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NSA leaks

Canada's spy agency tracks file-sharing websites worldwide – Snowden docs
Millions of pictures, videos, and other files downloaded online globally are being watched by Canada's electronic spy agency CSE, says the latest mass surveillance report based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

28.01.2015 16:32

‘US government was subverting entire US constitution’ – NSA whistleblower
Award winning whistleblower William Binney says his new job is to make the US government honest, make them face the truth publically, and to prevent further violation of the rights which America has never intended to stand for.

22.01.2015 13:04

‘Snowden broke the mold and freed up whistleblowers like Binney’
The example of Edward Snowden showed that the US is not always successful in apprehending and jailing whistleblowers, who can comment freely on the secret agencies abuses, Ray McGovern, former CIA officer, told RT.

22.01.2015 12:39

‘Social media encourages people to live lives online and accept Big Brother’s all seeing-eye’
Today we live our lives through the internet but we have to take a responsibility to protect our privacy as our governments can’t guarantee that intelligence agencies don’t spy on us, former MI5 agent Annie Machon told RT.

22.01.2015 08:31

Al-Qaeda creates video guide for jihadists using Snowden leaks – report
Confirming the fears of Western intelligence agencies, Al-Qaeda has released a new video guide on how to avoid being detected. They based their tutorial on Edward Snowden’s leaks concerning Western spying methods, a British media reported.

20.01.2015 18:54

NSA hacked N. Korea since 2010, 'knew' of Sony link – secret document
New information appeared that the NSA was hacking into North Korea back in 2010. As it turns out, the White House could not have accused Pyongyang of the Sony hacks, had it not been for the spy tools already embedded in the North’s networks.

19.01.2015 09:06

50 terabytes! Snowden leak reveals massive size of F-35 blueprints hack by China
The reported theft by Chinese hackers of blueprints for the US’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter amounted to 50 terabytes of classified information, documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed.

19.01.2015 07:40

Cameron to lobby Obama for Facebook, Twitter help to monitor UK terror threat
David Cameron is expected to ask US President Barack Obama this week to put pressure on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to help UK intelligence agencies monitor the online activities of hardline Islamists.

15.01.2015 09:18

​80% whistleblower retaliation claims ignored in biased, ‘Trojan horse’ system
The number of whistleblowers being retaliated against is increasing every year as former federal workers warn it’s almost impossible to raise grievances through official avenues within the government, a new report reveals.

30.12.2014 19:46