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Ukraine turmoil

‘We should have blown up Donetsk regional administration’ – Ukraine’s Interior Minister
Blowing up administrative buildings captured by rebels in eastern Ukraine one year ago could have saved thousands of lives in the military conflict that followed, Ukraine’s interior minister told a TV channel.

27.03.2015 12:20

Assad: Anti-ISIS coalition doesn’t want to get rid of Islamic State completely
The alliance of 60 countries declaring plans to finish off the Islamic State is not serious, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Russian media. Some of its members would prefer to retain the terrorist force to blackmail different countries, he said.

27.03.2015 02:08

Russia warns NATO drills a ‘problem’ as US attack planes buzz Poland
Four US A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes are taking part in war games in Poland, as the nation expects about 10,000 NATO forces at drills this year. Moscow says the military build-up at Russia’s borders will have a negative long-term impact.

26.03.2015 14:02

At least 4 killed after bus runs over explosive in Donetsk region – police
At least four people were killed and 19 others injured after a bus carrying 26 people tripped a mine in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, local police officials reported.

25.03.2015 21:12

Fired Ukrainian governor taped threatening to ‘take over’ power plant
Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoysky has allegedly threatened to send volunteer battalions from eastern Ukraine to Kiev to seize a leading energy firm and power plant. The ex-governor’s gamble comes after one of the companies was shut for non-payment.

25.03.2015 12:51

Poroshenko fires oligarch governor amid oil company standoff
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree relieving Dnepropetrovsk Governor Igor Kolomoysky from his post, the president’s website said. The resignation came after a meeting between the two, amid the ongoing standoff around oil giant Ukrnafta.

25.03.2015 04:57

US House urges Obama to send arms to Ukraine
The US House has passed a resolution calling on President Barack Obama to send lethal weapons to Ukraine, despite the fragile truce in the eastern part of the country.

24.03.2015 00:50

Private army in Kiev: Why oil stand-off in Ukraine shows oligarchs won Maidan revolution
Whatever the outcome of the stand-off between President Petro Poroshenko and his subordinate Igor Kolomoysky may be, their conflict over Ukrainian oil giant Ukrnafta reveals realities about post-Maidan Ukraine which mainstream media manages to circumvent.

23.03.2015 22:49

'Russia supporting political settlement in Ukraine, Kiev needs to step up to the plate'
As NATO continues its 'counter the bear' approach towards Russia, the truce in Ukraine remains fragile. RT spoke to Konstantin Dolgov, human rights ombudsman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, to discuss what Moscow is doing in the current crisis.

23.03.2015 20:16