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Rain dampens final day of MAKS air show
The final day of the MAKS International air show was to be marked by spectacular airborne displays of the world's finest aircraft and pilots. However, nonstop rain around Moscow caused a serious change of plan.

21.08.2011 09:26

Sukhoi Superjet shines at MAKS $10 billion aviation mart
Deals signed during the international air show MAKS have surpassed the event’s previous record of $10 billion. The Sukhoi Superjet 100, a joint project between Russia and France, hits the best-seller list.

20.08.2011 07:42

MAKS 2011 throws open its doors to public
The MAKS-2011 is continuing into a third day. After two days of private viewing, the exhibition has thrown open its doors to the public this morning.

19.08.2011 09:14

PAK FAbulous: 'Russian Stealth' stuffing top-secret
The T-50 is still being developed, so most of its technical specifications are top-secret. But visitors to the MAKS-2011 air show got truly unique chance to see the jet in flight when PAK FA’s first-ever public display took place.

19.08.2011 05:57

Fifth generation T-50 to be armed with state-of-the-art missiles
State-of-the-art missiles for Russia’s first 5th generation fighter jet are undergoing final tests to ensure that when the T-50 is deployed in 2014 its advanced weaponry will be ready to make it invincible in the skies.

18.08.2011 09:38

RT in-flight with aero-stunt masters
The Russian aerobatic display team, Vyazma Rus, has amazed the crowd at the MAKS 2011, but the apparent ease with which the pilots perform their stunts takes plenty of hard work in training.

18.08.2011 06:09

Declassified: 'Russian stealth' T-50 Fighter debut
Visitors to the MAKS 2011 air show have been treated to the first public performance of the declassified Sukhoi advanced fifth-generation frontline fighter jet T-50.

17.08.2011 13:12

MAKS offers sneak peek at future of aviation
Global buyers and flying fanatics taxi up for the best that aviation has to offer at Moscow's International MAKS air show where over 100 planes are taking part in a skyline showcase.

17.08.2011 08:07

Russia’s newly-minted passenger jet challenges Boeing-Airbus duopoly
Billions of dollars’ worth of contracts are likely to be inked by the close of the MAKS air show now entering its second day in Moscow Region.

17.08.2011 06:28