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US debt crisis

The cupboard is bare: NYC food banks running out of stock
More than a third of New York State’s food pantries have had to turn away people in need because they have run out of supplies. Food banks have been demanding an additional $16 million to replenish their stock.

13.06.2015 08:52

Jail-breaking point: Overcrowded prisons strike White House clemency chord
The enormous outlay for overcrowded US federal prisons is forcing the White House to consider clemency and entreat non-violent, low-level felons serving terms for drug-related crimes to apply for early release.

24.04.2014 05:01

US Treasury introduces ‘extraordinary measures’ as Feb. 27 debt deadline looms
The US Treasury on Friday was forced to enact ‘emergency measures’ after spending its borrowed time and money. By month’s end, Uncle Sam’s piggy bank will be down to just $50 billion, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned Congress.

08.02.2014 08:47

US debt surges $328 billion in single day, surpassing $17 trillion for first time
Just one day after President Barack Obama signed into law a bipartisan deal to end the government shutdown and avoid default, the US debt surged a record $328 billion, the first day the government was able to borrow money.

19.10.2013 07:37

US debt crisis has to be solved by Congress 'that is basically run by children'
The US has to reach a deal on its debt ceiling to avoid a catastrophe, and this crisis has to be solved by politicians, Peter Westin, chief equity strategist at Aton Capital, tells RT. Sadly, it’s US people that get stuck in the middle, he says.

14.10.2013 14:23

US government shutdown threatens disruptions to global credit
This week, the US may be forced to default on its $16.8 trillion debt if a deal to raise the ceiling is not struck. And some US legislators are acting “irrationally” enough to indeed allow it to happen, Professor Jeffrey Sommers told RT.

14.10.2013 02:04

Debt ceiling delusions 
The popular take on the current debt ceiling stand-off is that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party has a delusional belief that it can hit the brakes on new debt creation without bringing on an economic catastrophe. 

11.10.2013 13:32

US lawmakers pulled the nation into a government shutdown crisis in a 'financial terror tactic'
Capitol Hill is under fresh fire from critics, for the self-imposed crisis that led to the shutdown of government and plunged the US deeper into crisis.

02.10.2013 13:01

House votes to delay Obamacare, raising government shutdown threat
The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives has voted to delay Obamacare by one year, raising the possibility of an Oct. 1 partial government shutdown. The vote plunges the US into fiscal crisis for the fourth time in last three years.

29.09.2013 04:38