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FBI provided Anonymous with targets, new leaks show
Leaked documents pertaining to the case against an American computer hacker currently serving a 10-year prison sentence have exposed discrepancies concerning the government's prosecution and raise further questions about the role of a federal informant.

05.06.2014 14:18

New leak exposes how the FBI directed Anonymous’ hacks
Dozens of pages of previously unreleased documents pertaining to the prosecution of hacktivist Jeremy Hammond have been released, further linking the United States government to a gamut of cyberattacks waged against foreign nations.

24.04.2014 18:41

No sealed indictment against Assange, but it's 'subject to change'
An investigation into WikiLeaks is still active, a senior law enforcement official told the Washington Post this week, and the anti-secrecy group’s founder, Julian Assange, may soon be eligible for arrest if he enters the United States.

19.11.2013 15:35

Gagged: Federal court says accused hacktivist Barrett Brown can’t speak to the press
A federal court approved a media gag-order on Wednesday preventing imprisoned writer-turned-hacktivist Barrett Brown and his attorneys from speaking to the media about their case.

04.09.2013 19:21

Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor breach
Hacker and activist Jeremy Hammond pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in a New York courtroom to violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as a member of the Internet collective known as Anonymous.

28.05.2013 14:10

Facial recognition and GPS tracking: TrapWire company conducting even more surveillance
An internationally-spread Orwellian surveillance system uncovered by RT has been linked to a software company that collects the GPS coordinates of cell phone users in over 100 major cities.

27.03.2013 14:21

Anonymous hacktivist’s mom faces $100k fine for hiding computer
The mother of alleged Anonymous hacktivist Barrett Brown has pleaded guilty to helping her son hide two laptop computers from federal investigators—a crime that could cost her prison time and a hefty fine.

26.03.2013 17:02

Hacker Jeremy Hammond attacks US cyberwars from behind bars
Only hours before a federal judge dismissed concerns over a possible conflict of interest and refused to step down in the case against hacker Jeremy Hammond, the defendant issued a strong-worded assault critiquing the government that’s prosecuting him.

February 22, 2013 15:35

White House targets WikiLeaks and LulzSec in cyber-espionage report
Amid a growing call for new cybersecurity protections in the United States, the US government has issued a report that reconfirms Washington’s interest in shutting down WikiLeaks and other underground information-sharing organizations.

February 21, 2013 17:37