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NSA leaks

NSA search engine allows law enforcement to scour data on citizens
The United States National Security Agency has built a massive information sharing system intended to allow intelligence community analysts from across the US government access hundreds of billions of records detailing the lives of people the world over.

25.08.2014 19:02

​NSA, BND and MIT: Whose Big Brother is watching whom?
When news broke last summer that a certain NSA contractor had "leaked" an inordinate amount of secret data to various media outlets, global public opinion suddenly realized that the world we live in today does resemble the Orwellian dystopia 1984.

20.08.2014 12:00

​‘NSA – the greatest enemy of American communications and computing security’
NSA has done more to undermine US banking, commercial communications and computer products than any foreign power could ever have dreamed of, Robert Steele, former CIA case officer and co-founder of the US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, told RT.

14.08.2014 11:53

​NSA bot MonsterMind can wage cyberwar on its own – Snowden
The US National Security Agency owns a “MonsterMind” program designed to prevent foreign cyberattacks and, also, automatically strike back, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden told Wired magazine.

13.08.2014 14:22

Identify your spy: Germany asks other countries for names of secret agents
Germany is asking foreign diplomatic missions to reveal the names of secret service agents working in the country, a report states. It comes amid the spy row between Berlin and Washington, following revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

11.08.2014 02:31

NSA asked judge to delete 'classified' testimony without public awareness
The National Security Agency worked behind the scenes to remove a section of a court transcript after suspecting one of its lawyers inadvertently disclosed secret information in a court case over alleged illegal surveillance.

10.08.2014 07:57

Snowden granted 3-yr residence permit in Russia - lawyer
Edward Snowden has received a residence permit in Russia, which is valid for three years, starting on August 1, the former NSA contractor’s lawyer announced.

07.08.2014 10:06

Ex-NSA chief defends his profitable cyber-security business
As the marriage between surveillance and non-governmental cyber-security firms comes under the spotlight, former NSA chief Keith Alexander fends off criticism of his new lucrative business, which he claims will revolutionize cyber-security.

06.08.2014 08:00

Snowden makes first public appearance, secretly visits Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre
The US whistleblower Edward Snowden has visited Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre in his first public appearance since coming to Russia a year ago. Reporters were hardly able to recognize the former CIA employee without his signature look glasses.

05.08.2014 15:45

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