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NSA leaks

Blowing whistle on Justice Dept is dangerous – watchdog
Exposing wrongdoing within the FBI may land employees in hot water, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which looked into the treatment of whistleblowers at the Department of Justice (DoJ).

24.02.2015 22:54

‘Unhackable’: Russian firm develops totally surveillance-proof smartphone
Russia is entering the post-Snowden world with style. Its own anti-surveillance smartphone prototype, equipped with the latest in cutting-edge cybersecurity and intended for corporate users, is currently being tested.

19.02.2015 10:09

Europeans ‘just can’t compete’ with US on internet – Obama
President Obama has criticized European efforts to regulate the internet, suggesting Brussels is unfairly targeting US tech companies, because their European rivals just “can’t compete” with Americans.

17.02.2015 21:51

​US court tosses out mass surveillance case against NSA, AT&T
A longstanding case against the NSA – filed before the Snowden revelations were made public – has suffered a setback as the judge rules the plaintiff is unable to demonstrate she was placed under illegal surveillance.

11.02.2015 10:23

Snowden documentary CitizenFour wins DGA award for director Laura Poitras
A documentary about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has won the prestigious Directors Guild Award as best movie in the category. Laura Poitras, the director of Citizenfour, received her award at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday.

08.02.2015 08:38

British spies threaten to stop working with Germans if NSA probe taken further
British intelligence chiefs have threatened to halt their sharing of information with their German counterparts if Germany goes ahead with a parliamentary inquiry into British and US spying, according to German media reports.

05.02.2015 20:21

Canada's spy agency tracks file-sharing websites worldwide – Snowden docs
Millions of pictures, videos, and other files downloaded online globally are being watched by Canada's electronic spy agency CSE, says the latest mass surveillance report based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

28.01.2015 16:32

‘US government was subverting entire US constitution’ – NSA whistleblower
Award winning whistleblower William Binney says his new job is to make the US government honest, make them face the truth publically, and to prevent further violation of the rights which America has never intended to stand for.

22.01.2015 13:04

‘Snowden broke the mold and freed up whistleblowers like Binney’
The example of Edward Snowden showed that the US is not always successful in apprehending and jailing whistleblowers, who can comment freely on the secret agencies abuses, Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, told RT.

22.01.2015 12:39