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Israel-Gaza strikes

Palestinian toddler dead as Israel sends jets, tanks in retaliatory Gaza op
Israeli warplanes have carried out an airstrike in the Gaza Strip in response to the fatal shooting of an Israeli civilian, the Israel Defense Force has confirmed. At least one Palestinian has been reportedly killed in the strike.

24.12.2013 14:12

Israeli minister suggests annex of West Bank settlements
Israel’s Economy Minister believes the time has come to annex parts of the West Bank and install full economic and military control over Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, which are deemed illegal under international law.

09.12.2013 01:45

Israel returns fire on Gaza following reports of IDF intrusion
Israel bombed two targets in the Gaza Strip as a response to earlier fire from across the border, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Palestinians had fired at Israel after an IDF incursion reportedly took place on the Strip’s eastern border.

15.11.2013 01:48

‘US mediation made Israeli-Palestinian problem even worse’
The US has been a biased broker in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and unless Washington changes its flagrant pro-Israeli stance the consequences could be even more devastating, historian and writer Rashid Khalidi told RT.

29.04.2013 15:25

Israel hits Palestinian targets in response to Gaza rocket fire
Israeli aircraft have launched a strike on a Palestinian radical group in Gaza in response to insurgents’ rocket fire, the Israeli military say.

28.04.2013 05:19

Israel never stopped pirating in Palestinian waters
Though you wouldn't know it from the lack of media coverage, for decades Israel has been committing acts of piracy in Palestinian waters: Attacking, kidnapping and stealing from Palestinian fishers, sometimes just a mile off the Gaza Strip's coast.

24.04.2013 07:58

Israel not to probe ‘unfortunate’ killing of 10 members of Gaza family
The Israeli Military’s legal arm has decided not to open a criminal probe into the deaths of 10 members of the Palestinian al-Dalou family killed in the IDF’s air-strike on their home during the Gaza war last year.

14.04.2013 12:54

UN suspends food and cash distribution, leaving Gaza destitute
The UN has suspended operation of all of its food distribution outlets in Gaza following protesters storming one of them. The centers will resume operation when the UN Relief and Works Agency gets safety confirmation for its property and staff.

05.04.2013 12:17

Israel won’t sit back as Palestinian militants attack from Gaza – defense minister
Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has said Tel Aviv will not tolerate any fire from Gaza on its territory. The statement comes after the first major exchange of fire since November.

02.04.2013 21:35

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