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Libyan conflict

‘Libya’s problem isn’t lack of weapons to fight ISIS, but lack of any real government’
Lifting the arms embargo on Libya will not help to combat ISIS, as the real problem is that since NATO intervention in 2011, the country has splintered, with the government not really in control of anything, political analyst Chris Bambery told RT.

19.02.2015 03:06

​Libya requests UNSC lift arms embargo to fight ISIS
Libya and Egypt have asked the UN Security Council to lift restrictions on the import of arms to the embattled Libyan government, but dropped an Egypt-backed request for a military intervention to combat ISIS extremist threat.

18.02.2015 23:54

West's action in Libya in 2011 was a 'mistake' - Italy's foreign ministry
Western countries made a 'mistake' three years ago, when they intervened in Libya to overthrow the Gaddafi regime, according to Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs. The statement came amid reports of the US discussing airstrikes on Libya's territory.

05.12.2014 15:25

‘Being called Gaddafi is enough to condemn people in the eyes of the world' – lawyer
Once a welcome guest in European high society, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi now awaits trial for his alleged role in the 2011 uprising. Libyan militias are refusing to hand him over to the Hague tribunal, while skeptics doubt he will face a fair trial at home.

10.11.2014 09:29

Reckless or feckless? UKIP candidate seeks immigration control lessons from… Gaddafi
UKIP parliamentary by-election candidate Mark Reckless has campaigned for tighter immigration controls, citing an unlikely inspiration – none other than the former ruler of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi.

05.11.2014 15:03

Libya closes Benghazi port amid fighting with militants
The major Libyan commercial port of Benghazi has been closed due to ongoing fighting between Islamist militants and pro-government forces struggling to retake the area.

04.11.2014 18:31

​Libyan crisis pushes number of refugees to 300,000 - UN
The United Nations refugee agency has said that a spike in violence between rival militias has displaced about 287,000 Libyans from their homes. Meanwhile UN chief Ban Ki-moon arrived in Tripoli Saturday for talks with the warring factions.

11.10.2014 19:48

Libyan militia occupies US embassy in Tripoli to 'secure' it
The Dawn of Libya, an Islamist militia group, has said that it has secured the US embassy compound in the Libyan capital Tripoli, more than a month after US staff evacuated the building.

31.08.2014 14:34

​Egypt and UAE have been conducting secret air strikes on Libya – report
Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have been joining forces in secret to carry out air strikes on Libya, anonymous high-ranking US officials told the media. The two countries have reportedly coordinated and launched the attacks twice in the last week.

25.08.2014 17:18