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Iraq carnage

White House hopes new Iraq base will boost Sunni recruitment
The US hopes a new base in Anbar province will spur Iraq’s Sunnis to volunteer for training, the White House said. President Obama ordered 450 more troops to the Iraq facility in hopes of bolstering resistance to Islamic State forces in Ramadi.

10.06.2015 19:32

‘2,300 Humvees in Mosul alone’: Iraq reveals number of US arms falling into ISIS hands
Iraq has admitted that ISIS jihadists captured huge caches of US-made weapons, including thousands of Humvees seized from Iraqi forces retreating from Mosul last year. The spoils of war have since then been used by ISIS to gain ground in Iraq and Syria.

01.06.2015 03:51

‘We pledge full US support’: Biden backpedals after US slights Iraqi army
A day after the US Defense Secretary questioned the Iraqi army’s “will to fight” Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) jihadists, Vice President Joe Biden called Iraqi PM Haider Abadi to reassure him of continued American support in the fight against IS.

26.05.2015 00:06

‘No will’ to fight ISIS? US Defense Sec blasts Iraqi troops
US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has lashed out at the Iraqi army, which last week abandoned the major central city of Ramadi, as well as millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, to the Islamic State, despite reportedly outnumbering the jihadists 10-to-1.

24.05.2015 20:45

‘Surge’ architects want US ground troops in Iraq to wash out ISIS
Speaking to lawmakers, retired Army officers and think tank officials who engineered the 2006 US “surge” in Iraq advocated a return of US ground troops to the region, lamenting the fall of Ramadi as a strategic setback in the war on Islamic State.

22.05.2015 01:09

ISIS claims full control of Ramadi after Iraqi troops abandon positions (VIDEO)
Iraqi forces have retreated from a compound they used as a command center in Ramadi, losing control of Anbar’s provincial capital to Islamic State militants, despite substantial US airstrike support helping Iraqi troops and loyal militia hold the city.

17.05.2015 23:21

ISIS captures capital of Iraqi Anbar, raises black flag over Ramadi govt HQ
ISIS militants have captured and raised black flag over main government compound in the strategic capital of Iraq’s Anbar province. Some 70 civilians have reportedly been executed in the city of Anbar which mostly fallen into the hands of jihadists.

16.05.2015 01:03

‘I had a tape ready in case they killed me’ – Iraqi Bush shoe-thrower to RT
Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi, who became famous seven years ago after he threw his shoes at US President George W. Bush, shared with RT’s Anissa Naouai why he planned his act of protest and what torture he had to face afterwards.

05.05.2015 19:32

ISIS accused of mass-murdering ‘hundreds’ of Yazidi captives in Iraq
ISIS jihadists have reportedly executed up to 600 Yazidi hostages, including many women and children, in the Tal Afar district in northern Iraq, according to local media and Kurdish sources.

03.05.2015 03:47