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Parliamentary Elections 2011

RT recalls 2012: Putin’s back, opposition turmoil, Pussy Riot prank
For Russia 2012 was a turbulent year. Presidential votes and a re-launched opposition movement drew thousands of protesters and counter-protesters - not to mention Pussy Riot’s cathedral performance splitting the public even further.

30.12.2012 22:48

Moscow demos inspire cop-protester love story
A modern-day Russian Romeo and Juliet story set amid the ongoing protest rallies in Moscow is to appear on the silver screen. The movie shows the dramatic romance of a police officer and an opposition activist.

07.02.2012 10:34

Protesters insistent: Duma poll results must be cancelled
Organizers of the government-sanctioned protest rally “For Fair Elections” on February 4 have decided who will address the crowd on Saturday and worked out a draft resolution that is expected to be adopted at the event.

31.01.2012 14:34

Election boss refutes violations as parliamentarians seek to cut his beard
The beard of Russia’s Central Election Commission head occupied an unusually large place in Duma discussions Friday, as Vladimir Churov spoke on alleged violations in December’s election. He had promised to shave, should Russia hold an unfair vote.

27.01.2012 14:17

PACE positive over ‘main political outcome’ of Duma election
The main result of the December parliamentary poll is that all Russia’s political parties are now unanimous in their willingness to push for further democratic reform of the electoral system, says the head of the PACE observer mission, Tini Koks.

20.01.2012 13:57

Prosecutor’s report reveals thousands of election violations
Almost 100 people have been charged with civil offences linked to violations of the December 4 parliamentary election, according to a preliminary report submitted to the president by the prosecutor general.

18.01.2012 07:49

‘Protests global fashion trend’ – Nashi founder
The founder of the pro-Kremlin youth movement Nashi, Vasiliy Yakemenko, has said that officials will have to take into account the demands of street protesters, who he describes as restless fans of social media who are searching for self-realization.

17.01.2012 15:01

The year of dissent: Russia between change and chaos
2011 was marked by the largest political protest in Russia in two decades. Some see it as the Arab Spring going north, others a sign of the middle class taking its due place. Still others as a bid for West-sponsored regime change...Or a bit of each.

31.12.2011 20:48

Court throws out Yabloko election fraud suit
A Moscow court has rejected an electoral fraud lawsuit by the democratic Yabloko party and refused to cancel the December 4 parliamentary vote results at one of the capital’s polling stations.

29.12.2011 10:46