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E. Ukraine warzone: Demolished houses, fires after heavy shelling (VIDEOS)

Published time: June 09, 2014 20:23
Edited time: June 09, 2014 21:42
Local residents react as they stand near destroyed houses and vehicles after what locals say was overnight shelling by Ukrainian forces, in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk June 9, 2014 (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

Local residents react as they stand near destroyed houses and vehicles after what locals say was overnight shelling by Ukrainian forces, in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slaviansk June 9, 2014 (Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

Despite President Poroshenko intention to bring about a ceasefire, Kiev’s relentless military operation in the country's east is intensifying. Slavyansk has become one of the main targets of artillery attacks, amateur videos filmed in the area show.

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"We must reach a ceasefire this week. Each day when people are dying, each day when Ukraine pays such a high price is unacceptable for me," newly sworn-in President Petro Poroshenko said on June 8 after trilateral talks on eastern Ukraine with Russian and OSCE representatives.

Still, constant fire is heard in the evening hours in residential areas of Slavyansk, with frustrated people seeking shelter when the shelling erupts. A woman is heard asking a man where it's safe to hide.

Kiev's artillery has been firing on Slavyansk since mid-May, and the city's residential areas suffer most under the attacks. A multi-storeyed apartment block is seen damaged in the video, another residential house's roof is on fire. A woman is heard yelling, accusing the western press of lying, "they say that civilians do not suffer," she says. Locals have told RT they have been without running water and power for days.

Remains of what was a shopping area are seen in the video. Signs read various shops' names, including a travel agency and tickets sales office, and people in the street are trying to retrieve what's left of a household appliances shop. The man behind the camera films an address sign as proof of location.

A destroyed gas-station across the street. Although the area has an abandoned feel, especially for a Sunday, a local woman carrying bags crosses the ghostly street.

Shells leave craters about two meters wide on pavements and in the ground. The video is captioned "Poroshenko's present to Slavyansk for Pentecost". Pentecost Sunday, or the Holy Trinity Day is one of the main Christian holidays.

Indiscriminate fire hit residential buildings, schools and hospitals on June 8. A leisure center in the video is still on fire. A man is asking to film the surroundings, as he says "otherwise no one will later believe that such a thing could be possible".

At least five people were reported killed as the result of the shelling of Slavyansk on Sunday. A girl, thought to be four years old, was among dead. She is thought to have perished in the fire at the leisure center. The video shows the Andreevsky merchants' house, one of the oldest historical buildings in Slavyansk, which was set ablaze and destroy by the attack.

In the military operation, some homes were totally demolished. The man in the video below now has to live in a cellar. "This is where we live, children and women live here, eat here," he says. A piece of roof is hanging atop a nearby tree, his yard is now total wreckage.

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grey 14.06.2014 01:28

Berke you are so right! I am ashamed to be an American..we are behind all that is evil on this planet...we will have to pay sooner or later.Obama is the antichrist without a ounce of remorse...civilians are part of the fun for him..he should be charged with war crimes and sentenced to death just like hitler and the rest...somehow he keeps pushing huge war nations like Russia and they let him off the hook...but I feel it coming soon....We have brought horror to millions of innocents...I hate what my country has become...


Berke Beenhouwer 13.06.2014 19:14

jmbarry 12.06.2014 23:07

". Non-Ukrainian separatists should return to Russia.


Prefera bly in red coffins.
[/quote ]

And the Ukrainian separatists ? Where should they "return" to ? And in what color would you paint their coffins ?
Looks like you are hoping for a better life in Ukrain, thanks to the EU and USA. Well I have to disappoint you : they will lend you some money, impose their laws and regulations regardless of what the Ukrainians want, and litteraly squeez Ukrain out like a lemon. Next...


David Marsden 12.06.2014 21:30

if the new president is genuine he would order the shelling of children stopped,you cant blame the ordinary citizen for not trusting the kiev authorities who do this, the term nazis have been used for the goverment ,cant say I would trust them, a man for the people is needed, bad people win when good people do nothing

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