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Ukraine turmoil

Ukraine used phosphorous incendiaries, cluster bombs against cities – Russian military
Ukrainian troops have on many occasions used incendiary weapons and cluster bombs against militia-held cities, acts that are banned under the international law regulating warfare, the Russian military said.

25.07.2014 12:56

Interpol puts Ukrainian ultranationalist Yarosh on wanted list
The International Criminal Police Organization has put Ukrainian Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh on its wanted list, according to the cross-border police body’s official website.

25.07.2014 12:42

Censorship or error? Internet criticism for BBC removal of MH17 report
BBC Russian has come under fire from internet users after deleting its report on the MH17 crash for not meeting ‘editorial values.’ The reporter questioned says that local militia fired the missile, with locals talking about Ukrainian army planes.

25.07.2014 06:34

​Kiev scraps government, initiates early parliamentary election
Ukraine’s ruling coalition has dissolved itself to trigger an early parliamentary election after the government resigned. The war-torn and impoverished country is to undergo a massive political reboot, which is expected to strengthen the president.

25.07.2014 04:45

HRW blames Kiev army for indiscriminately killing civilians with missiles
The Ukrainian army is using indiscriminate Grad missiles to attack densely populated areas in Donetsk, which violates international humanitarian law, Human Rights Watch alleged. It also blamed militia for taking cover in those areas.

25.07.2014 07:30

Journalist captured in E. Ukraine released, RT stringer remains in detention
A journalist released from the ANNA news agency, who was captured along with RT contributor Graham Phillips, told RT that they were abducted by the Ukrainian army and tortured and beaten. Phillips’ fate remains unknown.

24.07.2014 12:46

Kiev sabotaging probe into downed Malaysian plane – self-defense leader
Kiev is not interested in a fair and unbiased investigation into the downing of the Malaysian plane over Ukraine, so it is sabotaging the work of international experts, one of the self-defense forces leaders said on Wednesday.

24.07.2014 02:12

Kiev says two Su-25 fighter jets shot down, accuses Russia
Two Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jets were shot down on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Security Council confirmed. Self-defense forces claim to be behind the attack, though Kiev believes anti-aircraft missiles could have been launched from Russia.

23.07.2014 17:55

Obama administration sending military advisers to Ukraine within weeks
​The United States is reportedly preparing to send a team of military advisers into Ukraine to assist with revamping forces there in the midst of the ongoing crisis between government-loyal troops and an anti-Kiev militia.

23.07.2014 15:40

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