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Libyan conflict

90% of aircraft destroyed at Tripoli airport, Libya may seek international assistance
Libya is considering a deployment of international force to re-establish security amid a flare-up of violence in Tripoli which saw dozens of rockets destroy most of the civilian aircraft fleet at its international airport.

15.07.2014 03:04

7 killed, over 30 wounded in Libya clashes
Seven people have been killed and 36 others wounded in the worst clashes in the Libyan capital for six months, the Health Ministry says. Tripoli airport witnessed multiple explosions and heavy gunfire during the fighting between rival militia groups.

13.07.2014 06:04

'Depart immediately!' US sends 1,000 marines on assault ship to Libya
The US is sending 1,000 Marines in an amphibious assault ship to Libya's coast as a “precautionary” move should the US embassy require evacuation, a US official said. Security concerns also led the US to suggest Americans in Libya "depart immediately."

27.05.2014 20:12

43 killed in Libya clashes, authorities close Benghazi airport
Forty-three people were killed in Friday clashes between two militias and army troops loyal to a rogue general in Libya. The country’s authorities called the military offensive a “coup” and closed Benghazi's airport.

16.05.2014 20:43

​Gunmen raid Libyan parliament, stop crucial vote on next PM
Gunmen attacked Libya’s parliament on Tuesday just as lawmakers were to hold a vote on the country’s next prime minister. The assailants opened fire, wounding several, according to parliament spokesman Omar Hmeidan.

29.04.2014 20:55

​Libyan rebels agree to end eastern oil ports blockade within days
Rebel forces in eastern Libya have agreed with the government to soon end its months-long blockade of oil export ports, according to a senior leader of the group.

01.04.2014 21:29

Bomb strikes Libyan capital’s international airport
A bomb exploded in the major airport of Libya’s capital, Tripoli, sparking further concerns about the widespread violence that has plunged the crisis-torn country into chaos.

22.03.2014 08:21

Libya is epicenter of illicit arms trade – UN
Libya has been named as the primary source of the illegal weapons trade that is fueling conflicts in at least 14 countries around the world, a final report from the UN's independent panel on Libya’s sanctions announced.

11.03.2014 01:06

Libyan govt launches military operation against oil trafficking rebels
Libya is poised for conflict as the government has ordered a military operation against rebel militias who have loaded $38 million worth of oil onto a foreign tanker in Es Sider. Rebels earlier said they would treat any attack as “a declaration of war.”

10.03.2014 17:42

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