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Russia and WTO

US Senate approves 'Magnitsky Act', ties it to Cold War era trade law's repeal
The US Senate has passed a new bill normalizing trading relations with the Russian Federation, while at the same time critisizing its former adversary's human rights record.

06.12.2012 17:36

Russia’s parliament ratifies WTO entry
Russia’s State Duma has ratified the agreement for Russia to join the World Trade Organization despite opposition inside the country. On Monday Russia's Constitutional Court ruled the WTO deal was in line with the country’s law.

10.07.2012 13:12

Russia approves WTO membership amid protests
The State Duma has ratified the protocol on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) despite protests by the parliamentary opposition parties.

10.07.2012 10:13

Constitutional Court OKs Russia's WTO entry
The Protocol on Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization is constitutional, the country’s Constitutional Court has ruled.

09.07.2012 09:13

Anti-WTO sentiment grows in Russia
Over a third of Russians believe that the country’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) is against its interests, while the number of supporters of the step has reached its lowest point in a decade.

04.07.2012 12:59

'It's a trap!' - Russian leftists hold protests against WTO entry
Leftist parties and movements have held rallies in Moscow and other Russian cities in a bid to resist the country’s entry into the World Trade Organization as the Constitutional Court started to consider the legality of joining.

03.07.2012 13:43

MPs challenge WTO membership in the highest court
Over 130 MPs from the State Duma’s opposition factions have appealed to the Constitutional Court in an attempt to hamper the ratification of Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

20.06.2012 10:33

Russia’s accession to WTO – ‘a fair deal’?
WTO membership will seriously hit a number of uncompetitive industries in Russia, such as agriculture and automobiles, as well as light industry and machine manufacturing. But EU trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht, has told RT it was a fair deal.

18.12.2011 18:06

Car industry investors to be compensated for possible WTO-related losses
Meeting WTO standards may come as a heavy burden to some industries, but the Russian government is ready to help deal with it to provide a smooth transition.

16.11.2011 21:40