home Secretary’s decision to strip him of his British citizenship lost an appeal against her decision on Thursday. US court documents allege he was subject to US “illegal interrogation” in Africa.

23.01.2015 15:00

London mayor brandishes AK-47 on Iraq frontline during trade talks
London Mayor Boris Johnson met British troops assisting Kurdistan against the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) on Thursday during a surprise visit to crisis-ridden northern Iraq.

23.01.2015 11:52

​Middle East terror ‘bigger threat to Europeans than Cold War’ – ex-MI6 chief
Geopolitical tensions stemming from conflict and terrorism in the Middle East pose a bigger security threat to European states than the Soviet Union did at the height of the Cold War, Britain’s ex-MI6 chief warns.

19.01.2015 15:30

‘Lazy to claim French terror attacks nothing to do with Islam’ – UK Culture Secretary
Those who suggest the recent string of terror attacks in Paris have nothing to do with Islam are “lazy” and utterly inaccurate, Britain’s Culture Secretary said.

12.01.2015 12:03

G4S may have profited from Guantanamo human rights abuses – charity
Controversial security firm G4S faces a police investigation over its involvement with the US jail at Guantanamo. A leading human rights charity says the firm could be prosecuted if it has profited from human rights abuses at the prison.

12.01.2015 09:43