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Iraq carnage

​UN threatens sanctions on anyone trading oil with ISIS terrorists
The UN Security Council has voiced “grave concern” over reports of oil trading with ISIS militant groups in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has seized control of oilfields in the area and is reportedly using the revenues to finance its nascent Islamic State.

29.07.2014 04:44

​Real ‘Battle of Iraq’ is only beginning
Ideology or religion, nationalism, self-determination, and independence appear lofty notions and goals, but in reality, it is "always ... about the oil, stupid!" to paraphrase Professor Schwartz paraphrasing Bill Clinton.

03.07.2014 12:19

Baghdad bodyguard: US troops in Iraq to receive Apache helicopters, drones
US troops and advisors in Iraq with get Apache attack helicopters and spy drones to provide security for US embassy diplomats and staff as Iraq forces battle Sunni extremists linked to Al-Qaeda, according to Pentagon officials.

03.07.2014 10:30

‘West seeks to knock out strategic enemies, divide & destroy Middle East’
There is nothing new in the Western policy towards Middle East and it’s clear that the winners are the State of Israel and its Western backers, and the losers are the people of the region, independent filmmaker Sukant Chandan told RT.

03.07.2014 03:14

More than 2,400 killed in Iraq in June, highest monthly toll since 2007
At least 2,417 people have been killed in Iraq in June 2014, the majority of them civilians, according to figures released by the United Nations. The death toll in the violence-plagued country is the highest since May 2007.

01.07.2014 04:55

Was Iraq War worth the cost? 75% of Americans say no - poll
As the insurgency in Iraq threatens the stability of the Shiite-led government there, only 18 percent of Americans think the Iraq War was worth the costs, according to a new poll.

24.06.2014 01:23

‘Iraq may become a country of widows & orphans': Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan afraid for their future
Despite ISIS militants tightening their grip on Iraq, seizing more and more cities, people in Kurdistan believe they will survive the crisis, even with a shortage of fuel. But the refugees think that the situation in the country will become worse.

23.06.2014 11:40

Kerry: US ‘not responsible’ for crisis in Iraq, Libya
US Secretary of State John Kerry said Washington is “not responsible” for either the crisis in Libya, or violence in Iraq, where militants of the Al-Qaeda offshoot group ISIS are capturing cities one by one.

22.06.2014 19:30

All you need to know about ISIS and what is happening in Iraq
As ISIS, a group thought to consist of only a few thousand people led by a shadowy figurehead, defeats forces many times its size to capture a large part of Iraq, RT looks into what is ISIS, and how has it achieved its terrifying triumphs.

18.06.2014 13:23

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