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Gunshots, explosions as fighting resumes near Ukraine’s Slavyansk

Published time: May 10, 2014 17:59
Edited time: May 10, 2014 23:13

An armed fighter takes position at a checkpoint near the eastern Ukranian city of Slavyansk on May 10, 2014 (AFP Photo / Vasily Maximov)

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A checkpoint of the self-defense forces in Slavyansk has come under heavy gun and mortar fire, with explosions heard from the city. The attack comes hours before a regional referendum is due to begin.

Loud explosions and gunfire could be heard as mortar shelling of the checkpoint near Slavyansk resumed on Saturday night.

Self-defence forces expect that after artillery preparation, Kiev’s military and paramilitary units deployed nearby could storm the city, Itar-Tass reports.

Earlier on Saturday, according to the city’s self-defense, a checkpoint near Andreevka village, which is close to Slavyansk, came under attack. This is close to an area where voting in the autonomy referendum is due to start Sunday.

"They used mortars to shoot at us and fired mine shells," an anti-government activist told RIA Novosti. This is not the first time Andreevka comes under fire.

According to the Itar-Tass correspondent reporting from the scene, there was about 10 minutes of unceasing heavy fire coming from the local TV tower, which had earlier been occupied by Kiev forces.

Citing reports coming from locals, RT’s Paula Slier tweeted from Slavyansk the Ukrainian troops are allegedly deploying “Grad” missile systems on the outskirts of the city.

Self-defense forces have confirmed to RT that an assault took place.

“Yes, there is gunfire on the outskirts of the city, apparently heavy weapons. There are casualties on our side,” Slavyansk self-defense spokeswoman, Stella Khorosheva, told RT.

Meanwhile, reporters on the ground say at least 8 people got injured.

Witnesses in the city downtown report they heard two blasts, but at the moment the scene is calm with them.

Earlier in the day, Slavyansk “people’s mayor” Vyacheslav Ponomaryov told the press that at least 20 people were killed and 30 wounded since the start of armed hostilities in the south-eastern Ukrainian city.

One of the injured is a nine-year-old boy was fired at from an automatic rifle while walking in the street on May 9, during the Victory Day Parade.

“Most likely, some [armed] group infiltrated the city. A boy was shot at. He sustained two gunshot wounds, which passed clear” through his body, Ponomaryov told journalists Saturday. The boy's conditions is serious, but life is out of danger.

Self-defense forces have captured a few dozen adversaries, including soldiers as well as “enemies disguised as journalists” and covert operatives with explosives and other weapons, Ponomaryov said.

He stressed that if Kiev wanted to start a dialogue then the coup-imposed authorities should stop the aggression and withdraw the troops from the region.

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M.S. 21.05.2014 08:43

Niko 11.05.2014 08:54



Ni ko, I accept that you are a genuine representative of 99%, & I hope you can help to mobilize the real few per cent of this 99%people of your country from a long sleep & awaken them to accept their responsibility to stand firmly against their criminal regime of US , which shamelessly is doing all criminal acts by your name throughout the glob & refresh it every 4 years in front of your eyes, and you cowardly kept silent! Isn't It?


M.S. 21.05.2014 08:28

[quote name='Niko' time='11.05.2014 08:47']

There is an Italian documentary 4 episodes,

It is needless to say that the Yankees conspired on many countries to topple their legitimate governments & no need to produce evidences or documents. These Yankees themselves repeatedly stated that they had jeopardized & sabotaged all the countries which were not in line with their policies & those have gone behind so called "Iron Curtain". They did not of course confessed that those forces like Lech Walesa, Gorbatchev etc were their stooges & puppets that were responsible for eastern Europe slavery as you can see today.


M.S. 21.05.2014 08:12

[quote name='fredka' time='11.05.2014 23:15']As a country the US is a sheepish, uninformed, delusional about it's economy and military power, the future is bleak when you have 25% of your HS graduates illiterate. China and Russia graduate 10-1 engineers more.. The US had a good jump on the world in 1945, no war on it's own land, ...

YOU ARE QUITE RIGHT & I AGREE WITH YOU FULLY. These bully cowboys are really stupid & are a single nation to carry pistols & guns which shows clearly they are criminals mostly which practiced that in the last 300 years or so & killed 1oos of millions around the world.

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