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Iraq carnage

Father of suspected 'Jihadi John' awaiting trial for bombing embassies, was a bin Laden lieutenant
The father of the man suspected to be ‘Jihadi John,’ who beheaded journalist James Foley, is awaiting trial in New York for the bombing of two US embassies, which killed a total of 224. He is also accused of being a top lieutenant for Osama bin Laden.

25.08.2014 17:01

Islamic State threatens to ‘drown’ American targets in blood in new video
As Iraqi forces retake control of the country’s largest dam, a video by Islamic State militants have vowed to “drown” American targets in blood if the United States continues to launch airstrikes against the group.

19.08.2014 01:15

ISIS militants massacre 80 Yazidis, kidnap women in Iraqi village
Some 80 members of Iraq's Yazidi minority have been massacred by Islamic State militants in a village in Iraq's north, Kurdish officials said.

15.08.2014 20:38

Siege of Iraq’s Mount Sinjar broken, but US ready to continue airstrikes
President Barack Obama has declared that the Islamic State militants’ siege of Mount Sinjar in Iraq has been broken and that an evacuation would not now be necessary. However, the US might continue airstrikes to protect US facilities in the country.

14.08.2014 19:34

Obama on solving Iraq crisis: 'It will take some time'
​US President Barack Obama has stated that ending the crisis in Iraq may “take some time,” and it will be more than a few weeks.

09.08.2014 12:30

US allies cultivated Islamic State. Now IS plans to 'raise flag of Allah in White House'
As the Islamic State tears through minority communities in northern Iraq, the extremist terror group, that owes its ascendance to funding from US allies in the Middle East, sent a message to the White House: We’re coming for you.

08.08.2014 14:12

US considers ‘military options’ in Iraq to save Yazidis, Christians
US President Barack Obama is considering military action to help stranded Yazidi Kurds in Iraq who fled territories captured by Islamic State militants.

07.08.2014 16:06

​UN threatens sanctions on anyone trading oil with ISIS terrorists
The UN Security Council has voiced “grave concern” over reports of oil trading with ISIS militant groups in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has seized control of oilfields in the area and is reportedly using the revenues to finance its nascent Islamic State.

29.07.2014 04:44

​Real ‘Battle of Iraq’ is only beginning
Ideology or religion, nationalism, self-determination, and independence appear lofty notions and goals, but in reality, it is "always ... about the oil, stupid!" to paraphrase Professor Schwartz paraphrasing Bill Clinton.

03.07.2014 12:19

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