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Superstorm Sandy

Red Cross says how it used Hurricane Sandy funds is ‘trade secret’
American Red Cross has been reluctant to make public details over how it raised and spent over $300 million in Hurricane Sandy relief funds. The charity’s lawyers say the disclosure would inflict “competitive harm” on the group.

27.06.2014 05:48

Feds investigate NJ governor over Superstorm Sandy relief funds
Days after a traffic scandal transposed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to the center of a federal probe, a United States congressman now says the embattled Republican is being investigated for allegations he misspent millions of dollars in relief aid.

13.01.2014 15:23

New York raises taxes on Sandy-hit houses
New York homeowners from regions most severely impaired by Hurricane Sandy have suffered damage to their homes and expensive repairs – but the city is now inflicting a heavy tax hike upon those residents, claiming their property values have risen.

12.02.2013 19:03

Sandy victims mad as hell at Congress
After victims of Hurricane Sandy expressed outrage at the 112th Congress’ failure to pass the $60.4 billion disaster aid package, the US House and Senate on Friday approved a $9.7 billion portion of the measure.

04.01.2013 17:40

Sandy victims' outrage forces Congress to vote on relief package
After broad criticism over its decision to close the year without acting on an urgent $60 billion disaster aid package for states still cleaning up the damage from Hurricane Sandy, House leaders have pledged to vote on the measure by January 15.

02.01.2013 16:02

FEMA hides up to a thousand trailers from displaced Sandy victims
Thousands of displaced families in New York and New Jersey have no homes to go to, but FEMA has not provided the housing it promised, even though it has up to 1000 winterized mobile homes sitting in a parking lot at a storage site in Maryland.

13.12.2012 17:05

Sandy volunteers facing same risks as 9/11 first responders
Volunteers and workers cleaning up the devastated regions flooded by Hurricane Sandy are facing dangerous mold and asbestos contamination, which could cause illness and litigation if they do not properly protect themselves.

06.12.2012 20:30

NYPD admits OWS helped fight crime after Sandy
Is this the beginning of a long, loving relationship? Officers with the New York Police Department are crediting members of Occupy Wall Street for helping curb crime in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

06.12.2012 16:21

FEMA sold off emergency shelters as the East Coast braced for Sandy
The Federal Emergency Management Agency was praised by President Obama for its handling of Superstorm Sandy, but not all East Coast residents ravaged by Mother Nature last month would agree.

15.11.2012 20:05