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Ukraine turmoil

​Ukraine ‘modernization agency’ to seek revival of war-torn economy
Over 250 influential business people and politicians from Ukraine and the EU gathered in Vienna to discuss ways of salvaging Ukraine’s devastated economy and reforms needed to bring back investments to the country.

04.03.2015 03:55

​Ukraine replenishes Donbass tank supplies amid ceasefire
Amid the efforts to bring warring parties in eastern Ukraine to the negotiating table, Kiev has announced fresh supplies of tanks to its forces in Donbass, jeopardizing the truce reached by the Minsk deal which requires the withdrawal of heavy weaponry.

04.03.2015 00:50

​OSCE confirms Donetsk & Lugansk militias withdrawing heavy weapons from contact line
Heavy weapons and artillery systems are being withdrawn from the demarcation line in eastern Ukraine, according to a report issued by monitoring mission of the OSCE, which observed at least four eastern militias’ convoys over the past days.

03.03.2015 01:35

US govt issues logistics support tender for 300 military personnel in Ukraine
The US is planning to send about 300 military personnel to Ukraine from March to October to train the Ukrainian army, according to a tender on a US government website that requires logistics for the troops.

02.03.2015 18:47

NATO rolls out 'Russian threat' in budget battle
NATO member-states unwilling or unable to help boost the military spending are being accused of ignoring the “Russian threat,” that has re-emerged as the core of the alliance’s agenda to boost arms sales.

02.03.2015 06:23

​Lugansk has fully withdrawn heavy weapons, passed info to OSCE – militia
The self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has announced it has withdrawn all of its heavy weapons from the demarcation line in compliance with the Minsk-2 peace agreements and has informed the OSCE of the hardware’s new location.

01.03.2015 11:32

Donetsk rebels announce full heavy weapons withdrawal in E. Ukraine
Eastern Ukrainian rebels say they have withdrawn all heavy weaponry in Donetsk and relocated 80 percent of hardware in Lugansk, in accordance with the Minsk-2 peace agreements.

28.02.2015 19:52

Ukrainian photog killed in shelling outside Donetsk
Ukrainian photojournalist Sergey Nikolaev has been killed by a mortar shell in the Donetsk region, according to his colleagues from Kiev’s Segodnya newspaper.

28.02.2015 16:23

US, UK meddling in OSCE’s mandate in Ukraine – Russia's envoy to UN
The US and UK are attempting to change the OSCE’s existing mandate in Ukraine, according to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitality Churkin. His comments came after a closed-door UN Security Council meeting on the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

27.02.2015 23:05