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‘Chechens in Donetsk?! I didn’t order it, tell me more’ – Kadyrov on CNN report

Published time: May 26, 2014 17:58
Edited time: May 26, 2014 20:02

Anti-goverment militant parade marking Donetsk and Lugansk regions' independence from Ukraine in Donetsk on May 25, 2014 (AFP Photo / Alexander Khudoteply)

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The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, denied allegations of Chechen fighters being sent to eastern Ukraine, spun by Western and pro-Kiev media. CNN even interviewed one man on the subject, claiming he was a “former Russian cop.”

Looking for “Moscow’s hand” destabilizing Ukraine and its presidential elections, the news machine of the Ukrainian authorities and their Western allies has gone at length – finally producing reports of Chechen fighters arriving to assist the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk.

When asked about the allegations, Chechnya’s President Kadyrov said he was unaware, but very interested.

“If there are Chechens there, I know nothing about it. But if this information is correct, I’d love to know who exactly is there and why,” Kadyrov told Russian media on Monday.

“If the West wants to portray this as if we were sending our guys there, well, all our fighters are at home,” Kadyrov stressed.

Anti-goverment militants parade marking Donetsk and Lugansk regions' independence from Ukraine in Donetsk on May 25, 2014 (AFP Photo / Alexander Khudoteply)

To this date, the allegations of foreign involvement in the Ukrainian conflict – except the well-documented American-EU interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs – have been based on poor photographic evidence and rumors, which even once got the US State Department into trouble.

On Sunday, however, luck was seemingly on the side of the US media frantically looking for signs of Moscow’s meddling in the crisis, as CNN found a truckload of alleged Chechen militants, right in the center of Donetsk.

Calling it “a startling insight into how involved Russia may be here,” a CNN journalist approached the “gunmen from Chechnya” grouped with several other trucks of the Vostok Battalion, recently formed from Donetsk Region self-defense fighters.

When asked, a man introduced as a Chechen national told CNN that he was there “to protect the interests of the Russian Federation,” adding that his group arrived to Donetsk “on our own, as volunteers.” The unnamed man also said he was a former “Kadyrovets” – meaning, one of Kadyrov’s men, and that he previously fought in Chechnya.

The CNN reporter got no reply on whether the man used to serve as a Russian law enforcement officer, but appeared to be willing to push his own line of Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian crisis. Commenting on his findings, the journalists said that “it is hard to imagine how a former and armed policeman from Grozny could have got here without [Russian President] Putin’s government knowing about it.” It is unclear, how the reporter learned the man was indeed a policeman from Grozny, as nothing in the footage seems to confirm that.

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Jean-Ian Simard 18.06.2014 16:57

i know it`s hard to believe but believe me when i say "if ramzan say he didn`t send any...he didn`t send any!!! why you think,simple, kadyrov don`t have one bit the need to lie. if he did send some...he would not hide it ,he would simply just say it.period! but that does not mean that there are no chechen in ukraine...because they are there,on their own


Mark Bradley 28.05.2014 23:44

Wayne Koppa 28.05.2014 05:53

Putin: Only locals used to annex Crimea.
Putin: Russian military used to annex Crimea.
Putin: Only locals used to destabilize Ukraine.
Putin: ?


Anothe r obammabootlicker completely obsessed with Putin. You tried to send him flowers didn't you. You better be careful, Obama is a jealous man and he already feels threatened by President Putin. I wouldn't want to see this, otherwise harmless flirtation, take a turn for worse.


Mark Bradley 28.05.2014 23:38

This is like the New York Time drivel about "Russian Special forces "in Slavyansk. Why did the clue-less York times think that, and then report it on "a hunch" ? Because one of the brain trust saw two men that had a beard and wearing a Kossak's Shako and , naturally , deduced that only one man in Ukraine has a beard and a shako and therefore he must be Russian " Spetznaz " ts the beards!! I swear its the beards that are scaring them. Not many " men " in the US can produce enough testosterone to grow a full beard anymore , so they are always a little frightened ( and a little turned on ) when they them

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