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GOP, big business seek to expand domestic surveillance with CISA
Only a week after Congress passed reforms to curb Patriot Act spying, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and big business lobbyists are moving to expand domestic surveillance.

11.06.2015 20:45

Mega says US urged PayPal to cease working with it based on end-to-end encryption
PayPal will no longer process customer payments for the cloud-storage service Mega based on the latter’s use of client-side encryption. Kim Dotcom’s Mega says the decision stems from powerful American corporate influences leaning on the e-commerce site.

27.02.2015 19:02

Reddit, Mozilla, rights groups to protest online snooping in memory of Aaron Swartz
On February 11, a broad coalition of internet-involved organizations will go online to protest massive electronic surveillance by various governments. The action hopes to repeat the successful beating of SOPA/PIPA bills in 2012.

14.01.2014 04:44

Obama task force revives SOPA provision outlawing online streaming
Sharing a song on YouTube could soon become a felony: the United State Department of Commerce is asking Congress to increase the penalties for streaming copyrighted work, reviving a provision from the failed Stop Online Piracy Act.

07.08.2013 15:00

Unlocking phones might become legal again after White House weighs in
The White House says that it disagrees with a new law that makes unlocking cell phones a criminal offense.

04.03.2013 10:13

'ACTA and SOPA for the blind': US, EU block treaty benefiting the visually impaired
The US and the EU are adamantly defending media copyright laws in their latest attempt to tackle counterfeit goods online. But while publishers reap the benefits, disabled persons suffer - and some even say they are being discriminated against.

23.10.2012 20:59

SOPA the computer virus terrorizes file-sharers
Security experts are cautioning computer users that they could be targeted by a malicious SOPA “ransomware” virus that rekindles the witch-hunt targeting information sharing introduced last year by congressional lawmakers.

12.10.2012 16:37

Internet giants unite to lobby Congress
The biggest names from Silicon Valley are flocking to Washington in order to make an impact on Capitol Hill. Under the name ‘The Internet Association,” Google, Facebook, Amazon and others have set up shop on K Street to lobby Congress.

19.09.2012 20:41

Free cyberspace: Netizens propose new Internet Freedom Declaration
A number of international organizations such as Amnesty International, Mozilla, Hackers and Founders have signed the Internet Freedom Declaration, a document that calls for, among other things, Internet openness, access and privacy.

02.07.2012 17:52