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Iran tension

Historical Iranian nuclear deal to be shelved again?
With the accepted interim deal over Iranian nuclear program and constant negotiations within the P5+1 framework, the July 20 deadline is expected to be met, though one should be an optimist to expect this to happen so soon.

27.03.2014 13:37

Iranian bank sues UK govt $4 billion for sanctions
The biggest private bank in Iran is suing the UK government for $4 billion, according to a claim filed in London’s high court. The Brits imposed sanctions on the bank over alleged links to Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

17.02.2014 11:50

Iran dispatches warships to US maritime border
Ships from the Iranian army’s naval fleet are headed towards the United States maritime borders as part of a longstanding protest against US vessels in the Persian Gulf, Fars News Agency reports.

08.02.2014 14:18

Iran resumes nuclear talks with IAEA in Tehran
Iran resumed talks with the UN nuclear watchdog in Tehran, with sensitive military-related issues likely to be on the agenda. The Islamic Republic earlier promised to clear up “any ambiguities” regarding its uranium enrichment program.

08.02.2014 11:15

‘US hurts itself by threatening countries over dealing with Iran’
The US risks isolation on the issue of Iran if it is going to continue threatening countries against doing business with Iran, says political analyst and professor at the University of Tehran, Seyed Mohammad Marandi.

06.02.2014 04:58

Obama's critics attack 'Iran diplomacy,' push military option
US hardliners criticized President Obama over his State of the Union speech in which he reiterated his willingness to “give diplomacy a chance” to work with Iran over the burning nuclear issue.

29.01.2014 08:33

Success at Geneva 2 in 'Russian hands' – former French PM de Villepin
Dominique de Villepin, the former French FM who came to prominence after opposing the 2003 invasion of Iraq, sat down with RT to discuss how Syria’s fate hinges on cooperation between Russia and the West, France’s struggle with austerity and more.

18.01.2014 03:00

US proponents of sanctions on Iran won’t like consequences – Iranian FM to RT
US sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program produced no positive outcomes, and if hardline lawmakers manage to impose more of those, despite President Obama’s position, they will not like the consequences, warned Iranian FM Javad Zarif.

16.01.2014 09:16

Iran, world powers agree to start implementing nuclear deal on Jan. 20
Iran and six leading world powers, the P5+1, have agreed to implement the nuclear deal reached in Geneva in November starting from January 20. Under the agreement, Tehran receives sanction relief in return for steps to curb its nuclear program.

12.01.2014 17:03

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