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UK riots

Iraq vet death, Pirate Bay, WikiLeaks: 14 most-underreported news stories of 2014
Seven countries bombed in six years, net neutrality remains up in the air, the death of a TV reporter in Turkey, and the unsolved tragedy of the Odessa massacre: just a few of RT’s top 14 underreported stories to slip through the MSM cracks in 2014.

28.12.2014 19:00

Northern Ireland 1972: A 'model' of sectarian 'divide & rule'
Revelations about the British Army's collusion with Loyalist terrorists during the Northern Ireland 'troubles' went one step further this week with TV testimony from former soldiers that they had been part of a secret unit. 

22.11.2013 10:45

Banned in the UK! BBC fights for right to air riot docudrama
The BBC is considering making an appeal against a court order which stopped it from broadcasting a dramatized film on last year’s riots in London.

18.07.2012 09:21

DIPs and ‘skunk oil’ to repel rioters in Britain
UK police are proving more and more inventive in their search for ‘less lethal’ ways to disperse protests. Chemical irritants, bizarrely-named ‘skunk oil’ and other ‘inventions’ are being presented as alternatives to plastic bullets.

10.04.2012 01:46

Crowd control: CS gas & water cannons on London police wish list
London Police may soon get access to water cannons, CS gas and even more Tasers as a means to tackle pesky troublemakers. The demand for a stronger force was unveiled in a Scotland Yard report analyzing the police response to last August’s riots.

14.03.2012 11:21

Profile picture: London cops accused of racist stop-and-searches
Europe ruled it illegal, but police in Britain continue to stop and search people whenever and wherever they like, with little grounds for suspicion. The area of society which finds itself most often targeted believes there is only one reason for it.

11.01.2012 06:37

The year of dissent: Anarchy in the UK
In 2011, the UK saw a level of violence it hadn’t seen for years. The death of a 29-year old black man in London sparked four days of rioting and looting that resulted in at least five deaths and caused about £200 million worth of damage.

01.01.2012 01:29

Shoot the arsonists: UK cops to use live rounds during riots?
Britain wants its police to be allowed to shoot live rounds at arsonists - that’s the conclusion of a recent report. So next time rioters take to the streets, they might just get a real bullet in the head rather than a rubber one.

21.12.2011 11:55

Lock, Stock and Laser? UK police go high-tech
While Britain’s increasingly militarized police forces have relied on tear-gas, batons, and rubber bullets to keep rioters at bay, a new 007-style laser weapon may soon repel rioters with a dazzling wall of light.

12.12.2011 15:24