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Iran tension

‘I’m not paid to be optimistic’ – Lavrov at Iran talks
Speaking ahead of Iran nuclear talks on Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told journalists he is “not paid to be optimistic.” Though yet another deadline to reach a deal is fast approaching, no decision was announced over the weekend.

29.03.2015 20:51

US proposes to let Iran operate fortified nuclear site - reports
Washington is considering letting Iran operate hundreds of centrifuges at a formerly secret bunker, in exchange for limiting research at other sites, US officials taking part in the nuclear talks in Geneva told AP.

26.03.2015 16:24

Failure to secure Iran nuclear deal could spark MidEast arms race – UK Foreign Sec
Failure to strike an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program will lead to further instability and a possible nuclear arms race in the Middle East, British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond said Wednesday.

26.03.2015 13:12

‘Not just snooping’: Israel accused of feeding secret info on Iran talks to US lawmakers
Israel has been accused of feeding secret information on the Iran 5+1 nuclear talks to senior US lawmakers in an effort to scupper the negotiations, a new report says. The accusation was met with sharp denial in Tel Aviv.

24.03.2015 07:48

Israel’s delegation in Paris trying to prevent ‘bad’ Iran nuclear deal
Top Israeli officials are visiting France in a last-minute effort to discuss and “amend loopholes” in the nuclear deal with Iran, which Tel Aviv sees as dangerous. It follows reported disagreements between the US and France around negotiating strategy.

24.03.2015 03:28

Netanyahu’s actions may make Washington 'reconsider' Israel policy - White House
The US is “evaluating” its policy towards Israel in the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election and campaign statements. This could involve passing a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements.

19.03.2015 18:54

Netanyahu tried to cancel Mossad briefing for US senators on Iran sanctions – report
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unsuccessfully tried to block a Mossad briefing for US senators, which was aimed at warning the lawmakers that the new Iran sanctions bill could cause a collapse of nuclear talks, Time magazine revealed.

15.03.2015 08:26

P5+1 in ‘secret talks’ to lift Iran sanctions if nuclear deal reached – report
World powers have been in talks to begin lifting UN sanctions against Iran if a deal is reached in upcoming nuclear discussions, media sources said. A UN resolution would make the deal binding, bypassing recently voiced objections in the US Senate.

13.03.2015 00:14

Neocon push for 'military option' in Iran hurts US - White House
The White House blasted Senate Republicans’ open letter to Iran on Monday, comparing it to “efforts of neocons in the previous administration” to prefer military options over diplomacy, thereby harming America's standing in the world.

09.03.2015 21:39