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US Election 2012

Obama re-election 'not objective' – Russian monitors
Russia's Central Election Commission (CEC) claims the US presidential election failed to meet democratic standards and international obligations and therefore its results cannot be considered objective.

16.01.2013 11:51

RT recalls 2012: Giving US presidential elections a third voice
With just a few days left until the end of the year, RT recalls the events that made 2012 memorable, with US elections taking the top spot and special election coverage that gave a voice to the third-party candidates via the debate hosted by RT.

26.12.2012 11:32

Murdoch wanted to bankroll Petraeus' presidential campaign; Fox News chief wanted to run it
The president of Fox News sent a reporter to Afghanistan with a message for Gen. David Petraeus shortly before he was appointed head of the CIA in 2011: News Corp. thinks you should run for president.

04.12.2012 16:40

‘Business is Booming’: Gun store owner who banned Obama supporters sees surge in sales
Some Republicans feared that a second term for US President Barack Obama would be catastrophic to the country’s economy, but one private store owner says business is booming and the president is to thank.

26.11.2012 21:16

Key West man found dead after writing "F**k Obama!" on the wall of his house
A Florida man who was upset about the presidential election results was found dead in his apartment after threatening to commit suicide if Barack Obama is reelected president.

14.11.2012 20:49

Billionaire who threatened to fire employees if Obama wins flip-flops on promise
So far it looks like the billionaire timeshare mogul that threatened his employees with hard-hitting layoffs in the event of an Obama win on Election Day isn’t sticking by his threat. In fact, David Siegel is now giving out raises.

08.11.2012 21:16

American election a 'capitalist battleground' – Ahmadinejad
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has lashed out at the record-shattering cost of this year's US presidential election, deriding the self-declared “forerunners of democracy” of the Western world.

08.11.2012 20:22

Colorado and Washington prepare to face off with feds over marijuana
Colorado and Washington became the first states in the US to legalize the recreational use of marijuana this week, but the win for weed advocates is likely to be challenged by the feds as nation-wide legislation outlawing the drug still stands.

08.11.2012 18:51

US voting far from ideal – experts
American politicians keep criticizing other countries’ electoral systems but prefer not to see the serious drawbacks in their own, say Russian experts commenting on the US presidential vote.

08.11.2012 14:17