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Israel vs Iran

Israel hit with rockets from Egypt’s Sinai, ISIS affiliate claims responsibility
Several rockets have struck Israel, with an ISIS-affiliated group in Egypt’s Sinai claiming responsibility. There were no casualties. Some view the assault as a follow-up to July 1, the Sinai Province group’s biggest one against Egyptian forces in years.

04.07.2015 06:01

​Israel suspends defense aid talks with US, awaits outcome of Iran nuclear deal
Israel has suspended talks with the US over defense aid to the Jewish state. The freeze will remain at least until nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group have ended. It comes amid increased tensions between the White House and Tel Aviv.

25.06.2015 11:02

Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS – Netanyahu
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has once again beaten the drums of potential danger stemming from the nuclear deal with Iran, claiming that a nuclear-armed Iran is a “thousand times” more dangerous and destructive than ISIS.

27.05.2015 04:31

S-300 in Iran ‘no threat to Israel’: Putin briefs Netanyahu on defensive weapons concept
Following Russia’s decision to lift a ban on supplying S-300 missile systems to Iran, the Israeli PM has called President Putin to express his “grave concerns” – and received a detailed explanation of defensive weapons and the logic behind Moscow’s move.

14.04.2015 23:14

Iran is stability to counterbalance Israeli ocean of chaos
The historic framework agreement over Iran’s nuclear program, reached after extensive talks in Lausanne, marks a triumph of sanity amid the insanity responsible for chaos and carnage across the Middle East.

03.04.2015 13:13

Israel will mobilize all ‘friends and assets’ to try and derail Iran nuclear deal
Although Israel will mobilize all resources to try and derail Iran’s nuclear deal, Washington’s allies in the Middle East will eventually have to adjust to a new reality, Daoud Khairallah, Professor of International Law at Georgetown University, told RT.

03.04.2015 01:44

Israel’s delegation in Paris trying to prevent ‘bad’ Iran nuclear deal
Top Israeli officials are visiting France in a last-minute effort to discuss and “amend loopholes” in the nuclear deal with Iran, which Tel Aviv sees as dangerous. It follows reported disagreements between the US and France around negotiating strategy.

24.03.2015 03:28

​Obama confirms ‘evaluating options’ after Netanyahu’s ‘no Palestinian state’ pledge
Since Netanyahu apparently meant what he said in announcing that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch, the White House is re-evaluating its policy towards Israel and seeking other option to avoid chaos in the region, the US President has said.

22.03.2015 02:10

Netanyahu tried to cancel Mossad briefing for US senators on Iran sanctions – report
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unsuccessfully tried to block a Mossad briefing for US senators, which was aimed at warning the lawmakers that the new Iran sanctions bill could cause a collapse of nuclear talks, Time magazine revealed.

15.03.2015 08:26