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Ukraine turmoil

From 9,000 to 200,000: Poroshenko’s displays numeracy problem in counting ‘Russian invaders’
The Ukrainian president has named an entirely new, wildly different figure for the number of Russian troops allegedly in Ukraine: over 20 times higher than he claimed earlier this month.

30.06.2015 17:31

Top MPs urge counter-sanctions against ‘most anti-Russian country’ Canada
The head of the State Duma’s Foreign Relations Committee has proposed reciprocating Canada’s latest anti-Russian move by introducing sanctions similar to embargo of agricultural products from EU introduced about a year ago.

30.06.2015 09:24

60,000 military involved in E. Ukraine op – President Poroshenko
The number of government troops deployed in the conflict in eastern Ukraine has reached 60,000 troops, according to President Petro Poroshenko. The statement comes as the total of Ukrainian refugees has exceeded 900,000 people, according to UN.

27.06.2015 13:40

Poroshenko inks permission for foreign troops in Ukraine
The Ukrainian president has sealed amendments to the law that allow foreign troops to be present in Ukraine as part of an international peacekeeping force. The legislation also potentially allows the presence of weapons of mass destruction in the country.

26.06.2015 00:08

Minsk accords must be implemented in full, including political parts – FM Lavrov
The Minsk agreements on Ukraine crisis reconciliation, which have no alternatives, must be fully implemented, including the political aspects outlining constitutional reforms, said Russian FM Sergey Lavrov after the Normandy Four group ministers’ meeting.

23.06.2015 21:03

BBC interviews Yanukovich, leaves key Donbass & Crimea quotes out of English version
In his first interview with Western media, Ukraine's former President Viktor Yanukovich told the BBC that Crimea splitting from Ukraine was a tragedy, but the only way to avoid war. Maidan violence contributed to the Crimean referendum, he said.

23.06.2015 12:09

‘Real patriotism’: World-famous pianist Lisitsa performs for people of Donbass
Renowned Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa has held a concern in Donetsk, as she continues her strong opposition to Kiev’s military offensive in country’s east, even after her views cost her performances with Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

22.06.2015 23:07

British view of the Russian foreign policy: Misunderstanding or distortion?
When one listens to what British officials and media pundits have to say about Russia's policy towards Ukraine, it is hard not to wonder if it is a simple misunderstanding or a deliberate distortion of facts.

22.06.2015 13:01

Member of Kiev's top brass ‘defects’ to anti-govt forces, predicts more like him
A man claiming to be a Ukrainian major general and former assistant to the country's defense minister has announced he is now working with the forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic.

22.06.2015 11:37