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RT 2012 Recall

Uneasy legacy of 2012: EU crisis, Syrian conflict, Assange revelations and more
As the New Year’s fireworks die down and 2013 begins in earnest, RT looks at 2012’s most memorable moments: The Olympics, the Israel-Gaza conflict, Ecuador granting Assange asylum, protesters clashing with riot police in Madrid and Athens, and more!

01.01.2013 01:13

RT recalls 2012: Putin’s back, opposition turmoil, Pussy Riot prank
For Russia 2012 was a turbulent year. Presidential votes and a re-launched opposition movement drew thousands of protesters and counter-protesters - not to mention Pussy Riot’s cathedral performance splitting the public even further.

30.12.2012 22:48

RT recalls 2012: Syria’s conflict ‘infiltrated’
The Syrian conflict intensified in 2012, becoming more sectarian and violent, with the number of refugees climbing. Mass massacres shook Syria, with the UN saying both sides are to blame, while international involvement is increasing every day.

28.12.2012 15:19

RT recalls 2012: Assange’s ordeal
In 2012 Julian Assange was fighting against extradition in the UK courts. He lost and ended up in the Ecuadorian embassy: granted asylum, but unable to leave. Yet he managed to host his own show on RT, write a book and talk about freedom of speech.

27.12.2012 15:59

RT recalls 2012: Giving US presidential elections a third voice
With just a few days left until the end of the year, RT recalls the events that made 2012 memorable, with US elections taking the top spot and special election coverage that gave a voice to the third-party candidates via the debate hosted by RT.

26.12.2012 11:32

RT recalls 2012: Europe cracks amid austerity rage
With 2013 knocking on the door, RT recalls the events that made 2012. We countdown to the New Year with the top stories of the past 12 months, witnessed and reported by RT news team.

26.12.2012 02:27